After having about 10 laser sessions at one place - Tattoo Removal - Auckland, New Zealand

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place...

After having about 10 laser sessions at one place I found out there were actually different lasers so I did some research. The place I 1st went to apparently has a bad reputation. When I got it done at the original place my stomach and foot would swell(where the tattoos are), have heaps of blood blisters, my foot tattoo bled so much my shoe filled up with blood. It was painful of course. The pain afterwards was much worse when I went to this place. I remember writhing in pain I couldn't stop moving. It felt like a major burn. My body would also go from hot to cold- I think this is a form of shock. My sister considered taking me to the doctor or hospital. My whole tattoo would turn into a giant blister by the end of the first day. The only way I got over the pain was to try and fall asleep with ice packs and take pain killers. I would then wake up feeling much better. I thought this was what the norm was for laser tattoo I went for approx 10 sessions So the 2nd place I went to had the Medlite laser. The place was a lot better. It still hurt a lot. Afterwards was bad but not as bad as the first place. note: I Used Emla numbing cream for all times I have had it done..Still hurt! But it is quick. I had one session here Reading on here I heard the Q-tag laser (not sure of exact name) was the best. It took me awhile to find one in my country. There is only one place here who has it. Skin Institute. So my 3rd place, Skin Institute, I had the Q-tag switched laser. I was not expecting to have the laser done right then as I thought I would have a consultation. But she told me ice works really well and I could give it a go. So we iced up my foot, I was nervous but she really put me at ease. Best service ever. The lady was lovely. She iced it afterwards for a few minutes. I had that same burn feeling but not the horrible feeling I had at the first place. In fact when I got home I didn't even ice it with frozen peas. I don't know if it was better because (A) the Laser (B) the ice worked better than numbing cream. I was walking around and fine during the day. My foot did puff up to a giant blister. it has been really itchy!! First night it was soooo itchy and today (1st day after) it is really itchy. I have heard that means it is healing?? I really hope this gets the blue ink I am having trouble with. Also Green on my stomach I am also surprised that the reddy pink bits on my stomach haven't faded that much If the blue does not fade, I am considering getting the foot tattoo cut out.

Me too! Will give an update!

Wow, you have really been through it trying to get rid of those tattoos. I really hope this new laser will work so you don't have to have the one on your foot excised.

Thanks so much for such a thorough overview of all you have tried. Please keep us posted on how things are going.


Blister is huge and hasn't gone down at all....

Blister is huge and hasn't gone down at all. Feels less sensitive. Decided to let it go down naturally rather than pop it

This is really gross...but blister finally popped...

This is really gross...but blister finally popped by itself. It didn't explode or anything but sort of came out a drop at a time. Still hasn't deflated completely
tomorrow I get my stomach done. I think I will take a bag of peas and ice for a long time afterward. I think because I didn't ice after my foot for the first time it blistered up fast
took some photos..

I can wear slipper type shoes, not sneakers where it is covered as the blister is too big! It doesn't hurt only when there is pressure

Oh my gosh - you are one tough girl!! That blister might not hurt you, but it hurts me just looking at the pictures!! Wow!! I'm so glad to hear it is going down.

Fingers crossed the treatment on the stomach one goes much smoother!


Oh my goodness, sorry to hear about the blister. :( That is the one on your foot, right? Can you wear shoes alright, or does it rub?


Today I went to get my stomach done. With green,...

Today I went to get my stomach done. With green, purple, black, red, yellow and a bit of orange. Such a rainbow of colors!
The lady adjusted the laser for each of these colors and took her time making sure everything was perfectly done. She also fired a test shot for each colors to see how the ink reacted. It took awhile but I like how she really cared and did a good job
Yellow I barely felt, red was fine, green was ok and purple hurt with black being the worst pain. I had iced beforehand and also numbing cream. There was hardly any pain after the treatment and only felt sore when rubbed or touched. Did not swell up like it has done in the past (usually my stomach looks lopsided from swelling) No sign of any blistering. I iced with frozen peas for 2 hrs afterwards.
In regards to my foot. The lady was very surprised and concerned that it had blistered and had never and a patient blister before. I have blistered before though and think perhaps this is because it is on the foot and right on the bone without any fat/cushioning. She gave me some antibiotic cream to put on it and some dressings and told me to monitor it and call in a couple of weeks. It had completely drained by itself now. Will post a pic tomorrow when I change the dressing.

