I've done it!! Finally, after 9 Years of consideration :) 325cc Silicone gel, overs : New Zealand

Hi all, So i'm not too sure what to write but...

Hi all,

So i'm not too sure what to write but this time in 2 weeks I will have my new boobs! I've been wanting to go through with the procedure since I was 25 but just never got around to doing it. Last August I felt the time was right so started investigating my options and booked consultations with 2 surgeons.


Two weeks! That's coming right up! Like you, I deliberated for quite some time... & now that I've done it, I wonder what took me so long. :) This site is a great place to find answers to all sorts of questions, & hopefully it will be a good support for you! (It has been for me!) Wishing you a speedy recovery after surgery!
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Less than 2 weeks - finally getting excited

So my first post wasn't that great so I'll try to start this one with a little more information. The first time I ever wanted BA was approximately 9 years ago. I'm 35 now so I would have been 26 and my son a toddler at 3 years old. I've never had amazing breasts but after years of yo-yo dieting and my weight fluctuating from 60kg to 85kg they had lost shape. Throw into the mix, a pregnancy, 25kg weight gain then breast feeding for 9 months, they were less than awesome.

So about 9 years ago I had a consultation and even went as far as booking the survey date but decided not to go through with it a week prior. Funnily I never regretted that decision :) Last year, around August I started to think about it more seriously. I feel I'm at the right stage of my life to have the procedure and know I'm diving it for the right reasons. For me. Only for me :)

I saw 2 different surgeons for a consult and decided to go with the surgeon who I felt understood what I wanted to achieve. 5ft4inch and 130lbs and am quite short in the torso so didn't want to be all boobs. My surgeon and I decided that 325cc would be the max size if I wanted a natural look and that 280cc would be the smallest size to fill up my lost volume. After having my mind made up on 280cc, I had my second consult last Friday and have decided that either 300cc or 325cc would be better. I'm putting my trust in my surgeon to make the best choice on the day.

Yesterday was the first day I started to feel excited. 13 sleeps!!

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Predictive text - aaargh. Try to read through the autocorrect flaws and I'll try to review before posting next time ;-)



Thanks D is for Daphne :) I wish I'd found this site earlier, it's great! I'm hoping my surgeon is a great as yours. Your BA is amazing x

Boob obsessed.. Second guessing myself

So I woke about 5 times last night thinking of boobs. Have started to wonder if I'm going the right size. Should I be going under the muscle instead of over the muscle. Have I chosen the right surgeon. Aaargh...

I'm worried they'll look hard and high and fake and, well just awful. I guess this is all normal though right? I hope so...

I was also reading another post about recovery times which got me wondering whether I'm being a little ambitious. My surgery is Tuesday and I have an event to attend on the Saturday.. Hoping that I'll be ok by then


Normally, it takes about 5-6 days to start feeling 'yourself' again. I don't know what your recovery rate is like normally, nor do I know what kind of event you're attending! But I would say to take care. Just don't feel that you HAVE to go anywhere if your body is telling you otherwise. As you've read from my posts, I'm nearly 9 days post-op and I'm still taking it very easy. This might be because I've had submuscular implants, which apparently increase recovery time. Regardless, I would say rest for as long as you can. Hope this helps!! x
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Thanks so much :) It's a family get together but is at a bar in the city so I'll just have to see how i feel on the day. Last thing I want is people bumping into me, taht's wouldn;t be great at all. After seeing your results and also D is for Daphne, i'm wondering if sub-muscular is the best option? You ladies look amazing! My PS doesn't like to go under the muscle at all so i have no choice, however he said I will be delighted with the results. I hope he's right. I'll be over the moon if my results are like yours x
Well, if it's in a bar, and it's in the city, it's likely it'll be busy! I wouldn't have chanced it just 4 days post-op myself, but I guess it's up to you to make the best decision for you! Seeing as it's a family get together it doesn't sound as though it'll be too wild! In terms of the implant placement, I didn't want to go under the muscle at first, but apparently it looks more natural on people who have very little tissue at the top. Maybe do some research on it? But seriously, I'm sure your surgeon knows what he's doing. I'm sure you've done your research on your surgeon and had a chance to look at some of the procedures he's done before?? There are some great results on here with ladies who have had sub-glandular or dual plane implants. I wouldn't stress too much about this. Remember, every single person is different!! x

A good representation of me now, and how I'd like to look afterwards

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hey congrats on the choice to get them. and it is normal to have boobs on the brain ive had the craziest dreams abt boobs and think abt them alllll the time its sick lol. ill be keeping up with your journey and cant wait for the outcome.
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Thanks Pretty :) I'm pleased to know it's normal and like you I've had crazy dreams too! It's such a surreal feeling knowing that in less than 2 weeks, my body won't be all me. So weird.. But super exciting.

