Well after 13 years of on/off wanting them I'm...

Well after 13 years of on/off wanting them I'm finally in a place in my life where I can make it happen. The best boob job I ever saw was 10 years ago and I'm going to the same doctor. I've done heaps of research on the good and the bad. Interviewed a old friend who had them 13 years and u tubed ops

6 more sleeps and excited

I wanted to say I'm a bra size A-B and hoping big C small D. I'm getting 350cc silicone gel (gummie bears). Not sure about shape etc but final consult day before op. This is a pic of boobs I like off this site actually

5 sleeps to go

I woke up today feeling it's getting close. Have money all ready to transfer tomorrow and once that's done it's final. I'm 100% now anyway I've been through the decision stages. I'm looking forward to being comfortable naked and sex with no top on. I've been with my bf over a year and he's seen my boobs twice. This is the right decision. I tried therapy for a bit to ensure I was making the right decision. I thought I could learn to love my body but to me this is such a huge thing that I have wanted for so long and why not do it to be confident. I made a pact with a friend that once I have my twins in (boobies) I must appreciate all of my body as it is. I would like to get fit again and toned next year too. Boobs for me though is more important to be in proportion. Look forward to everyone else's stories too ??

4 more nights to go

I paid my surgery bill today so all paid up which I was 100% doing and wanting everything to go right. I've been dreaming about my boobs every night where random things go wrong like them been way too small which I'm guessing is my nerves. I've been told 350cc is my biggest and I'm hoping that it is still fine when I go for my consult. I'm really excited to get them but haven't thought anything about what the pain is going to be like. The incision is under the breast and on top of the muscle so maybe tight from stretching of the skin and the cut?? Not really sure what to expect yet

3 sleeps till op and 2 sleeps till consult

Well I live about am 8 hour drive from where I'm getting them done and my bf is driving but I have a plane ticket booked incase I am in too much pain. Hopefully it's not too bad. Has anyone had them on top of the muscle that can explain pain expectations please

Only 2 more sleeps

Well we are driving to Auckland first thing tomorrow for my 11am consult. I have pictures to show and questions to ask so hopefully all goes well and I'm clearer on what I'm having exactly. Will get stocked up after that for hotel feel free to advise me of your post op favourites ????

1 more sleep and unexpected surprise

Had my consult with DR and after all this time believing I was getting gummie bear implants I'm not! Confused!! He does the brand company Silimed who make them but is doing silicone gel textured. I had my heart set on gummies but he won't touch them. I already paid and surgery tomorrow morning. I did a lot of research and feel like this is not what I'd planned for. I'm going through with it but any reassurance in regards would be muchly appreciated x

Approx 12 to go... Tick tock

Well spoken to anesthetist and got some final advice. Got bags packed and clothes ready and alarms set. Now just waiting for time to pass as I'm wishing it was now! Lol ???? thanks everything for support will put some photos on tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it. Stocked up liquid supplies and fruit and yoghurt

Bye bye

See you later small boobies and push up bras

In about an hour to go

Had really horrible dreams last night which must be associated with my anxiety I imagine. Hungry and thirsty but not allowed anything. Woke up plenty last night. Feel really tired don't imagine it will take much to knock me out lol. See you all on the other side ????

Done and awake

Well it's all done! I feel fine and hardly any pain or discomfort. All the staff were amazing and I couldn't have asked for more. My surgeon held my hand as I went to sleep. Honestly the experience was amazing. Just waiting in recovery and not sure when I'll see my twins yet either ????

Day 1 post op

The photo is not very good sorry but was hard to fit them all in pic lol. Just been sleeping and resting. I have bandaging under bra on and see PS tomorrow. I feel fine. Got a small rash last night but gone this morning was on my tummy. The receptionist rang to see how I was today.

Photo of implants

Day 2 so pleased

Well these are them and so happy with the result and of course will drop a bit but wouldn't change a thing

Day 4

Really happy with size and shape etc. only took panadol once today. Changing tape daily and a little drop of blood but all very clean and looking good. Got rid of most of my bras and going to look through clothes tomorrow and have a bit of a clean out. Hope everyone's doing well and look forward to your stories x

Tried bras for sizing today

Just wanted too see where I'm at a a D cup fitted. Was so happy exactly how I wanted them. Looking forward to when I can have an actual fitting

A little rash

I got this little painful rash under my incision which seems to be from the tape so I've stopped using it for the time being and just put a gauze over it to help heal. The incisions are still fine and looking forward to them fully healed. Put on a bit of weight and looking forward to doing some exercise again. Not too bothered as I'm still in proportion just a bit saggy ????

