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I am ready! I am ready for being able to feel...

I am ready! I am ready for being able to feel better and ready to move better. I am 19 years old and in college. My major is dance and my chest is holding me back from dancing and many other things I am doing or plan to do in life. As mentioned above I am a 32E. To dance (Jazz, Ballet, Modern etc...), I wear a normal tight fitting bra and a sports bra. And I don't think I need to go on about the neck and shoulder pain (we can all relate!). My older sister has had a reduction and I decided that I am ready for one too. It sucks not being able to breath with so many binding things around my ribs!

My general doctor recommended me to Dr. Freed in Auburn, CA. My first visit with him was amazing. They took me right in and he sat down and told me to tell him about myself and why I wanted this surgery. After I nervously rambled on, he started talking and answered every question I had. And when he was showing me how the surgery was going to be performed I could actually visualize what I might look like afterwards. It made me very excited and reassured that I wanted this surgery.

The way he said he was going to perform the surgery is to cut the skin around the areola then take a "cookie-cutter" and cut a hole approximately 21cm from my collar bone. Then the areola gets pushed under the bridge of skin up to the new hole. Then he would cut a pie kind of shape from the new location of the areola, take all of the tissue from between the two cuts and bring them together. He said the only scars I will have will be about an inch under my breast then a line coming down from the areola. Cool, right?!

After he left my mom and I (she came with me) went to a room where the receptionist sat down with us and talked to us about all of the financial business. I do not have insurance so I am going to have to pay out of pocket about $6700. It is a big decision. But I am ready for the other BIG problems to be solved :)

My surgery is going to be on December 27th. I had to choose it so far off because I am at college in a different city then where I live. I also have 5 weeks off for Winter break so I thought it would be a perfect time range to let me heal! I wouldn't have to take any school off or much dance off :)

And just to keep this updated I will probably write something once a week about what I am excited for or what I am NOT going to miss. :)

Thats fantastic I look forward to reading your updates!!

Welcome KB! It is great that you are going to be able to schedule this around your winter break!
Thanks! Dr. Freed and his staff are so kind to let me plan everything around my school schedule :)

Something I am not going to miss: Getting crumbs...

Something I am not going to miss: Getting crumbs down my cleavage! Happens too often haha

Haah! I know I was so surprised the first time I was eating in the car post-op and a tomato fell out of my chicken sandwich and landed on my....wait for it....LAP! I have ruined many shirts, but don't think I had ever spilled anything on my pants before! That was awe-some!

School has been keeping me very very very busy! (I...

School has been keeping me very very very busy! (I also wrote this last night and pressed submit and it disappeared...) Anyways, guess what? ONE month and seventeen days! Last night, I had a dream that I had the surgery and I didn't look any different. Like he didn't take enough off! Also, a couple weeks ago, I had a dream that my breasts were getting so big they were hanging down to the top of my pants at the belt. I think my brain is mentally preparing myself for the surgery!

So here are a few things I will NOT miss:
-Rashes on the sides of my boobs from chaffing.
-Feeling insecure in tight shirts
-Not finding bras that don't fit (I am trying not to go bra shopping because it is so close! But all of my bras are giving out :/)
-Two words: Double Boob.

If any of you ladies have anything that you don't/aren't going to miss please feel free to add on! I would love any input :) I do have those days were I get really nervous about the surgery! I keep reminding myself how comfortable I will feel afterwards and that helps :)

Thinking about you this morning:)

Thank you so much :) I really appreciate it!
Hi KB, My name is Shelby. I just turned 20, (I almost typed I'm also 19. Still not used to saying 20 :) This past May, I had my reduction from Dr. Freed. We sound pretty similar in why we are having the surgery. It's so hard to be so young & want to wear cute clothes, dance, not hate bra shopping, feel more secure, not have crumbs go down clevage, lol. If you have any questions about Dr. Freed or anything else, please feel free to e-mail me at shelbymvanhorn@gmail.com I hardly ever update my blog here anymore. My pictures are from just a few weeks post op, and I look a lot different now. I was a 32 DD/E (right in between) and now I'm about a 32 small C. As far as the surgery, Dr. Freed is amazing. The surgery center is so comfortable and both the nurses and Dr. Freed are so nice. He prays with you before surgery and makes you feel very comfortable. As far as pain, I did really well. I think it was a mix between Dr. Freed taking excellent care of me and also me having the mindset of not wanting to be sick and tired and weak. I was literally at the movies the same night. Not saying that's a great idea, but definitely get up, walk around, take ten deep breaths every hour. Oh and another thing.. you have to wait 24 hours to take showers, but definitely shower as often as you can after. It made me feel so much better and more alive. You'll have two tubes after, and a really good trick to take care of those when taking a shower is to loop a dish towl around your neck and clip them to the towl. It hurts badly if you don't because they WILL drop and fall and feel like they're coming out of your skin. You won't be able to wash your own hair either. I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend not care about how I looked and he would get in the shower and wash my hair for me, but you can also have someone do it in the sink. More on the pain - I have a high intolerance for pain killers, so I only took one of the prescription ones. Motrin worked pretty well and I took those for a couple days. I was pain free for a month, and then I got an infection which was awful, but I'm assuming that was my fault for exposing myself to the lake too early. When I called Dr. Freed's office that day, he was booked solid and they still fit me in within an hour, so it's good to know that if something is wrong and you're hurting, they get you in. I'm trying to think of what else to tell you and I can't think of much more. It was one of the best decisions of my life. I've never been able to wear cute clothes and bras, and feel so free. My back doesn't hurt any more, and even with the scars, I feel much more attractive. Dr. Freed did my incisions differently than how it sounds like he will do yours. I have two small scars around my aerolas which you can hardly see because they blend right in, two vertical scars, and two under. They're kind of like the horizontal scars you've probably seen in pictures, but they are only about an inch while most of them go much further out. They have faded a lot, but they still have a long way to go. They're still red. But the freedom I got from the surgery is completely worth it. If you have any questions, want to see pictures, or anything at all, please email me! shelbymvanhorn@gmail.com GOOD LUCK! :)

I am home and feeling wonderful and happy!! Thank...

I am home and feeling wonderful and happy!! Thank you ladies for thinking of me and I will update more when I don't feel as out of it from the pain meds haha but it went really well! And it can only get better from here :) I can already tell this is the best decision I've made!
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