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Zerona Has Zero Results on Love Handles, Waste of Money in Atlanta

I put on 12 pounds between ages 48 and 50, so this...

I put on 12 pounds between ages 48 and 50, so this year at age 51 I decided to treat myself to a safe procedure that would reduce the love handles I developed when I turned 50. I found a Zerona provider and took advantage of their end of year "sale" with $500 off their regular prices. I was measured and weighed before treatments, then measured and weighed again after my last (6th) session, then measured and weighed again a week later.

THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU ON THIS PROCEDURE. TAKE YOUR MONEY AND GO TO A CASINO INSTEAD. While my measurements indicated I lost over 6 inches *combined* from all the areas measured (neck, elbows, knees, hips, waist, thighs, braline), my clothes fit exactly the same. I was a size 6 before the sessions, and am STILL a size 6 and $2400 poorer. My size 4 clothes are still too snug. Nothing has changed, and when I look in the mirror I cannot see any changes there either. My body is exactly the same. My weight actually went up half a pound between the first session and the very last weigh-in. This was a total disapointment.

I am pursuing my options with this provider, which most likely do not involve getting my money back. The Zerona guarantee only covers a failure to lose 3 inches OVERALL, TOTAL. So, if you "lose" a quarter inch off every area they measure, which includes eblows, neck, knees, thighs, braline, hips and waist, they will consider that a "success" and you will not get any sympathy or refund.

This is a crapshoot, so just go to Vegas and throw your money away there having some fun instead.

Just a note regarding expected...

Just a note regarding expected outcome:  My expectations were very reasonable.  While the ads for Zerona say you can shrink 2 to 7 dress or pant sizes, my only hope was for just HALF a pant size.  I  am already a "full" size 6 at 129 lbs. but am happier when I am a loose size 6, or a comfortable size 4.  I am 5'4" and my best weight is 118 to 120.  (Perimenopause caused a gain of 12 lbs to 130, which has not changed in the past year despite exercise and modified diet).  I was not looking for anything drastic at all.  But what I got was $2400 of *nothing I can see or detect.*

Here are my before and after photos.  The...

Here are my before and after photos.  The lighting in the "before" is not good, and the distance is not the same from the camera in each.  But I made a point of wearing the same undies for both photos.  I weighed in at 129.5 with the "before" and weighed 130 in the "after."  The "after" was taken a week after my last (6th) session.  On the day of the 6th session I weighed in at 128.5, this was Christmas Eve.  So my weight bumped during the very last week by half a pound from my starting point.  This was most likely water. 

At any rate, the measurements said I lost half an inch in my waist, and 1.5 inches from my hips.  I don't see it, I don't feel it, my clothes say nothing changed.  My doctor has offered 2 free lipodissolve sessions, since my main concern was my love handle areas on each side of my waistline - I had hoped to lose at least 1.5 inches from there.  So we will see what happens now.

I have just now gotten the chance to see ALL my...

I have just now gotten the chance to see ALL my before and after photos and compare them side by side.  I still don't see any visible change to my body post Zerona from any angle. Even with the photos magnified....

 To clarify my opinion for women considering paying for this, I just want to point out the following:  1) I was not expecting dramatic results; 2) I did not want only one part of my body (love handles) made smaller, I wanted the overall shrinking effect Zerona advertised, just so my clothes would fit a little looser; 3) If someone had told me that I could give them $2400 and lose half an inch in my waist and 2 inches off my hips I would have told them "No thanks, that's not a big enough change for that amount of money."  When you are 51 and your waist is 33 inches at 130 pounds, half an inch loss is NOTHING and could be achieved with extra time in the gym in about a month. I should know, I have been working out steadily since I was 18.  I have never been thin, but I am in healthy shape and weighed 120 pounds until my hormones started to change 18 months ago.  4) If someone offered to GIVE me my own Zerona unit to use at home, I would take it and be grateful, and I would use it.  I DID feel something starting to happen after the 3rd session.  It is possible that with 6 more sessons, or more, I might (MIGHT) have seen the changes I initially hoped for.  But, based on the $2400 I spent and the fact that only 6-session packages were offered by the med spa I went to, I still have to stick with my original opinion, that for what I spent it was a waste of money for me.  So if anyone out there needs to make that decision, you need to ASK YOURSELF "How little of a change I am willing to accept if I spent X dollars for this?"  If your bottom line is something like "I gotta see 2 inches off my waist" or "I gotta lose one dress size" then you should understand that your requirements may not be met and you will be parting with a lot of money regardless.  If you have the cash to part with easily, then do it anyways.  If your cash is hard-earned and cannot be wasted, keep it in the bank.

