Tummy tuck 4 months ago tummy still not flat. I go...

Tummy tuck 4 months ago tummy still not flat. I go in to see my ps and she says I gained 6lbs and that's why my tummy is not flat. This is a mess I pay good money for a flat tummy. Sometimes you don't get what you think you will.. Now I'm looking at more surgery to fix this hot mess.. Ive been looking around to find another dr to see what can be done to get my tummy flat.

Girl, I know how you feel. Check out my picture and story. I am scheduled for a revision with my PS in January. 6 lbs should not have taken away so much of your results that you don't have a flat tummy. I see many women on here and I know some have lost and gained weight but they still are fat. Is your doctor not willing to work with you at all? Try writing to her or asking for another consult and sit down and tell her that you are not satisfied and that she should care about that. See if she will work with you on the Lipo. Don't give up! Also, one thing to consider is that at 4 months, believe it or not but you can still have a bit of swelling. Are you wearing your compression garment still?
Im sorry to hear you are not happy with your results. I am also having a similar experience. I am about 10 weeks po. At around 6 weeks po, I was seeing awesome results and pretty happy. It was short lived, by about 8 weeks, my upper abdomen starting bulging out farther than before I had surgery. I questioned my doc, he said the same thing....that I needed to watch my diet, and that I was gaining weight. What??? I was not overweight before had, and haven't been told I needed to loose weight....ever. I am wearing the same size in everything than before I had weight, but this week, my lower abdomen started 'falling' out again, just like before i had surgery. My doctor has been unhelpful, telling me it is 'normal' for this, 'normal' for that, whenever I had a question. For me, none of this is normal. I picked a doctor in an affluent area, thinking he would really be professional. Instead, he treats me like everything that has happened is normal....even the hole I had in my incision that has just healed this week. For me, I am also so disappointed. I have saved for this surgery my entire adult life.....and to go through the pain and healing process, to not be happy with the result is awful. I feel like an idiot, dont' even want to bring anything up with my doctor....and cannot afford to have this redone! I hope you get the answers and results you are looking for!!!
Awww Jolie, I totally feel you. I had to basically beg my surgeon to fix my results. She was trying to tell me I looked good too but I have seen way too many success stories on here and way too many good results that I knew mine was not typical or normal. Some doctors don't want to admit they missed the mark. I told her look, I understand that sometimes things just don't work as planned, but in those times, you need to work with the patient and fix them. I would keep pressing him and let him know that you are not happy and its your opinion that should matter. I felt the same way. I had no money and this was the only time we had that kind of extra money to do something for me like that and to go through all that pain and healing and depression to only still have a stomach that bothers you is frustrating as hell! I hope that you can convince your doctor to do something for you cause I know how you feel. Do you have any before/after pics?

I do see some results but I'm still not flat I...

I do see some results but I'm still not flat I start the day off somewhat flat... I would love to be able to look down and see the girl without holding in my tummy... Lol. I've been out buying new under wear and I must say I can now wear a size 7 so That's good news. Go back to the dr in jan so for now I'm gonna try and lose them 6lbs hopeful it will make a difference I'm trying to get my sexy little tummy on so if this mess don't get any better soon I'm going to go get lipo..
Hey Missy. I too think I have gained a few pounds but I do not think that 5 pounds should make that kind of difference.. but I NEVER was flat so I know that for sure that I didn't just have that result either. I just wasn't motivated to work out and maintain with the way I looked afterwards. I just look swollen and it never really went away. It is still alittle less in the morning but I can't believe that 5-6 pounds can make or break a truly good result.
Hi ladies.. I am only about 2 1/2 wks post op. I have many concerns and I am actually very disappointed with my ps at this point. I only had a tummy tuck because I lost 300 lbs and had a lot of excess skin. I noticed my "bulge" about a week ago and my husband said he is starting to get concerned about it. It looks like I have a mini basketball in my under my breasts. As far as my results I'm not sure if I am happy because while there is definitely a huge difference and I no longer have "rolls" I am not completely flat. I am not sure if it's just swelling still. I kind if feel like I should just shut up and be happy. Also I still can not fit into my clothes and I have actually lost weight since the surgery. Advice please? Signed, confused.
Penny, Sounds like you have a seroma. I had swelling above my BB in the same area and my PS said it was a seroma and drained it. He laughed and said it was unusual but some women get a seroma above the BB not below. Please go to your surgeon asap.