Before pics - gotta love the post op lingerie


Hi there I am having mine done exactly a week before you on the 18th and I also have a function I need to attend the Sunday after.. Baptism and I'm the godmother so there is no way to say, sorry I'm having my boobs done so this date won't work for me...lol.. Especially because I'm not telling everyone I'm having surgery only a few. But anyway I can't wait to get this done, I am 5 sleeps away and I also live and breathe boobs.. Lol.. Best of luck to you!
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Oh my goodness!! How exciting! Only a few more sleeps for you, YAY! I haven't checked out your profile yet but I will. If you're going over the muscle you should be fine by Sunday.. Or so that's what I've been told. In fact my PS told me if I wanted to I could be back at work by Friday. I'm taking the whole week off though. Have you had doubts re surgeon, sizes etc? God I've been second guessing everything, I'm a nightmare!
I am going under the muscle and have to go back to work the following Monday so 6 days post op.. I have had doubts about size and still do.. I had chosen 475 then went to 575 then panicked and changed to 525 because I was afraid of being to big, and my surgeon orders the size I choose and that's it, that's all he has at the time of surgery.. It's so mind boggling.. Wouldn't it be nice if a certain size looked the same on everyone?? It would make it a lot less confusing... Ugh...I guess I will have to trust my dr that I won't look like a porn star with the 525 lol.. My daughters would kill me :-)

Loving this site

So much support, information, advice - it's unreal! Happy Valentines Day everyone xx


Yehhh good luck!!! I'm having mine done the same exact day.
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Exciting!! I've been feeling anxious today. Sometimes reading too much can confuse the brain. I have to remind myself I'm happy with my choice and trust my surgeon. 11 sleeps to go for us both x


looking at far too many photos', I feel like a teenage boy! The past few nights sleep have been so restless so I'm taking a sleeping pill tonight to try and get some solid sleep. Took a few more before pics and wondered what I'm going to do with all my lingerie! I won't be able to fit any of it after this op. Shopping for new pretty things will be fun though ;) 11 more snoozes....


It's so hard to know.. If yours suggested going over did he give a reason? Mine just said under is best for me and I was like.. Ok sounds good..
My surgeon doesn't think it's necessary to go under the muscle. According to him, I have enough breast tissue and because I'm fairly active at the gym, I like to weight train, he felt this was the better option. My anxious mind googled the procedures and I found great info on both procedures and like anything both have their advantages and disadvantages. I feel a lot more comfortable about sub glandular implants now :)

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my 35th birthday today, and my last birthday with these wee girls. Thanks for the last 35 years, you've been awesome.

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Woopsie, I uploaded to soon


Happy birthday and happy valentines day...Yayyy
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Thanks lovely :) x
Good! And happy birthday!

4 sleeps, BAD dreams

Hi ladies,

Gosh I'm in a bit of a flap today, feeling nervous and very anxious. I had dreams about my procedure last night and in my dream, it was an absolute disaster! My left boob was crooked, deflated, wrinkly and much smaller than my right. My right side didn't even fill my bra and i was left looking deformed. Waaaaah :-( So awful

Thank god it was a dream but because of its vividness has left me feeling rather upset today.