its is the Revlite Q-switched Nd:YAG laser, just looked it up
Awesome stuff Jo, I appreciate your help. Yes, I have had 16 sessions at the Mangere place myself - just because it was the cheaper option as I had gone to Caci Clinic and they said they were going to charge me something like $700 a session! Which is outrageous. I haven't had any scarring and the tatt has faded considerably but I think I'll take your advice and check out Skin Specialist in Remuera. I expected it to be gone by now as it's black ink not coloured. $150 is a good price and I'd like to see the difference in lasers. Did you notice any difference so far in fading or is it too early to tell? Any difference in pain? I recently discovered emla cream which seems to make the process more tolerable :-)
Hey, I feel your pain. It seems to take forever.
What color is it?
I first went to Mangere do NOT go there. I think that is where I picked up scarring and think the laser was an older not so great model.
I went to Albany vein and laser clinic in sunnynook (or brook can't remember) that was $150 a session not per tattoo. The lady was really nice and skilled. They had the Medlite IPL laser which I am told is good and is the one before the Q-stitched tag laser (not sure of exact name!)
I went recently to Skin Specialist (not skin institute as I put above whoops!)
they are located Remuera, Green lane East rd
They I felt where the best and although I am still waiting for the results I am told they have the best laser in NZ and most advanced and good for a range of colors. It is also $150 a treatment and they will give you a free consult and test spot beforehand
After all my experience I would go to the Skin Specialist centre :)

Looking much better, See photos No pain...

Looking much better,

See photos

No pain or anything. stomach is now healed and foot is just a bit pink where blister is

Waiting to see fading

Another thing to add is I have noticed some of the...

another thing to add is I have noticed some of the yellow (see in banner) has changed colour..not sure what that means will have to ask next time

The R20 looks really promising I'm looking at getting a few tattoos faded for cover up and am considering the R20
I did the R20 method (4 sessions, 20 minutes apart) 3 months ago and only had about 25% fading. I just redid 3 more sessions today back to back (doctor couldnt do all four sessions like the first time because of early blistering), hopefully this will spead it along but I wont know for another 2 months...
Where did you get it done and what color/how old is your ink?

Has healed completely. haven't noticed any major...

has healed completely. haven't noticed any major fading. the pink blister ring is still faintly there on foot. The skin is quite damaged and when i cover it up with make up I can see leathery skin. the tattoo skin is a different texture now. I am thinking I will get the blue part cut out. It will be quicker more effective, less painful and I don't want another blister situation. For the stomach I think I will keep going with laser and see what happens
I've been trolling the net for hours trying to find reviews on tattoo removal - I was stoked to find one from New Zealand. I'm in Wellington myself and as far as I can see Caci Clinic are the only ones in Welllington that do tattoo removal. Though now I'm going to look for skincare specialists and see if that gives me more options. I'm worried about the pain as my tattoo is on my dominant wrist and if I can't type then I can't work.

If there is anyone else that's in New Zealand that has any further comments about their removal, I would be glad to hear of it. If I procede with getting my tattoo removed add my experiences.
hey! I have heard bad stuff from Caci clinic so I would try look elsewhere if possible. There are a lot of places that do laser removal usually plastic surgeon type places.. there are heaps in Auckland where the clinics that do fillers and botox and not proper surgery do laser too. I would suggest searching on google appearance clinics in wellington. Places where people get sunspots and wrinkles lasered. Just ask what they use go for a consult and see how professional they are. It is also surprising the price is really quite similar regardless of where you go
I'm in Wellington too, and I travel up to Tauranga to see Michelle at InkOff. She has better lasers than Caci (and any other places in Wellington I've found).

It has been 4.5 months roughly since I had my...

It has been 4.5 months roughly since I had my laser done. The stomach tattoo looks similar. the parts that changed color have stayed the same black color. The green does look like it has faded but only a bit. My foot-the blister ring has finally gone, only faint if you look closely. The skin is still leathery and scarred/damaged and the color- I haven't noticed a change in the blue. The wings have continued to fade I feel even though they were not lasered again. When I am able to take the time (prob whithin a couple of months) I am going to get the blue part cut out. I talked with a doctor that had done a lot of research about lasers and he mentioned it would be the best way to go and would have a better result. The scar wouldn;t be too bad if done well, would fade. Now that it is just the blue left behind it would be a smaller scar too as that part would only need to be cut out.
Sounds painful but really after all the laser I have been through seems like the best way to go. Faster, Cheaper in the long run.

