435cc lollipop lift overs!!

Please help My surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks...

Please help
My surgery is scheduled for 2 weeks time and im so confused!
My surgeon says to fill with 500cc+ over the muscle silicone but im worried that long tetm it mighy make my sagging worse.
Im now starting to think id be best off gettinga lift and smaller implants.
I have breastfed 2 kids and weng up to an F but now ive deflated to a d. Does anyone else have similar boobs or can u offer advice?

Pre op Appointment

Ok so I had me pre-op today and my doc has agreed to do a lift with a smaller implant. He thinks 435cc will be ideal placed over (subglandular) as he doesn't like the gap you can get with unders and due to the fact that I work out a lot he says they may shift.
I think the 435's look a bit on the big side but everyone I know says its best to go bigger rather than smaller- just im case boob greed kicks in! :)

bad news

So i got a revised estimate today and to have a lift is an extra $5000 now im thinking twice! :-(

all booked

Ok so ive gone with 435cc and the lift...$18k! Oh well, fingers xd that its worth it :-)

ahhh just 1 week away

Im getting so nervous now.... took a couple of sneaky selfies to show my non existant boobs!

omg 2 days til surgery

Im having second thoughts and freakin myself out... what happens if my body rejects them, what wilk my scars be like, how will i look when im 90? Blah blah cant believe its only 2 days away!!!!!!!

worry worry worry...

So surgery is scheduled for tomo n now im second guessing everything.... im getting pure implants by silimed so was worried bout the possible link to cancer n also worrying that 435cc might b too small!!!!

on the other side

Judt woke up! So happy.... will post pics soon!!!

2 days after the op

Im not allowed to take off the surgical bra yet but here are a few pics. The size looks full but natural so im happy so far! Will update again when i can take some better pics :-)

bandages off!

They r definately swollen!

one week post op

one week post op

dam computer.. I typed it all out and it didn't post!
Swelling is starting to go down and boobs are softening... one is healing faster than the other but that's normal. Most girls have boob greed but I cant wait for the swelling to go as they are a little big for me right now. Thing im most struggling with is SLEEP... ahhh I cant sleep on my back and am staring to get big black bags under my eyes from lack of sleep haha! Guess I'll just have to get use to it, but its so uncomfortable!!!! :(

2weeks post op

Everythin is settling down nicely and they look more natural now. I have a lump on my left breast so going to get that checked out next week. My doc says its prob nothing just tissue from the op!
julian lofts

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Looks great! I'm seeing Julian in feb 2015, I am more then excited. It was the hardest choice of my life wither doing them with Julian or Thailand.
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Good choice to have the Lolli and slightly smaller implants! You have achieved excellent results!!
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They look awesome!!
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Thanku :-) i love not having to wear a padded bra anymore!
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Do you end up getting a lift? Why did the Dr decide to go over the muscle
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Yup but he only cut round my nipples and did the lift thst way. He says he prefers to do over on me as i workout lots and my pec muscles would prevent my implants sitting close together so i would end up with a gap!
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How is it going? Are you happy? 2 days to my surgery. Eek
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Yep so gd not having to wear bras and ive got so much more body confidence! Im even startn to get the hang of sleeping on my back... my advice buy lots of fluffy pillows! Gdluck, im sure ul be v happy with the results!
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Oh I didn't realise you can't sleep on your side. How long us that for? I'm booked in next week for lift and 335 c implants. Hoping they are big enough. I'm 5 ft 10 and size 8.
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at least 2 weeks im afraid... thank god for sleeping pills!! It depends what size you are now and what you want to end up with... I was a d to start with and with the lift (and removal of loose tissue) I am around a dd now....
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They look amazing!!!
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They look so good!!
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aw thank u :) im a bit worried they are so big but im hoping its the swelling!
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I have always wanted to go with Julian but felt he wanted me to go bigger than I was comfortable being. Sounds like he did the opposite with you which is good. Love the shape, he really is a great surgeon isn't he. I've booked with Greg Taylor on the 25th of this month. I'm starting to feel excited now!! How are your boobs feeling now?
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Thanku! I think that's because most girls get boob greed afterwards and he will go larger to avoid giving a lift if he can. Boobs are still so swollen but overall im very happy so far. Its just the sleeping on the back thing that's driving me crazy at the moment.... so tired!!!!! :)
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How did you find Greg? I went to one consult and found it more then un professional? What was your opinion
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Hi same size and stats as you too!! I would love to bypass a life but I know he is going to tell me I need it. I go for my consult in April.
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Hi I have the same problem as you do. And I hesitated with these two methods too! Well I think you shouldn't bother with the price if it's the method you prefer :) On the other hand, if you are ok with both of the methods, I've seen many pictures of sagging correction with implant (without lift) and it looked awesome and corrected!
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My boobs were much like yours deflated d and my surgeon did a lift and HP overs cohesive silicone gel 435! Im glad I listened amd went with her advice. My surgery was january 9th. I am hoping to be a full d 36 which as of now I believe thats what I should be. At times I get boob greed and wished I went bigger but at the same time very happy :)
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Thanks... are u happy with them being over the muscle? Also do u think u needed the lift as its another $5000 to get a lift! :-(
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Yes I def needed a lift, I was hoping not but 2 surgeons agreed. As for over muscle yes im happy with that as I guess I had enough tissue I understand the concern for price mine cost 13,200 :/ but well worth it
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I would go a tad bigger. Once they go under the muscle you'll loose some. Everyone I talk to wishes they would have went bigger. I got 360cc but I already had a good bit down below my sagging and just needed some up top. Good luck!!
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:-) glad to hear...when are u getting the new girls? I get mines on Jan 29th ..soooo excited!!! Lol
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Oooo thats not long! Ul have to post up pics :-) im booked in for feb 4th... getting nervous now!
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Hi I think the lift and implants. But I think 435cc is pretty big and going over muscle you won't lose much size. But if you go under muscle you lose a bit. I had a lift and was a size 8c and got implants over muscle 275cc and now I am a size 8 dd.:)
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