Well I'm at 6 months now and my tummy is not flat....

Well I'm at 6 months now and my tummy is not flat.. I feel so sad and asham to even tell anyone about my Tt.. Before my surgery and a couple of weeks after that's all I could talk about I told everybody and anybody bout my Tt.. Now I feel like I got taken for a ride one that cost a lot of money my dr say because I gain 6 lbs my tummy will not be flat.... Well I wish she would give me a refund or something somedays when I look at my tummy I just want to cry.. Is there anybody out there who understands?
Yes Missy, I DO know how you feel. I don't talk about my TT either. The only saving grace I have is that I had the procedure together with some other ones so everyone doesn't think I just had that done. I would be feeling the same as you if I did. Are the pics you have posted your PO photos? Can you post your Pre-op ones? No matter how big you were though, you should have a better result than what you have. What does your doctor say when you try and talk to her about doing a revision? Did she assure you that you would be flat ever during your appointments and/or recovery?
My pictures before was a hot d mess there's no way I would let anyone see them pics... Girl I had it bad I would never let my hubby see my tummy I would always wear big shirts to hide it.. And he would always say that I was just fine and he loved me no matter what. Well I wasn't tryn to hear all that I wanted my sexy back and so help me come hell or high water I'm gone get it.. When I seen my dr a couple of weeks ago she said because I gained 6 little a.. Lbs and that's why my tummy is not flat... Yea it sounded crazy to me too. So she said for me to lose the weight and come back in jan and we will go from there.. Sometimes I think something came apart or I'm just still dealing with swell hell....And I just started ad workout because sometimes I still have pain..... Maybe it's my fault I was not paying attention to what I was eating but now I'm doing much better.. I'm tryn to look good for a New Year's Eve party...
Sorry missy. I asked my doc about weight gain at my appt today, I am one month out, he suggested a 5-10 either way should have no effect. Could you still have swelling? Were you flat immediately after your surgery?

Updated pictures.... 12-17-2012. And starting a...

Updated pictures.... 12-17-2012. And starting a diet on 12-19-2012
I'm sorry to hear of your exerience, I really think you should reveal the dr's name so others are aware. We are a close community and this is part of the process of many ladies research as no one would like to go to a dr with bad results and no follow up. I understand your frustration. I did not annouce my tt to anyone and if I did I would feel the same way you do! If another procedure makes you happy, do it! That's what you wanted in the first place.

Well hello everybody I am so happy to say that I...

Well hello everybody I am so happy to say that I am going to have more surgery to remove some fat from my tummy.... My ps dr say its only a little and the surgery will last only a hour... hey! I'm just trying to get my sexy tummy on just in time for the summer... Also my dr say I lost 4 more lbs I would be happy if I could get down to 140. Weight lost and surgery is not easy sometimes I hear people say that surgery is the easy way out They just wish they could get it....lol. There is nothing easy about surgery and if someone think that it is well then something is really wrong upstairs...lol. Ladies wish me good luck....
Best wishes!!
This doctor should definitely be revealed. It seems as though s/he did nothing but cut off skin and sew you back together. This is NOT the result of weight gain. Are you going to let them do another procedure on you? Lipo may make the skin hang again. What will you do if that happens? Please let us know who this was.

Going for tummy and love handle lipo on feb.14...

Going for tummy and love handle lipo on feb.14 2013... I am so happy just can't wait to see my hot new body. Not really looking forward to the pain but us ladies do what's needed to stay nice and tight.. This time around I will be eating better and doing more exercise. Wish me good luck
Did you have any lipo or musle tightening? It looks like you could have had much better results if she had lipo'd your flanks. Who is your Dr?

Going for tummy lipo feb 14 2013.... Wish me a...

Going for tummy lipo feb 14 2013.... Wish me a speedy recovery

Well it's the day of my tummy lipo 530a in the...