After everything I have been through I would say test your tattoo with laser as it may fade well (like the bird wings faded instantly. obviously black is easy to remove) if it doesn't fade after 1 or 2 times seek alternative like getting it cut out. I would really think about it if you have blue or green color. just seems so tricky. laser is very painful, adds up cost wise and the most annoying factor for me is the time it takes. I am sick to death of telling everyone what the blue blob on my foot is and why I decided to get it removed etc its like a given convo starter haha

Will keep you updated on getting it cut out! For the stomach I think I will continue with laser as it is fading (slowly) and not fussed as it is a covered place not like my foot

will take a new photo when I can
Any updates on your removal process? Pics?
updated, sorry for long time!

Foot tattoo ended up being cut out

So as I said earlier I had so much trouble with the blue ink fading. Everything else did but the blue part so I had it cut out. Because there is such little stretch/ extra skin on my foot the surgeon couldn't quite get all of it out at once. The little bit he left behind will be cut out once the scar is healed. It already looks better.
Half of the scar is very faint already and they other half has three raised red lumps I'm not sure what they are but I will ask when I next see him for my follow up. I think they may be dissolving stitches I'm not too sure. There was a white thread that came out of one! I tried to pull on it to see if it would pull out but it wouldn't. I left it and after a couple if days the thread fell off and the thread inside must have dissolved??
Because of it being on my foot I was off my feet for quite some time. I thought the recover would be a lot more breezy than it was as I thought it was just the skin being cut. But the surgeon wanted me to keep my foot above my heart for two weeks! This is due to swelling. It was so tight already he didn't want it to swell or any complications to happen. It was quite funny actually because my foot looked super skinny because of all the skin pulled tight, like a foot tuck haha. It went back to normal size quickly
One thing to add which is weird is my second to last pinky toe feels numb. I can still move it and evening but it feels like there is a local anesthetic and I can't feel any sensation of the skin.
I told my surgeon about is and he said it should comes back. It's not worrying at all as Its not like a use my toe for much haha
Obviously I had local anesthetic on the day of surgery but I felt no pain whatsoever during the whole recover. Pain =0
The only thing I could feel would be some welling in my foot if I stood to long. I was also given crutches. No pain relief as I didn't need it
Stitches were taken out two weeks after, no pain or problems there. Kept covered to keep clean.
Does anyone have any good recommendations of creams for scarring?


P. S the cost was $600
Which includes the follow up surgery
I will put pics up when I get to a comp ( on my iPad and I can't attach them for some reason)
P.p.s sorry for bad grammar I blame iPad!
Hey any updates
just updated :)

Hey there, just checking in to see if you have any updates for us :)


sorry for the delay! New photo 2 months post

my foot has healed and the numbing feeling/loss of sensation and feeling on the couple of my toes has gone
The scar has become a bit better but is still red and raised on one part (top part) you can see in the photo the red rasied bit and the part that scared alot better.
the photo I have put up is from april so it is 2 months after the procedure
in the photo you will see the blue parts he left behind to do later because there was not enough skin on my foot to do it all in one go. I can get the rest taken out now but have not yet got around to it as I have moved and will travel to him. Hopefully I will get that done soon and see what he says in the follow up
I am happy so far with how it is going. Of course there is a little bit left and I want it removed but it is an improvement so far and people don't notice it as much as a big blue tattoo.
Hi there. Anything new? Do you have a picture of the tat as it was before? And a picture of the scar as it is today?
Hey I just came across yr review. Do you have a pic of yr tatt/fading b/f the excision? I am curious if you had black in it, and if so, was that color fully removed? Or was it just the blue that remained. Thanks! Yr scar looks really good btw; it healed well :)
Wow. I feel you. I want this tattoo I got in 7th grade removed so bad I want it cut off too. But mine is on my breast. Ugh. I think I will have to take the long painful route you first took! Your foot looks awesome so far
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Perfect service.

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