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I have just gotten 2 bridges and 20 crowns done. I...

I have just gotten 2 bridges and 20 crowns done. I first got the bottom done and then the top all in 6 weeks. In the past I have had horrible jaw trauma and I am also a teeth grinder and clencher, so my teeth were paper thin and chipping of left and right. I went in only wanting my 6 top front teeth done and was told that it could not be done unless my bite was fixed. I then got the news that every single tooth would need a crown and that I would also need a gingivectomy to shorten my gums to make the new crowns in front look longer and I also got the PRICE :0 $18,000. We are a one income (at the moment) Military family and that was alot of money, but my husband being the man he is wanted me to have the teeth, took out a loan half from the bank and half from care credit. They said the bottom would be the worst pain and the longest part. It took 5 hours. I went home with my temp (1 long temp covering all the bottom teeth) had pain for maybe 5 days, then everything was fine. Went back got the permanents piece of cake!! 2 weeks late back for the top t be done took 4 hours was less bothersome that bottom but after OMG I thought I was going to die. For 2 weeks I was in extreme pain 24 hours a day. I was given pain meds 12 pills 2x so lasted 6 days went back to them 2x crying in pain and he had the gall to tell me I am imagining the pain and gave me a prescription for Valium. I thought okay maybe I am imagining the pain, so as soon as I felt pain coming back I took one but just as I had suspected it was pain not anxiety. I was also told by the dental assistant to take 6 extra strength Tylenol and it would take a way the pain, and there started a whole other forward 4 days and 56 tylenol later I am at the urgent care getting my blood drawn to make sure i don't have liver damage. Doc gave me an antibiotic and Naproxen and within 12 hrs I felt better. Why could't the dentist have given me an anti inflammatory and antibiotics? So we are now almost up to date. So 5 days ago I went in to get my perms put on. I asked and asked if they thought I needed root canals and was told we will see later. I tried to ask why not now but was then shot up with tons of novacaine. So now my teeth are in my 10 crowns and my 4 piece bridge which was put in with permanent cement. They look amazing!! My problem now is the right side closes the left side does not touch at all. I told him that and he tried telling me it's because I have more teeth on the right side which is correct but not the cause. He filed down my bottom crowns (which are now sore) and a little bit of the uppers but still nothing. He then told me I will need another adjustment and to come back in a few days. It's been 4 now and my appt is tomorrow and I am stressed out and nervous because I don't want him to file the bottom ones anymore and he needs to polish up the ones he did file last time because they are rough. I am happy with the appearance but now my jaw hurting my tmj disorder feels worse the ringing in my ears is louder and my teeth do not touch. If I could do this over i would have gotten a second opinion and researched it online more. This was a lot of money to spend to have a dentist treat you like an idiot and not to have your teeth fit in your mouth. I am hopeful tomorrow I will be able to stand up for myself and to have a positive outcome. Again I want to say the teeth are so pretty but I probably would have to say the comfort is more important to me.


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The office staff is incredible, kind and patient. I feel the dentist bit off more than he could chew being the only dentist in a busy practice. I thought I needed a lot more of his time than I actually got especially paying the amount of money we did. Don't get me wrong the teeth are beautiful, incredible. My problem is with the aftercare and how I was not listened to and the pain I went through and how it was addressed.

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Any dentist who recommends a complete over haul is your clue to get a second opinion. A bite issue is often made worse by poorly designed crowns. A busy dentist likely did not have the time to actually evaluate your bite to make sure the crowns fit into the puzzle. People with bite issues are DEPENDENT on misplaced teeth and I have noticed that dentists will place crowns where they think they should be instead of where your mouth demands them to be because of bite issues.
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Its all about the bite!! When doing a reconstructon, bite management is very important. While your new crowns, look nice, your jaw, muscle and teeth relationship in not balanced, leading to TMJ issues. this will get worse over time, leading to headaches, ringing in the ears, neck pain and a variety of other ailments.I would recomemd finding a neuromuscular dentist in your area, who can help you with your discomfort. You can go to to find a neuromuscular dentist. I hope this helps. Andrew Rudnick DMD, FICOI
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Hi Trinity138, I am so glad to have found your experience on here. I have looked all over the web for an experience close to mine. I suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting) through out my 2 pregnancies, many hospital stays for fluids and IV nutrients. Still suffered Post pardum Cardio myopathy with congestive heart failure after my second little girl was born, due to this illness. I have fully recovered but all of the vomiting throughout two pregnancies left ALL of my teeth severely worn. I have no enamel left on my teeth and could not longer eat anything but soft foods. So, As a disabled veteran that is dentally connected the VA is paying for a full mouth reconstruction. The procedure began last Saturday with a wonderful dentist that the VA uses Locally. She is quite young and this is her first full mouth reconstruction. My bite had fully collapsed so she built up my back teeth with resin for two weeks to allow my jaw to get used to the new space. That didn't hurt my jaw is ready to be open again, LOL. The Saturday appointment lasted 6 hours, 14 Novocain shots(it wears off faster on me) and 16 crown preps(ALL of my back teeth) at the end when applying the temps I needed more shots but refused, I was in tears, my hair was soaked. She helps me to my car and I am on my way home. My Mouth was so swollen and of course I am having trouble talking. I am in so much pain they gave me 30 pain pills, and they are half gone. I am 5 days post op and still can not sleep more than 4-5 hours, when the meds wear off I am woken up with the throbbing/pounding in my mouth. Please tell me this gets better? I get the permeant 16 crowns Next Saturday. Next, Dec. 29th the front 12 teeth will be prepped in the same way along with crown lengthening surgery on the top front gums as to have more to attach the front crowns to and make them stronger. I am terrified of the pain. My mother will be visiting and going with me and she has been as RN for 35 years and says she will NOT see me suffer and that we will not be leaving the dental office without a Rx for more pain pills that are stronger that what they gave me this time around because those barley touched my pain. Please, Please tell me how long you were in excruciating pain for, so I can have some idea of when this is going to end. Thank you do much for your time. Jenn

