Final Update - Relieved. - Auburn, IL

I know I won't have done this the correct way, as...

I know I won't have done this the correct way, as all you women have joined RealSelf prior to surgery etc. , but I wanted to share with you after all you have done for me.

I have had silicone implants for 22 years at an ex-husbands request (demand). 6 months after he made all the choices, and I couldn't stop crying, I left him.

I am in my 50's now and have lived in isolation since I got them. I can't say what size, or even bra size because I've only ever worn a very tight sports bra to flatten them out. I couldn't see my toes, that's for sure.

Anyway, long story short, I noticed some very painful unfamiliar lumps a few months back. At first I thought the implants had finally ruptured but it was too painful. I began a very short internet search to here. :)

After reading your stories, I decided I was a fool if I waited one more day to get these horrid things out of me.
I had my consult on October 3rd and had the removal done Friday, October 5th. The implants were in perfect form with no sign of leakage, but they did find cancer tumors, which they removed.

I am 4 days post op and feeling so relieved I can't put it into words. This is the first time in over 20 years I am not ashamed to see myself in a mirror. I look forward to being able to go shopping for pretty clothes again, real bras again, and just going OUTSIDE again ! :)))

I guess I just want to thank you all so very much for a place like this, because I may have never found the courage to get done what needed doing without all you very brave and strong women on here.

Much love and happiness to you all.

I guess I should have added a few more details. ...

I guess I should have added a few more details.

I had had 5 children and been breast feeding 10 years pretty much non stop. It never occurred to me that it would bother a man that professed to love 'me'. I mean, what did 'me' encompass if he was displeased with my appearance? I had never had a body image problem. It seemed perfectly normal for breasts to become well loved and used up after doling out so much love and nurturing. Kind of like a favorite blanket after years of giving comfort.

Anyway, I'm healing well. The areas where the tumors were removed are still colorful, but the skin feels cool to the touch and for me that's the good part. I would hate to get infection setting in. I'm still reading here every day and learning so much. This is a wonderful place.

Thanks again for the kind and encouraging words. They help. Xo

Today makes a full week since surgery. I tried my...

Today makes a full week since surgery. I tried my 3 mile aerobic walk just a bit ago and made it through fine. I did avoid doing too much large arm movement I think that would be foolhardy this soon, but the rest went well.

The pain is minimal except the crater pockets yet. The bruising is almost completely gone that's visible on all breast tissue. It's still a little hard to sleep through the night because I'm always subconsciously trying not to cause stress to the recovering bits.

I'm looking forward to my follow up on the 23rd of this month. Will post with an update then.

Stay well brave women! xo

Well, what a nice surprise in the mail today. My...

Well, what a nice surprise in the mail today. My Dr sent a refund of 1,400.00 because they didn't do a capsulectomy. (sp?) So I changed the procedure cost. But now I'm wondering if Pathology charges separate? I'm hoping to get another surprise, if my Insurance will pick it up because of the cancer. I won't expect it, but it would sure make this all the more worth it.

I guess part of this journal journey is to record good and bad. I have to admit, I screwed up. I disregarded the 3 week order because I was feeling so good. I have been paying for it the past 2 days. Now, I am sore, and feeling very bruised. I think I should have stuck with less mileage, and less vigorous. Less housework and going about my business as usual. Shame on me. :( Anyway, I have been huddled up on the couch behaving myself now, and will continue to do so til my appt. Tuesday.

I can post photos today. Yay. Clearly, the...

I can post photos today. Yay.
Clearly, the right breast is sad. They removed a good deal of tissue when removing the tumors. I'm just not all that bothered though. Maybe I should be. I don't have any photos of pre surgery but I was very large implants. By comparing some ladies photos here, I was a large D cup or DD.
I hope this helps give an idea for some other women thinking of ging natural again. ! xo

Therapy time. I thought about keeping my...

Therapy time.