Everything your experiencing I went through too. Once I got to the private hospital it all felt so right and never looked back. They are an awesome team there you will be pleased I think. I'm 35 too! I think your boobs will look even better then you hope and natural being over the muscle. All the best
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35 is a great age ;-) Thanks for your words, Whilst I'm so pleased to hear its all normal stuff, Im having a bit of a mind struggle if I'm honest... I woke up this morning and had major doubts wondering whether I really wanted to go through with it. Of course I do want to, I'm just nervous about the procedure and getting it right. I'm not expecting perfection but my biggest fear is I'll walk out unhappy with the size. What if I think they're too big? What if they're not big enough? I made some rice sizers yesterday and they didn't turn out out I intended either so I took my most padded bra, doubled the cups inside each other and placed them inside my post op bra. I felt huge! I like having small boobs, I just want to fill what I lost from breast feeding and weight loss. I wanted to ask, did Greg do measurements of your chest etc? I've read a lot of reviews with ladies talking about measurements and type of implant but he didn't do any of that with me. Was he supposed to?

All done :)

Still very sleepy but it all went well and I'm resting up. Surprisingly I have no pain, just a little tension similar to the feeling after l've done a strenuous gym work out. I'll post a proper review once I'm feeling less drowsy but here is a pic :) Very happy with my size xx


Lol@ your dreams! I always have dreams like that when I have something big going on. The ones about boobs have already started bc I go in TOMORROW! Mostly I expect to have nightmares where I can't get to the hospital for my surgery lol that's a big one for me.
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Anyway I can't wait to see more after pics!
Tomorrow!! How exciting! No nightmares, just sweet dreams :) then more sweet dreams when you float away to anesthesia land.. Last night I dreamed they found a lump in my ultrasound and I couldn't go aheAd with surgery, which wasn't very nice.. Needless to say I woke up wanting to kiss my boobs with relief! Best of luck for tomorrow, I will keep an eye on your journey xx

The low down.. I'm now day after surgery so my brain feels in a better state to post ;)

It all seems like a bit of a blur now. I took a sleeping pill the night before surgery but was still a little restless and anxious about everything. I had to be at the clinic at 7:30am and Mum arrived to pick me up around 7:15am. I don't think we spoke much in the car, maybe we did but I can't really recall, hehe. I do clearly remember feeling so thirsty though.

Once we got to the clinic, one of the nurses went through all the forms again, gave me an oral med to soothe my stomach and then Greg (PS) came in for another chat. He really is wonderful and made me feel so comfortable. We discussed sizes again and as planned he had 280, 300 and 325 to take into theatre. I showed him a wish pic to which he responded "they look good but you are going to look fantastic" What a charmer ;) He gave me a hug, probably because he could smell the fear on me and told me I would be fine :)

Next up was another member of the surgical team - really nice guy who made me feel comfortable and cracked a few jokes which relaxed me. He introduced my anesthetist and at that moment everything became VERY real. The realization that he actually had my life in his hands hit me and I began to feel scared again. He was so informative and explained everything thoroughly.

After my 3rd attempt at going to the loo, I gave up and they led me into theatre at 8:30am. There were 5 medical staff in total, which of course made me feel nervous but also at ease. I was helped onto the bed which was very comfy and so warm. Greg held my hand and stroked my arm, the Anesthetist and the other medical assistant explained the pricks in my arms, gave me an oxygen mask and said that I was going to feel floaty. Snooooooze time......

I started to come to around 10:20am so I have no idea how long I had been in recovery. Maybe an hour? I felt super sleepy and whilst I didn't feel pain, I did feel like I had a lot of pressure on my chest. I lay thee for about 15mins while the druggy ness wore a little thinner and was brought some water, a cup of tea, cheese & crackers and some biscuits. The recovery nurse said I was doing well and everything went well. Greg then came to have a chat, told me he ended up going with the 325cc implants after using the sizer and was very happy how the procedure went.

Just after 11am I got out of bed and walked to the recovery room, sat in a lazy boy and finished my tea. Super eager to look at my chest but also too nervous so I waited for Mum and had her take a peek. Her reaction said it all so I had to have a cheeky glance too. I felt soo happy with the size, especially taking into consideration the swelling so they'd get a little smaller. The nurses kept an eye on me for another hour before Greg came to check on me again and then I was allowed to go home. I complained of a very sore throat and Greg told me an interesting story... Apparently when the med team were trying to get the tube out of my mouth I started fighting them and it took 3 of them to pin me down.. Woopsie, sorry guys. No wonder I'm a bit sore.