Well it's the day of my tummy lipo 530a in the morning and I'm up curling my hair funny rite. With all the things going on today I guess I say the one thing I will control today will be my hair...lol. My surgery is at 730 yea hours away and I'm cool and calm wow... Lol one reason I am ok bout this ous because my dr and staff is the best and I have been praying and I feel pretty good bout it all.. My husband on the other hand is a worried mess and my 10 year old just ask questions and that's good... My mother I. Law will be stayi g with us to help out .... She is the best.... Ok need to finish my hair and get ready to go .... I will post pics later... Wish me good luck
Wishing you all the best!
I'm hoping if your using the same dr that you aren't paying for today's services since your tt didn't work. Good luck. I pray you get the results your wanting
If you're reading these comments, I just want to wish you good luck. You must have A LOT of confidence in this doctor to go back a second time.

Hi everybody I made it lipo of the tummy and sides...

Hi everybody I made it lipo of the tummy and sides two days ago and I feel fine... The only part I did not like was waking up from the anesthesia but once I got that out my system I was good I only had to take a extra Tylenol.. My surgery was Thursday and today is Saturday and I'm up cooking and doing my hair.... Let it be told a tummy tuck is much harder the recovery and all it was for me anyway.. The lipo alone was so much easier...but please know their are many risk with any surgery and if anyone is thinking bout doing this please think serious because it affects everyone in ur family... With all that said I know it's gone be some time before I see my true results..... But I would never do this again..... Took my shower today and changed my dressing everything looks good I'm on the right track..... I will post pics later....

Lipo of the tummy and sides its been two days now...

Lipo of the tummy and sides its been two days now.... And I got swell hell to the fullest.....Lol

Feb 18 2013 four days out from my tummy lipo and I...

Feb 18 2013 four days out from my tummy lipo and I am still very much swollen.. I went out today for movies at block buster. For the first couple of minutes on my feet was ok and then back pain leg pain and yes swollen feet... Just needed to get out the house for a little while bad move on my part so I get home walking bent over like something out of a scary movie....lol. Really not funny but siting in the house was bout to drive me crazy oh yea the ride in the car at first was ok for the first 20 minutes or so and then it hurt so bad. So I think I. Done with car rides at lease until my dr appointment Friday thats when the dr gone take my stitches out I have five small incisions... I will post more pics soon...
Hey hun, I am so glad you were able to get the lipo. I truly hope you get the results you deserved this time. Did you have to pay for the procedure or did your PS do it as a revision? Can't wait to see how you progress. I had a bad TT too and had lipo and a scar revision done after the fact. I am STILL recovering believe it or now. I am still very sore on my sides but I definitely look sooo much better and like you said, it still takes a few months to see the full result. I will keep my eyes on your progress! Take it easy :-)

Well today Im going for my 1 week check up also to...

Well today Im going for my 1 week check up also to have my stitches removed I'm a little nervous about that. me and any kind of pain do not mix...lol I got the nerve up to look at my incision site and its only 5 small cuts ... I need to chill right ...lol. So I will post pic later on .... Thanks for all the support By the way things are looking good :)

Ok I'm back from my dr appointment and guess what...

Ok I'm back from my dr appointment and guess what taking out the stitches did not hurt. I'm Such a big (baby) lol... Anyways the nurse says I'm doing good the only thing is I'm SO SWOLLEN I feel I look like mrs puff on sponge bob..... Lol Hey is there anybody out there that understand this swell hell stuff and any tricks to get rid of it would be helpful .. Just can't wait for my final results.... I guess all good things come to those who wait but hey I want my sexy right now... Pics later

Full Tt July 2012 and tummy lipo 2-14-2013 and my...

Full Tt July 2012 and tummy lipo 2-14-2013 and my tummy is not flat. what more can I do to get a flat tummy? And yes I have been doing my tummy exercise everyday and I have been eating healthy as well..

Picture update 4-7-2013

Picture update 4-7-2013
Sorry to hear about your story

Hi ladies.. Today I got some very good news my...

Hi ladies.. Today I got some very good news my insurance is going to pay for my breast reduction.... I am so happpppy I was dancing around the house... good bye to these big hanging pounds of a hot d mess... And hello to some hot sexy head turning breast.. I look forward to the day when I can buy hot sexy little shirts and sexy bra's... Looking to have my surgery in the next two or three weeks.... Any info on a breast reduction would be helpful....

Going for BR 8-16-2013.