I thought about keeping my thoughts to myself, and not sharing everything here, but then, that would defeat the purpose of helping others here. So, sorry to go on this time of day, but, I'm nervous about tomorrow and new things are happening in my life.Maybe I'll just be dumping here, or maybe I can glean a few words of wisdom...

I haven't had much discomfort for some time with the incisions, but yesterday I began feeling some irritation on the outer edge of the right incision. It has gotten progressively painful in one silly little spot throughout today. ... so, I gathered up the inner courage, and asked my husband to look and see if there was something wrong down there. Ok, that may seem perfectly normal to most women here who are married, and especially married for 20+ years, but, not this marriage. My husband has never, ever, ever, seen me with no clothes on. Ever. We have never slept in the same room, and we have never been 'intimate'.

This implant removal is a whole new chapter in my life, OUR life. Together. It's like this glorious horrid mixed bag of blessings. The implants are gone, and I can now foresee us having a 'complete' marriage, but this crap with the cancer is scaring me away from wanting to build that extra intimacy. ... I suppose this is waaaay too much information, and if it's inappropriate it'll be scuttled....

The point is, he very stoically checked my incisions tonight like he'd been seeing me our whole life together. And I seem to have a small infection growing on the edge of the right incision. Probably an undesolving stitch.

And he kissed me goodnight tonight, and said I was beautiful.

I hope I can make the next 20 years of his life glorious.

Goodnight ladies, thanks for listening. Bless us all. xo

So I begin with many thanks for all your well...

So I begin with many thanks for all your well wishes, again. It feels so comforting to have voices of compassion just support instead of judge and tear down. I was in a bad spot last night, so thank you all for accepting my cry.

Well, on with the medical findings. I wasn't much good in the head for the first 2 follow-ups so this time I made notes, lol.

Ok, I had Bilateral capsular contracture - (better be spelled right it's coming straight off the report!!)

I have very thick capsules with calcification, but, the calcification is Benign so even though it will take many moons to heal, Dr felt it was unnecessary and damaging to remove capsules. (Thank you Dr!)

The cancerous tumor was measured 3"x3"x1". It was attached to the implant. All cancerous tissue has been removed, and I am at this point free of further treatment. OMG, YAY!!!!! This form of cancer will normally return within one year from removal if any cells are left behind. (That's to worry about another day, Not Today)


So, in a nutshell, excellent news.

But, ladies, Just in "speculation" conversation with Dr, had I not had these implants, chances are, this breast cancer, For Me, would NOT have occurred. Along with the tumor Pathology, it also revealed chronic inflammation, and fat necrosis.

Whether it was a miniscule leak, or an area on the implant was imperfectly thin enough to leach, this has been growing almost since the first year the implants were put in. I personally believe my body started out by going into immune overdrive to combat a bad situation and then as I grew weaker from the fight, and more things went wrong healthwise, my immune system couldn't keep up.

Besides my immense low self esteem with the implants, within 2 years I was having major anxiety attacks. Which was soon joined by Congestive heart Failure. Which was then joined by Chronic Joint Inflammation the past 9 years. None of these issues existed prior to then.

Within 72 hours of Explant, I have not even had the inkling of anxiety. I have no symptoms of CHF and could be going off the meds, and I have None, not a bit of joint pain. Anywhere. No signs of inflammation as of today.


Now dear ladies, I am off. Off to begin a wonderful, adventurous journey with my husband. I'm a wee bit nervous, lol, but we already had our first 'date' today on the way home from the check-up. He asked me out for dinner on our way home and I said, YES. Yes yes yes! We sat in a restaurant together, and it was wonderful. And weird, and wonderful! He has been my best friend, my knight in shining armor, and my protector all these years, and soon, God willing, also my lover. :)

RealSelf, and the wonderful members thereof, have within one short months time, changed my life forever.
Thank you isn't nearly enough. Without seeing the strong and compassionate women here... I truly don't know what my future would have held. Strength and Blessing and much love to you all. I am, Relieved 2012. xoxo

I woke up this morning with a lot of discomfort in...