Once I got home I just rested on the couch, Mum fussed over me, I didn't feel to much pain at all so took paracetamol every 4 hours. Slept fine last night after taking a sleeping pill and woke this morning with tightness but again, minimal pain. I have an anti-inflammatory to take for the next 10 days, a course of antibiotics (3xdaily for 10xdays) and paracetamol for pain. Other than tiredness and chest pressure, I'm thrilled with the recovery so far. Drains out tomorrow and hopefully bandages will come off too. Fingers crossed!

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Before and After Pics :)

I'm pretty pleased with how they look 24 hours after surgery :)

Before pic taken 7am yesterday
After pic taken 7:30am today


Just posted. They're a little raw and hard to gauge with bandages etc but in real life I am so pleased xxx
Tomorrow!! How exciting! No nightmares, just sweet dreams :) then more sweet dreams when you float away to anesthesia land.. Last night I dreamed they found a lump in my ultrasound and I couldn't go aheAd with surgery, which wasn't very nice.. Needless to say I woke up wanting to kiss my boobs with relief! Best of luck for tomorrow, I will keep an eye on your journey xx

Side view

Happy with that :) once the implant drops further into the lower pole, they'll look even better


It's great your surgeon uses sizers in the OR, it looks like you got the perfect size.
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Happy healing, look forward to reading your progress x
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I feel like my boobs have grown a cup size this afternoon, I feel like boobzilla in comparison to my pre surgery size. Can't wait to get the drains removed tomorrow either. Here are a couple more pics


Thanks Misty3351 :) I feel big, swollen and puffy today. Not just my boobs but my entire body feels bloated. Hopefully that subsides soon. Once the swelling goes down I think I'll feel happier
Yes, post op I was really swollen too. Most of the swelling was gone in the first week or two, and by the one month mark, was pretty much gone.
Thanks so much Tracy :) how are you going?

48 hours later and very happy with them so far!

Hi ladies,
Met with my surgeon at 10:30am this morning, approx 48 hours after my procedure. Thankfully the drains are now out although having them removed made me (almost) faint. It wasn't painful, I was just a little overwhelmed, held my breath and everything went dark so I had to lie down for a few minutes. I'm such a wuss..

So we had a good look and feel and I'm really happy with how they look so far. Unfortunately the tape has to stay for added support until at least Monday but all is well so far. I feel a bit HOT! ;-)

Pain is minimal, taking paracetamol when needed but still on antibiotics and a daily anti-inflammatory.


you look beautiful! You picked the perfect size and it even made your nipples look amazing lol! it perked and plumped everything up, Im sure it will look totally natural given a little more time!
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You look awesome for one day lol - wow granted u still have the bandage but they look great =] happy healing xoxo
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Looks great! Thank you for sharing your anxieties and experience. Im glad Im not the only one who feels like a peeping boy from looking at hundreds of before and after pics but Im worried too and want to make the best, most informed decision I can! 28 days away from my surgery and Im scared, worried about healing time, and sleeping very restlessly according to my man... I feel like Im overdoing the research but dont think thats a bad thing!?!
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Day 4 post surgery pics

Loving them more each day and can totally see the shape firming really well. Initially I was worried is look chubby from having bigger boons but it's quite the contrary. If feel like my body looks so much better - I can't stop peaking at my boobs :-)


The girls looks so great!! Happy healing (:
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Thanks so much! They're settling well but feel quite hard today... Still loving them though :)
What a lovely thing to say, thank you so much! Have to admit, I'm very much enjoying how my nipples look, hehe. Hopefully the tape can come off tomorrow, I'm dying to see them fully revealed :)

6 days post op

Bandages now off, they're looking good. They look a little smaller in pics than real life. I think they're just right for me :) Bra is a 10D


Looking fantastic! I bet you're thrilled with the results
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You look amazing...the size is perfect for your body and you look so natural already!
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OMG- They're gorgeous! I'm all teary-eyed for you because they turned out great and you look stunning! Congratulations! I am so incredibly happy for you!!! THEY LOOK SO FABULOUS!!! WOW!!!
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Before and after - Post op Day 9

They look exactly how I wanted, not too big, just full and natural. They're settling well and have dropped a little into the lower pole but of course have a while to go.. Hard to believe I ever looked my before pic.