This is for the benefit of poster...

This is for the benefit of poster "Hooch" and anyone else who needs a little more objectivity.  Here are my before and after pics, SIDE VIEW, converted to black and white for better comparison.  I WILL concede that the flesh around the top of my hips and the top of my outer thighs looks slightly (very slightly) less "tumescent" or "full".  I cannot say, and have not said, that Zerona is a scam.  But if you have to use a magnifier to see a change, you didn't get what you paid for IMO. I did not drop even half a dress size after 6 sessions.

My experience just underscores the need for a *different type of treatment plan* than the standard offering - something more like a "win-win" for doctor AND patient, such as what another poster (a chiro) mentioned.  He owns his machine and will allow for enough sessions to help achieve satisfactory results for ONE price (bravo for him). With 6  MORE or 9 more sessions for me, perhaps a dress size reduction would have been possible. But then, do we even know that the results, if any, will not just be TEMPORARY?  

Feb. 2011 - For the benefit of all, especially the...

Feb. 2011 - For the benefit of all, especially the many doubters who feel I lack credibility regarding exercise, nutrition and how to "maximize" my potential, I post a couple of "Pre-menopause" pics for you to enjoy. They are not that old. One is dated May, 2004,when I was 46. The other, wearing my favorite white jeans, in May of 2007, at the age of 48. Enjoy.

Name not provided

He does not have an acceptable "re-do" plan for patients with minimal or no visible results.

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I honestly "see" a difference on your body after the treatment!
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Your arms are thinner, you are thinner. We can see it.
As for your hair, check out hormonal imbalances if you haven't. Mine was falling out as well and I started hormone replacment therapy and it stopped. Still not as thick as it was, but no longer falling out.
Someone at work here lost all her hair and with medical help grew it all back. Do research.
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Peg, I'm not sure which picture you are looking at.  They might be confusing, two of them are from years BEFORE Zerona.  In those pics, I am thinner all over.  In the Zerona "after" pic, my arms are exactly the same, as was the rest of me. 


My hair loss is genetic, kicked off by menopause.  It is not coming back.  Research told me that.  I have been on HRT for 2 years now.
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I'm going to go for 24 treatments for which I am paying
$50 each. We'll see. I think the main problem is that
the manufacturer of the machine sold it with a suggested
retail price for treatments of $400 per. That is ridiculous.
Perhaps at $50 per, with an amped up number of treatments I'll see some reasonable results. The chart they showed me said that if you are 25 lbs overweight you need 24 treatments - at $50 each it's worth a try if you can afford it and if it helps you focus on your health as well.
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So, they have charts now?  With 1 treatment linked to 1 pound of *weight loss*? Interesting.  That's almost a different kind of fraud, because this never had ANYTHING to do with losing weight.  I'm not sure that legally your provider can imply what he is implying with that chart.  That's certainly puts an interesting tilt on your adventure.

I estimate that, on the downside, you will be $1100 LESS unhappy than I was when your "treatments" are over ($1200 you are paying against the $2300 I paid).  On the upside, with that many treatments, assuming they are the full 40 minutes (20 min on back, 20 on front), then perhaps you will see some change. Or not.  This is, remember, a crap shoot. And I'm curious what will happen if you don't lose 24 pounds.  Because they have almost come out and told you that you can.  So get a copy of that chart, whatever you do, before they turn on the beams.  And good luck.