I woke up this morning with a lot of discomfort in my right breast, which until today has behaved quite well. 4 hours later it has swollen to 3x its size and pain is shooting into my neck and through my right arm. I supposing this is that fluid build-up I have read about on here. What's odd is I didn't realize it could happen this late after surgery. I wonder if I did something to bring this on? Oy vey this hurts. Have a call in to Dr now. Will see what they say.
Will update when we get it worked out.

My brain is very slow and fuzzy right now. ...

My brain is very slow and fuzzy right now. Morphine odd drug. Emergency surgery. Dr was astounded how fast swelling and infection set in. He first put needle into incision to get fluid sample. So thick and nasty could only get a few cc. Into surgery to relieve pressure and clean out capsulllle. Also deciided to doo casulectomy. Also put a drain in until further notice. Back to antibiotics and pain medss. It's so strane tomorrow will have been 4 weks.
So now I have a right side capsulectomy and left sside not. I will update when my brain is less fuzzy. I hope some ot this made sense. Thank you all for the care. It means so much.xo

That previous update looks interesting. Apologies...

That previous update looks interesting. Apologies for the grammar demolition.
The Dr spoke to my husband after surgery, who was Not well medicated and this is what he said. The entire breast tissue is inflamed which then seemed to have caused the fluid which turned infected. Being he pegged my nature pretty quickly after meeting he asked my husband if I might have over done things too soon.
Yes, I have. But, I also mad one very very bad mistake when I made it to week three last Friday. I went out trying on some new sports bras. I pick one without front or back closures though. And I knew I had made a huge mistake before I ever finished getting it on. Dumb dumb dumb thing to do.
I also understand now, he didn't do a complete capsulectomy, he just scraped a bit of the calcified bits so it would adhere faster. He did this surgery for no charge.
My follow up is Tuesday.
Dr asked for me to please try to understand the healing for explant is not three weeks. Nor even three months. We need to heal a long time, inside. Painful lesson learned.

Early yesterday morning I took my sport bra off...

Early yesterday morning I took my sport bra off for the first time since I'd got home from surgery. I noticed a bloody discharge stain and didn't give it much thought. Pain meds I suppose. Husband came out in the morning and asked if I was ok. The discharge was on the wrong side of the bra. :(

He looked at my incision on the left side and saw it was seeping on the outer edge? I freaked a little. I thought it was healed shut. We called the Dr and he said he had not done a needle check during surgery on that side because I hadn't had any swelling or pain and he didn't want to cross contaminate if it didn't need draining. He said if you feel comfortable, take a q-tip and see if it will drain a bit more... Oh my Lord. We must have drained a good 1/3rd cup of fluid out of the left breast right through the incision line. Small bits of white scar tissue? calcium deposits? would block it and when husband would q-tip them out more and more fluid just streamed out.

Oy I was a mess. I was so scared. I was so afraid the whole incision was going to open... I baggied up all the discharge gauge pads and put them in the freezer. Will take them with on Tuesday just to let Dr decide if he wants to do Path on it or not. We just got done trying to drain more this morning and got about a tsp of clear discharge. So I think it's on the mend. If it hadn't seeped, for whatever reason, we would never have known any, much less so much fluid was also in that left breast. No sign it had been in there.

I am SOOOO going to take it easier this time around my house is going to look like I never clean! lol. Blessing to all here. What a journey we are all on! xo

I've been hesitant to update since things have...

I've been hesitant to update since things have really been unclear for me this past week. I am happy to say I I am on the road to healing, again. It's been a pretty terrifying week in general, and I'm having a hard time not going into major panic attacks and letting my mind go on a merry go round of fears.