You look fabulous. Hihg profile or moderate? Sientra,mentor? Smooth or textured? Thank you
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Thanks Scooby123 , moderate/low profile textured :) x
is round your silicone? do you know whats brand? sientra, mentor etc.... so beautiful

2 weeks post op pics

The pic on the top was 1 week post op and the bottom is today, 2 weeks post op. They seem to have dropped significantly so I'm hoping they don't drop too much more. I'm very pleased with how natural they look and I have no pain at all anymore. Incision sites are healing very well.


Wow what a transformation. Well done for taking the step like i did on getting them done after so long !!!
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I agree! Finally feel womanly again. Thanks for your lovely compliment x
They look great congrats
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New bras - 32DD (Eeek)

Not sure how that happened when I assumed if be a full C post surgery. I'm not complaining though :-) No padding on these two either.


They look perfect! So natural. That's amazing!!
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Very welcome

New treat :)

No underwire or padding on this little number :)


Omg the last picture is perfect !!! How stoked are you ? They look beautiful sooooo soon , I so hope mine look that way ! Keep posting for all of us ok !
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Oh wow! That's so nice of you to say. Thank you :) xx I'm pretty stoked alright and they have dropped into place and look very natural so soon. I'll post a few more pics of the girls so you can see how they look for real :)To be honest I felt quite apprehensive about going sub-glandular after reading of so many women having sub muscular implants but I'm super pleased with how they look and feel. The recovery had been super easy as well x
You so great! Congrats! That black bralette posted on 3/12 is super cute and sexy. Can I ask what brand??
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3 weeks since my Op

Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since my surgery and things are going really well. I haven't had pain for a while, although I'm having to get used to the weight of my boobs now they're fuller. I'm making a conscious effort to sit up straight and pull my shoulders back,bits quite funny.

I went bra shopping earlier today and I am still a very full DD which surprises me with the 325cc implant. My scars are looking great, healing well and whilst I've been given the ok to wear a normal bra, still prefer to sleep in my medical bra/crop top.

Interested to know if any other women are wearing normal bras during the day so soon after surgery? Is this more common with sub glandular procedures?


You look absolutely amazing !!! At 3 weeks too and very natural. Congratulations again. I know what your saying to about getting used to the weight and making yourself stand up straight. As far as wearing normal bras after surgery. I think I remember hearing 6 weeks before I could wear underwire.
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I thought it was 6 weeks as well however my surgeon has already given me the ok. As long as my incisions aren't aggravated he said I'm fine. Maybe because I went subglandular over sub muscular and require a little more support? I'll ask when I see him on Monday :) appreciate your lovely comments too :) I feel great
You should feel great !!! Looking amazing like I said. Good luck Monday and keep us posted .

Frustrated I can't exercise :(

It's so frustrating when you feel good, everything is healing well and you are craving a really decent gym session but can't go. I have 3 weeks to go before I can get back into my gym routine and it's sooooo frustrating. I'm still walking (about 7km) each day but really miss that feeling after I've had a really intense gym session. I miss the endorphins! These next 3 weeks are going to drag..... :(

How long did you ladies wait until you went back to the gym?


You really look awesome:)
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As do you! I just checked out your review and you look amazing. Very happy for you :)
Amazing results! So natural looking. They suit you perfectly.
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No gym = new lingerie

So since I can't get back into so full on exercise for the net few weeks I decided to treat myself to some new lingerie. I think I did well ;)

These are all 10DD and the brand is Pleasure State which I think is only an Australian & NZ brand although it could be wrong.


Glad iv come across your page iv been to all sorts of consults in NZ and am seeing Greg on Tuesday as he is like $grand cheaper then any other surgeon I have come across so far. (Other then thailand) iv penciled a surgery day for dec this year if the consult goes well I am soo excited and he has done an amazing job
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Ended up seeing him and was more then shocked at the lack of professionalism of the whole thing
Hi! O my gosh! You look great! I'm only starting my journey and I'm so excited! Your review was very helpful, thank you
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Greg Taylor

Greg is a wonderful man and a brilliant surgeon with a fantastic medical team to support him. I'm thrilled I chose him :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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