In 2 days 6 weeks post op

My scars are still pink which means they are still healing. My boobs have dropped nicely too. I'm going to wait until my scars are not pink to start wearing my proper bras as I want them to heal nicely. Here's an update photo

Updated photo

2 months post op

Well my boobs are pretty much exactly the same as my last photo. I'm still wearing support bras as I want my scars to have the best healing and no underwire rubbing. I've been massaging bio oil into them as a friend said it softens them and lightens them up heaps. I'm still really stoked but I now need to get back to the gym. I have an endometriosis operation next week and hope all goes well and once healed I will be exercising again. Enjoy the confidence in being naked at home with the bf now. Life is do much easier in that aspect. Look forward to more stories

Endometriosis op today

Well the surgeons on this site gave helpful advise on this op to make sure my implants wouldn't be affected and they are fine and I am fine. I've tried wearing my new D bras a few times and they are a bit tight and uncomfortable because I haven't worn under wire for do long. I still sleep eveynight in surgery bras and wear them most days and some days a nice one. I put bio oil on the scars and massage too which I think
Is helping but you want to be healed properly first

Next step...pregnancy

I was wandering if anyone had personal advise? I've had my boobs bit more then 4 months and want to know when it's safe to get pregnant with healing etc. much appreciated ????

5 months post op

Email doctor about pregnancy and no reply so updated ratings on the team as pretty disappointed. This is the latest photo. I've put on weight too though.
Dr Greg Taylor

The whole surgical team were amazing and could not of wanted anything better, blown away ☺️

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Ohh exciting- I actually booked with a nz DR here for the 11th dec but seen Greg Taylor doing for a lot cheaper then anyone else I'm doing a consult with him next week and possibly going to go with him as he is $5grand cheaper. Have the cash ready to pay just need to be 1000% sure on a surgeon here in nz
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Hi, in my initial consultation, my PS warned me that if I went ahead with a BA, I could not get pregnant for a year. If you want another opinion, maybe email your PS and enquire?
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Nice to hear from you :) I'm wearing normal Bras during the day and wearing the surgical one to sleep in. I find normal Bras are providing a lot more support for me. How are you feeling about your endo appointment? I'm so sorry to hear :(
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I find the wire to be a bit harsh but will just ease into I'm in no rush. Your pic looks awesome if like it get some in my new bras too soon. I thought after spending $12,500 I refuse to get Bras with padding lol so mine are all without and I'm really happy with how they look. I'm fine getting to go home this morning. Good to hear from you too
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Wow, you look incredible and they look so natural! Over the moon??
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Hey thanks heaps yep I'm so happy with them. Not long for you now. All the best hope it makes you as happy as it did me x
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I just read that you got 350cc implants. I'm booked with Greg on the 26th and he strongly suggested 280cc would be the best size for me. That's quite a bit smaller than yours and you look great
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I trusted him he really does know what he's talking about. I'm probably a lot bigger then you? You will be so pleased. The surgical staff are awesome x
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He's seems very confident in his work and was adamant that I shouldn't go any bigger than 300cc. I have booked a second consult this Friday so will have clarity then. Did you discuss high/low profile and the type of implants he uses? How was your pain afterwards and did you have much time off work? My surgery is on a Wednesday and I have a good friends engagement party to attend on the Saturday. Is it ambitious of me to think I can go?
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He basically just said to trust in him. Tell him what you like and go the biggest and then leave it up to him. You should be fine for that and just take care : )
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What cc did you go for? I'm booked for surgery with Greg on the 26th of this month! Excited and nervous
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Congratulations! You look wonderful. How exciting to get rid of your old bras and tops that don't fit. Do take it easy even though you're feeling good. ;) When you're done dropping and fluffing, be sure to take the time to get professionally fit for new bras. 
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Thank you all the same thoughts exactly
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Wow, they turned out awesome. So happy for you! Glad to hear u also had minimal pain. Congrats!!!!
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Yep been nicely surprised and thank you
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You sound really well, It's hard to believe how good you feel so fast, don't think?. We are Sooooo unsure of what to expect and we're all different too. Boobs vs babies, I'd have twins three Times a year, boobs that But really the female body is an amazing gift.......
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You look beautiful mate, really really nice shape already. Wish I had roundness, it'll come one day. I shouldn't be encouraging the dropping, but I had my three week pre op today and they said I'm super fast and pretty much settled already.... Bloody hell....I can swim wear any bra, except under wire....... now I know why though at least..... cuts into tissue whilst tissue is pushing it because of implant. Can cause flatness and thinning at a rapid rate. Ouch
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Thanks for all your kind words. I wanted to go on your profile to read your story and pics etc but couldn't access??
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Oh that's wierd isn't it......
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Yes we also have same goals, I need to tone up badly...... now I've got the boobs, more motivated I reckon :-)
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Yep for sure I'll give it the full 6 weeks though
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Yipppppeeeeee all done. Enjoy that blissful sleep now, I had textured implants too. My doctor won't touch others either. I was not fazed by that decision. But time will tell I guess. Good luck in recovery mate.
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awesome how is your pain level? are u taking any pain meds?
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Wouldn't even say any pain just a little ache sometimes moving arms but just on panadol and antibiotics
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