It turns out I had \ have a staph tissue infection. I still have 2 balloon type drains in, plus Dr cut the stitch between the drains - so that is basically leaving me with the full incision open and draining still on my right side. At my appointment yesterday, he said if I had no improvement by Tuesday, another surgery and another tissue flush. - Thankfully, he also agreed to bombard me with an antibiotic cocktail and 36 hours into it, I think I may be coming through to the other side.

One thing I noticed here this past week; as wonderful, and I do mean wonderful, as RealSelf is, sometimes even with each others support, we feel very, very, alone and afraid. Still, I love coming here and reading all you ladies Posts and updates. Some make me smile, some make me wish we lived in a communal explant house. :)

I'll post one last time when I feel like I've past all the roadblocks to complete healing with an end result. Bless us all. xo

Thank you all for the encouraging support. I...

Thank you all for the encouraging support. I wasn't planning on updating again so soon. I just got back from another check-up. I was anticipating getting these drains pulled out and being able to begin healing; again.
No such luck. More antibiotics, and maybe next week the drains will get removed. Even then, the full incision, approximately 3 inches, will be left wide open to heal on its own so that it continues to drain as it closes itself. I foresee weeks of constant apprehension and fear ahead.

I felt a bit down in the dumps on the trip home today. One conclusion I came to - hind sight - and - personal experience - ; drains immediately after explant should be welcomed. I wonder how things may have been different if I had had them in right away. It's personally frustrating and sad that my anticipation to get closer to my Love is going to be on hold for months to come. I was looking forward to a cuddle. :/

But, I just read Mrs Wests update, and I so feel her pain. It's very disheartening when things don't come about right and we are in pain and uncertainty. I know I am not alone here, nor is she, or others of you suffering your own fears and uncertainties. Thank you all for your borrowed strength as women. We really are stronger together, than alone. Bless us all. xo

No end in sight. Only one drain removed from...

No end in sight. Only one drain removed from right breast.

Left breast still 'leaking' from incision and fluid still in the tumor pocket.

Both look, and feel, like they belong on separate bodies now.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who come here to share their journeys.

Blessings to all. xo

Hello ladies. I've been a miserable human being...

Hello ladies. I've been a miserable human being lately. :/

This morning Dr removed the last perma-stitch and the final drain from the right breast, and I felt much less grumpy within minutes. It has been a month with the drains and I am once again, Relieved. I will continue to drain naturally for a few more days until this last drain area heals on it's own. The drain hose was 5 or 6 inches up into the breast tissue and about 3/4 inch wide. So by the weekend I should be closing up. I still have about a week and a half until my antibiotics are gone and I should be done with those too.

The left incision is still leaking calcium bits and fluids. I don't know how long that can go on. It is keeping me hesitant because I don't know if I can get another infection in that side so long as there is an exposed area. Dr said today I can leave it to heal on its own, or go back in surgery for drain tubes in that side and go through another month of *ell. From reading here, it doesn't seem too 'rare' for incisions to remain leaking for a few months after surgery. I don't know. Right now I'm just confused, and too afraid of more problems down the road.

For today, I'm just happy to be more comfortable and for the most part, pain free. I am Thankful for this.

Stay strong in your journeys ladies. xo

I think this will be my last update. There's not...

I think this will be my last update. There's not much more I can offer as far as explant experience goes. What I am going through goes beyond that now.

Neither side of my incisions have healed yet, left side having been 8 plus weeks, and the right side, reopened 5 weeks plus ago is still seeping fluid and blood. I am still on antibiotics.I will never ever regret the explant, but, I would certainly have made other choices in how things were done. Hind sight, as always, is only that. Hind sight.

I will be forever grateful for RealSelf. The ladies here are strong, supportive, and so compassionate. Good luck to all of you in your journeys. Stay strong, and Bless us all. xo

Thanks for those of you concerned for my progress....

Thanks for those of you concerned for my progress. I didn't realize... I'm still struggling to heal. Calcium bits are still pushing out of the left incision and the right incision still has not closed completely. Some days are better than others.