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Hi Jenn :) So sorry to hear how much pain you are in :( My pain lasted almost 2.5 weeks. I was given 12 pain pills at first then 24 more within about I took about 6 a day and was still not in any better shape. So I went back to the dentist for the 3rd time and he tried to tell me it was all in my mind and that I was just anxious so he gave me a prescription for valium...needless to say it was not anxiety it was pain and the valium did not help. I was told by a dental assistant while I was there that if I took 6 extra strength tylenol it would help the pain. I asked her if I was to take them all at once she said yes so I did, this was on a friday and my pain was only being relieved by takeing the tylenol every 3 to 4 hours so by the end of the weekend I had taken 62 tylenol and then had to go to the urgent care because my husband was worried that I had taken way too many (which I had!) To shorten this up my liver and blood work as good he gave me an antibiotic and naproxen and I felt 80% better the next day. Why the dentist never thought to give me an antibiotic or prescription strength anti-inflammatory I don't know. If your dentist won't do anything go to your doctor. I hope you feel better soon. I don't think I have ever been in that much pain for such a long period of time. Good luck :) oh btw my husband is still active duty so the dental insurance covered 1,300 we covered 17,000 (gonna be payin my teeth off forever!)
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Thank you so much for getting back with me. I have Rx strength Motrin and I am feeling better from the first surgery. Just so worried about the second one which will be all of my front 12 teeth. My mom is an RN And is going with me. She said we r not leaving until she has a full script for a stronger pain med after the surgery. Still very scared but I need my teeth fixed and I kno it will be worth it. I will post a review on here when all is said and done. I git approval through the VA so they paid for all of it up front, $25k! If not I wouldn't have been able to get any help. Thank you once again for your response! Your teeth look great! Jenn
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Hello JennS. I am curious as why you would chose a dentist with little or no experience in this discipline to handle a complicated full mouth rehabilitation? You also seem to have a significant medical history. Did you have a choice in the matter? Being a dentist, I am trying to figure out the decision making process from a patient's perspective on why you would chose one dentist over another for complex treatment.
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Hi Dr., To answer your question, no, I had no choice in the decision. I am a disabled veteran and the VA chose for me. I will log on later and post the before and after pics. The work she did was amazing! My new smile is beautiful and filled out my whole face! I get so many compliments! The pain was horrendous for the 6 weeks of the make over but completely worth it! Jenn
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I have also now switched my partner and my two daughters to this dentist for all treatment! I trust her completely and amazed by my new smile everyday!
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JennS, I am glad you are happy and I sincerely hope everything works out for you and your family. I see that your trust in the dentist was the reason why you chose her and referred your family to her.
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I agree, your teeth look great, but my goodness I am so sorry to hear about all the discomfort you have been experiencing. :( How did your appointment go? Any improvement?

Also, and please feel free not to discuss this if you prefer not to, but since you mentioned you are military can I ask why they weren't covering the costs? Does the base you are at not have a dental clinic? From what I understand some of the smaller bases do not, or the clinics only cover the enlisted and family have to go elsewhere.

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Hi Megan, I am responding to your post as a disabled veteran. To even get the Military to pay for a Veteran's dental health they must be 100% disabled or have a dental disability. Trinity is a dependent and yes, she can go on base if they have a clinic and they have room for patients, but to get this kind of speciality dental care, NO, they will not do it and they will not pay for it. It has been like pulling teeth, no pun intended, to get my approval for this procedure. I have waited 3 years. I still get to see the statement and my work is a total of $25k or more. So glad I was finally approved but the pain is horrible. Jenn
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Thank you very much for filling me in on the coverage. I'm so sorry to hear you were in pain. :( I'm so glad to hear things were finally approved for you. I hope everything goes great with your treatment and that you are feeling much better soon.

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