Everyday I'm thinking about my surgery.. I've been getting things in order around the house I've been buying extra food so the house is well stocked. My mother in law will be coming to stay to help with whatever is needed. Just wish it could be done sooner... I guess I should be happy to have the summer to play.....lol the dr. That is doing my surgery is dr. Kongkrit chaiyasate here in Michigan ...

Still working on my body

Tummy tuck 7-2012 butt injects 7-2012 2-2013 back lipo 2-2013 tummy lipo and now I'm going for a BR 8-2013.
I had my reduction in 2011, best thing ever, I wasn't an any pain at all, but the tubes sucked, It took a while, likes months before I could sleep with no bra, but worth the wait. I have young girl breasts now, lol stay strong

Getting ready for breast reducation

Going for BR aug 16 getting things ready getting the house ready making sure I have all the items needed for a good recovery... Just wish I could move the time up for my surgery... But all and all I'm feeling pretty good and looking forward to a pain free sexy new me...lol

Breast reduction here I come

Going for BR surgery aug 16 and I've been out shopping getting things ready. I look forward to being pain free and to have sexy breast again. I only wish I could get it done sooner well like they say good things come to those who wait...lol

Stock the house....

The items I have for my BR surgery... Kleenex, dial soap, Tylenol, laxatives, neosporin, paper tape, cotton balls, cleansing cloths, gauze pads, vitiam e oil, ice pack, heat pad, oral thermometer, blood pressure kit, lotion, button down shirt, surgical bra's, sports bra's,really cool pj's, coffee for nausea, camera, and now my food list....cream of wheat, frosted wheat, raisin brand, jello, pudding, apple sauce,fresh fruit, smoothie, protein shakes, cheese it's, Popsicles, ice cream, salmon, tuna fish, lean turkey, soup, pineapple juice, water, cranberry juice, Gatorade, lemon water, green tea, yogurt, and any helpful tips are welcome..

New pics 7-18-2013

Pictures pictures

Pic update...... Pic update.....

I had my Tt 7 -2012 and in 2-2013 I had tummy lipo.. And now I'm looking to have more work done on my tummy.. It seems like I have extra skin and fat.. the extra skin on my tummy needs to be removed and fat . I need side lipo and back lipo of the back rolls or even to have the extra skin removed on my back.. The fat just seems to keep coming back .....
OMG! we are going throught the same thing! Our body look totally alike and it was surprising to me. My ps said weeks after my tt that i would c my results after 6 months- it was just swelling, im still fat and round-stomach area. I paid 7k too and Im hurt. I havent gained any weight so im wondering if he will tell me the same thing at my next visit. My stomach is still sitn over my cooch and i am disappointed. My boyfriend told me to speak up bc my ps wants 3900 for revision. wth! I just spent 7k on the same look I had at 1st.. Girl i want to cry because I had to put my kitchen remodel on hold to have this procedure done. I c improvement but its not what i wanted nor ask for. i want to cry because Im afraid of paying and getting the same results
Are you planning a revision or going to a different PS? I want to go to Duran in the DR because I know that she will hook up my extra areas that I want lipoed! Girl she would make you soooo flat!


Going for more tummy lipo and extra skin removal and back lipo and butt injects..
I'm going back to dr. Michelle Hardaway... I'm having tummy lipo / side lipo and tummy skin tighting.....
Oh ok
I can not to wait to see your pictures after lipo, l need want too, planning for summer, God be with you and keep us update. :-)

More tummy work in the New Year.....

I just don't know what's going on with my body my tummy just seems to just wanna do its own thang,, well I'm not having that...lol I'm gone get and keep me a SEXY HOT tummy so help me...lol. I'm all healed up from my BR surgery and the girls are looking so HOT my doctor is pleased with everything and my recovery has been the best,,, I don't go back to see my BR doc for one year and yes I'm good to go on my tummy AGAIN..,lol. Will update after my visit with the Tt doc

Tummy fat please...... BE GONE!!!!