For any ladies who have mentioned my journey causing them doubts, please, the implant removal was very much worth it. But it is so very very very important, to choose a well qualified physician. One who has experience in implants in general. One who has basic knowledge that things can go bad quickly, and act quickly to help rectify it. If you do your homework, unlike myself, you should get through it all just fine!

Blessing to us all. Happy 2013.xo

So ladies, All incisions are closed, and ... well....

So ladies, All incisions are closed, and ... well... yeah... new chapters begin. Who knew...

Woo Hoo !!


Thank you RS for everything. xo

Yup. :( The scar that was leaching off calcium...

Yup. :(
The scar that was leaching off calcium deposits abcessed and will have to be reopened and drains put in.

Will this journey ever end?

I so wish I had had the courage to say no all those years ago.

------------- Had the surgery this morning. This...

Had the surgery this morning. This time, the pain is almost unbearable. There was a lot of fluid build up and calcium deposits in the pocket of removed tissue. I didn't do as well on recovery today so I have had to have the meds changed. I had soaked through the dressings and my clothes before we even got home today.
I will know better where things are in a few days once the pain settles down. For now, I'm off to rest.

I'm headed for help.

Well ladies, almost 4 months after 3rd surgery and I'm just ending another round of antibiotics.
I'm sick, and no one seems to be able to identify now what's causing it. These aren't ghost symptoms, manifesting from all this stress. The symptoms are plenty real, but with no explanation or cause, showing up in blood work etc.
We have decided it's time I go to counseling. I cry almost at the drop of a hat anymore. I have so much anger and sadness locked inside me towards this Dr. that it haunts my every thought day and night. I feel so utterly betrayed. I feel so utterly stupid. This is a nightmare that still, has no end in sight.
Still, to all the ladies thinking about removal, it is 1000 percent worth it. But please, please, please, take your time, and find a very qualified Dr. Not just one you feel you connect with. That, is simply not enough. They have to have a provable track record of this specialty.
Haven't been here for some time, hope some of the gals from my time show up and update sometime.
Bless us all. xo

Almost 10 months out from first surgery

Almost 10 months from first surgery, and 5 months out from 3rd surgery. Counseling helped a lot in dealing with my anger towards the Dr and his staff. I still have trouble blaming myself for not being more proactive during the months of the open incision, but looking back clearheaded; I was so afraid, and on such head fogging meds for a long time... I'll never forget the importance of researching for a well qualified Dr again in my lifetime.

I'm still having serious discomfort and pain, some days worse than others. I have taken up walking again the past 3 weeks. I've been able to walk on a treadmill slowly working my way up to 2 miles a day again. I can see light at the end of this tunnel, FinallY! I expect it will be close to next spring before I feel reasonably strong again, like before removal, but I feel like I can get there now.

My arm strength is nil. Lol, which is so depressing. Everyday chores I've started doing again just seem to tear scar tissue and make my arms feel like jello. This is my first week of starting some gentle resistance training. Still, one day at a time and never giving up.

As far as breasts go, I love being implant free. The scars are big, and bad but I really don't mind them. It speaks a truth to all the pain this past year has been for me and my family. I have very little feeling in any area of the breast tissue at this point. After all the cutting and scrapping I don't know if I can expect this to change someday in the future or not. I don't really care though, they're free of toxic foreign objects and that's most important. My self image is great. I haven't felt this good about my physical appearance since before the implants were put in. Ever once in a while my husband and I admire the poor creatures and give them a gentle cuddle. :) It's a start. :)

It's been a long year. A hard year. But I have hope that the REST of my life, can only be so much better.

I haven't had any contact with the Dr. since mid-March when he suggested I take break from seeing him... I haven't decided yet if I'm going back for help with the remaining pain yet. I might find a different PS for that.

Thanks for all the concern and support Ladies. I could not have held it together nearly so well without you all, and RealSelf. Happy healing to all. Will check in again in a few months. xo

Oct will be a year out.

Well ladies, RealSelf, it's been a journey.

I'm starting to feel 'normal'. Whatever that means. My scars are finally healing nicely. I'm treading everyday 3-5 miles and feeling healthier every morning.

I love being implant free. I love going out in public now. Feel no embarrassment. I can wear real clothes, that fit. And there's a king bed in our house that I sleep in now. :) Jammie free. :)

Oh, and isn't hugging just the best thing in the world now!

Thank you so much for all your support here. I really think I'd have lost my mind without having all these journeys to share and learn from.

Bless - us - all ! xoxo - And the best of luck to all the ladies now, and in the future traveling this road.
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You are a courageous woman! My goodness! What a story! I wish you all the best!
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Thank you so much for sharing your story! 2nd littlehugger883!
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Wow. Your story brought me to tears. To hear your hope and then all the complications, fear filled painful months, and months, and months. God bless you! You are one tough cookie. I am hoping and praying that this will get to begin soooo deserve freedom from this nightmare. Bless your husband too, he is definitely your champion. xoxox
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I just read your story, sorry to hear about the rough road you've been on. You are a strong lady. I just wanted to share something.... If you would allowe me to.... There is a documentary its called "Hungry for change" I really recomend and encourage you to watch it.... I hape it of some sort of help....? But anyhow I wish you recover soon. And thanks for sharing your story.
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Thank you for your post. I reviewed your suggestion. Although I've had a reasonable healthy diet for some years, I finally chose to use the 'Daily Detox' tea therapy for a month. Within 10 days I was doing much better. I think the residual of all the anesthesia was clogging my blood. xo
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Thank you for your update. I'm truly sorry for all your negative feelings. That must be so exhausting. I hope you're able to get healthy and move past this. Virtual hugs!