I go on the 15th to see about MORE tummy lipo and skin tighting and maybe MORE butt injects with my own fat.. The 15 just can't seem to get here fast enough...lol


Ok... Im going for vaster liposuction of the back with tapering of the hips, liposuction of the tummy and sides,,, my supply's needed gloves, bio-oil, gauze pads, I still have a lot of items left over from my BR surgery back in October so I don't have to buy much this time around,,,, got my food list in order applesauce, soup, jello, pudding, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, yogurt, protein shakes, cream of wheat cereal, smoothie, crackers, Popsicles, greens, fish, salads, lean turkey, lean chicken, pineapple juice, water, tea,
I've been reading that to keep a flat tummy and a small waist is to wear your pressure garment 24-7 After your Tt or tummy lipo. From reading some of the girls stories and they have FABULOUS results some of the girls say to keep going down in smaller sizes with your garments and this Will help keep things TIGHT and RIGHT... And of course to eat HEALTHY MEALS and EXERCISE everyday.. So I'm gonna give it a try if it has worked for them it can work for me :)


This is crazy what is your plastic surgeon saying about your results it does even look like u had a TT he tighten your muscles?? I'm sorry u went thru this madness
Right libra love it don't look like she had anything done!! I don't even see scars!!
Omg good luck on your journey. I would have been beyond possession and I don't think that I could have goneback to the same doctor. That's very unfortunate. Wishing you the best.


Ladies,,,, I do not blame the doctor I blame Myself for not eating healthy and exercising like I should of, my tummy was flat for a short period of time but due to my eating pizza chips and everything else the fat came back. So I've cleared all the junk food out of my life and now it's on to a new healthy me..
LET THE COUNT DOWN BEGAIN..... Three weeks and five days.... :)
Ladies I do not blame the doctor for my weight coming back, I can only blame myself do to my poor eating and not exercising enough my weight came back and I can only point the finger at me, let this be a lesson to all if you don't follow your doctors orders you will not have a good result..
but how long did it take for your weight to come back? I ahd my surgery March 6, 2014 and all my weight is basically all the way back already! i go see doctor tomorrow i hope she sy she can do a revision.. did she do your first surgery? how much she charge you for your revision? and was it cheaper than the first time around


Let the countdown began 3 weeks and 5 days... Going for pre-op Thursday 23 surgery instructions, medical video, take care of paper work, get prescriptions, go over medical history, ect...
Ok I've been out shopping getting ready for my surgery, just picked up a few things, gloves, 4x4 gauze pads, neosporin, bio-oil, cotton balls, Q-tips, band aids, I have lots of supply's left over from my BR surgery,,, and my food list soup, crackers, jello, yogurt, smoothies, protein shakes, veggies, fruit, Popsicles, applesauce, pineapple juice, ginger ale, Gatorade, greentea, water.. Pre-op tomorrow so I'm sure that I'll be picking up more stuff...lol


Ok, I've been out shopping getting ready for my surgery feb 13 2014, :) and I just picked up a few things...lol powder free and latex free gloves, 4x4 gauze pads, neosporin, bio-oil, cotton balls, Q-tips, band aids,,,, I have lots of items left over from my BR surgery back in October,,, and the food that I picked up soup, crackers, jello, yogurt, smoothies, protein shakes, veggies, fruit, applesauce, pineapple juice, ginger ale, Gatorade, green tea, water, my pre- op is tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be picking up some more items,, I will update after my appointment tomorrow.. :).

PRE-OP... No more dinner rolls on my back....lol

Going for EKG and blood work, getting prescriptions filled, I'm sooooooo ready for surgery... Liposuction of the tummy, sides, liposuction of the back, tapering of the hips, 3 more weeks and counting!!!!!!!
I read your post about taking all the junk food out of your life...I lost 110 lbs on Weight Watchers and during that whole timeframe (2 years), I allowed myself cheat days. I had to! To this day, I have kept it all off and that's with allowing cheat days every couple weeks. It gives you something to look forward to. Good luck on your journey!!
Thanks AmyS33... Great info I will give it a try :)

18 DAYS.... 21 HOURS.... 49 MINUTES..... :)

Just keeping up with time..... Lol


My story continues on my vaser liposuction page.. :)
Did your scar go away too?? Because I don't see it??
How is your healing! Your tummy is flat as u wish? Good luck

My new ASSSS pics......

Surgery was April 15 butt injects, back liposuction, tummy liposuction, tapering of the hips.... Things are Looking Great
Hey did u go back for breast reduction or lift? I can't find too many pics on her work
Hey did u go back for breast reduction or lift? I can't find too many pics on her work
Hey ur ass looks great! !! He took out a lot of the bumpyness.... loving ur results girly..
Dr. Michelle Hardaway

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