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Thanks for the hug Angie, and all your support. xo
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Oh you poor thing, I feel really sad for you but glad that you felt ok about doing an update. I have thiught about you often and wondered how you are doing. Have your scars healed at all or are they still open and leaking?? I continue to have autoimmune symptoms and 6 months post op I am still unable to return to the job that I love. However I have no complaints about the size, shape or feel of my new boobies but I still have silicone in my body, I went to my local breast clinic a couple of weeks ago and they did a scan, they found 3 more siliconomas under my right arm. I did think that I had more because I do get bad pains there from time to time, I go back to see my surgeon in August so may see if she will remove at least the larger lump. Like you, I cannot say it often enough - implants need to come out at some point and when they do it is the best feeling ever. I too start to see a therapist in June as I feel the need to vent for the life/time that I have lost and maybe then I can finish my healing. Much love and big hugs to you. xxxxxxx
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Thank you Nerja. Please keep updating so we know you're doing ok. I do try to check in once in a while. Xo
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Hi Relieved 2012, how are you doing>????? xx
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Hello! I haven't checked in here for so long...! I'm on a mild pain medication again, although the drain has been out from this last surgery for a couple weeks now, I am still draining fluid. It builds up in the cavity of the missing tissue area, which was so large we have to gently drain it without doing more damage to the incision. The incision is still open in the area where the drain was, and my right side, from the 2nd surgery is just barely healed shut now. I'm still sleeping sitting up on the couch and to be honest, I'm an emotional wreck. I made so many poor, uninformed choices in this whole thing... I'm almost certain had I made more informed choices from the beginning, I could have been healed and this whole explant a distant memory by now. I hope you're doing well ! I'll go look over your profile and see. Thanks for checking in with me. xo
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Hello Relieved 2012, you poor thing! Please don't look back in hindsight---we can all do that. We all have so many regrets. You now have to look forward. Please hang in there. Maybe try to think or plan something in the future to look forward to. I know now you are stuck in a rut and cannot see your way out of this---I am a nurse and i see sinus/ cavity wounds all the time--like you say you have an empty cavity there so stuff will drain---to close can take many weeks--BUT it WILL stop eventually. Soooooo thinking of you xxx take care
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Thanks for the cheering. I'm patient. I was a nurse too, for years back before paper work and politics. :P . I think I'd be a lot worse off emotionally had I not had those years of experience. I'm just taking life one day at a time because it's all I can handle at the moment. Take good care of you too! xo
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Wow I just read your story and wanted to wish you speedy recover and send good thoughts your way. You are a very brave woman and i hope things have cleared up and settled for you by now.
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Thanks. I don't feel very brave. :/ Thank you for the good wishes. xo
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You ve been through so much. By the time you get this post things may be getting better. I m thinking of you and hope everything is ok. This is a wonderful site. Thanks for your honest experiences. Xxxxx from ireland
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I wonder often if I knew then, what I know now, would I still have chosen this time in my life to go through this. I had no idea 5 months later I'd still be feeling as bad as before beginning this journey. One thing I do enjoy at the moment though, I am Real. :) Thanks for your comment. xo
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thinking of you--i hope the pain is more bearable today xxx
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Thinking of you and praying that this is the end of all of your problems, my surgeon didn't use drains and even now at 10 weeks post op I have burning pain every day in my right breast. I am having a scan on Tues to see if there is anything going on in there as antibiotics and pain killers have made no difference at all. My implants were removed from behind my muscle and I keep wondering if there might be fluid building up in the cavity as my lymph nodes are enlarged on that side and ache sometimes. I will go back to see my surgeon on 26/2 with the results from the scan and hope that she can tell me that all is well and it's just post op nerve pain. I know that most women, especially you, are very strong but at times we wonder how much more can we tolerate. Hang in there and focus on your good health that will come very soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Sorry to hear your pain .I know were your coming from .I had mine taken out 11wks ago and I have been having pain in both breast but the rt one is leaking what looks like motor oil out of the nipple it is sticky and thick but has no smell so that is a good sign I guess but I go to my PS tomorrow since I have not seen him since he removed them.
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Hi, hope that you have luck with ur ps tomorrow. I went for my scan today and was told that there are no swollen lymph nodes under my right arm, this seems odd as I could feel it just before I went into the room. I was told the same thing last year and then my operating surgeon took out a really big one!! I just feel that I am taking steps back instead of moving forward :-( Hopefully we will look back in a couple of months and just be amazed at how far we have come. Let us know how you get on.xx
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I know what you mean .I got so tired of going 3 times a wk to do that stupid machine that did nothing I still had to have surg that was so painful cause all he gave me was Novocaine shots around the nipple to num me and I felt every cut he did and when he cut CC he cut a band that went across and I freaken screamed like crazy and my body started to shake and they strapped down my legs and hands .And after that torch er my hair started to fall out like as if I was going thur kimo and I went to see my regular Dr and they checked everything and I told him what happened and he said that was the cause of my hair fall the trauma I went thru so my husband bought me Biotin and my hair has grown back TG for that.But my rt breast looks so lil because he cut so much tissue out that I hate it but my body just would not take to the implant on that side only the left was great but the rt nothing but trouble .I had the whole mommy make over boy what a mistake that was.I REGRET WHAT I DID.If I were asked I would say don't do it.
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Thank Nerja1. It has certainly been a trial. I do try to always find a positive in it though, and the one super big positive I keep having run through my head is thank the good Lord I had this done now. Every year that goes by after I hit 50 I feel I m not as strong at bouncing back from injuries or even colds. I can't even imagine having to have gone through all these surgeries in my 60's or 70's! I am going over to read your update now and see how you are doing. I am 4 months out from initial explant; and 3 months out from first capsulectomy. I could have crocheted a heck of a 'Memory blanket' by now. :) Take good care. I hope you're doing better! xoxo
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so sorry to hear of all the complications. I hope all works out for you; Sending prayers your way.
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Thank you! :)
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