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I actually am not equating this to weight loss at all. I
just take it to mean that with 24 treatments I'll see some difference, and that 6 treatments are really meant for people who have very limited body fat they can't move. I think for $2400 and a new technology one would have justifiably unreasonable expectations. I have no expectations. I figure the machine can do SOMETHING and I'm interested in new technology so I'm just going to see what it can do! I tend to jump at anything at 90% off! (I am paying $1200 against the equivalent of $10K at full price for 4 series - and I think this price point will be the wave of the future as these machines gain wider distribution and begin to cost less).
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OK, I completed 24 treatments and basically nothing happened! It is perhaps true that
I did not optimize the process by drinking three glasses of water and exercising 30 minutes a day and it is true that you have to metabolize the fat and our lymphatic system doesn't have a pump - it's just got to process what it can, but still this seems to
work for some and not for others. It may not be the fault of the laser but of individual
metabolism. In any and all cases it is not worth $400 a treatment. $50 is good!.
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Not even $50 in my opinion
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I did Zerona, and had great results. I lost nine inches total in the first round, and I did a second round we will see what happens there. I tried to really follow the advice. Don't eat an hour before and an hour and a half after the treatment. Exercise, preferably right after the treatment for at least 40 minutes. Eat your fiber. Cut fat. Drink a lot of water. I am 60 lbs over my goal weight, and I can say while I was not expecting much, it exceeded my expectations and helped me jump start my fitness and weight loss program. I lost 10 pounds during the treatment session. Zerona isn't a cure all-- it is subtle. I think they should package it as a jumpstart to a healthy living campaign, but it definately works. I lost four inches off my upper abs-- two after the first treatment. My doctor at Better Bodies San Ramon only charges 100 per treatment once you become a member so I only paid about $500 total with a groupon.
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I'm no psychologist but I think that you are more upset with yourself than your outcome. I've been reading your comments, especially this last one, and you seem to be down in the dumps. I'm going to hit you with some positive words. Things get better. You are still alive. you've lost some weight. you have your job and you actually lived to see 50. my mom did not. I don't know if you have grandkids but imagine them crying because they can longer see you, bug you or kiss you. The things that you speak of are just minor setbacks but you are worth much more.
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You are right, and thanks. I tell myself every day "yeah, I won't have any hair in another year or two, but at least I don't have cancer." I just *look* like a chemo patient. Thanks for the kind words. I don't have a lot of personal support going for me.
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you'll be fine. I'm sending prayers up for you, positive energy into the universe and & an offer or emotional support whenever you need it. you can email me anytime.
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I'm a photographer so I know that photos can be "altered" or give deceiving looks but your photos does not seem to do that. When I look at photos, I notice shape and your shape is very different. Your love handles are smaller, your thighs are trimmer and your pouch is noticeably smaller in size. It could possibly be the menopause as before my mother was a junior size 3/4 until menopause and went to a 12 misses. We were gymrats for a year and only gave her minimal results. after she "completed" menopause the weight came off very quickly. Before she got sick & passed away she was back down to a junior 5/6 at 5'3 110lbs. much smaller than my prebaby 5'8 130lbs lol. post baby I'm 129 but my clothes are tighter. its crazy how the body works.
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I appreciate your educated eye. My main gripe was that my clothes did not fit any looser after spending $2300 for that very result. $2300 is way too much money to pay for "smooth." I didn't want my "bumps" to be less visible, I wanted to be smaller, and that didn't happen.

It was 2009, I was panicked and in the throes of menopause, unemployed and desperate to land another job quickly (it took me 2 years btw). Improving my image was a high priority. Being older and unemployed was not a good combination. Menopause made it 20 times worse. My self esteem was in the toilet and my self-image was degrading.

I now have another job, my weight has come down a bit on its own - but I have lost a third of my hair! Circumstances are different, so I am not running out trying to spend a small fortune on a "fix" for the alopecia. I do wear a hairpiece to work every day. But if I was still unemployed, I don't know what I would do. This economy is not the place to be for older, chubby, hairless women who have to work for a living. I thank God I got hired before my hair disappeared.
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They told me to do walking for 15 minutes after treatment only, I usually eat light, no high calorie meals, they don't have any platform. I am not planning to spend any more on any of these kind of treatments, I should have instead had a personal trainer and exercised, I probably would have seen some results.
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So, what did they tell you to do before and after your treatments?

The various places that I went didn't tell me to exercise in the morning, but I decided to do that on my own after they explained to process to me.

If your body needs to process the liberated fat, I wanted to make sure that it would be in a state of needing to burn that fat, to ensure that it wouldn't be re-deposited onto the body.

So, did you burn a lot of calories in the morning/afternoon of treatment days? and did you make sure not to eat a high calorie meal that evening to make up for restricting yourself earlier?

Did the Zerona place have a vibration platform? If you can't find a vibration platform you can try to use a mini trampoline to help with Lymphatic drainage.

I recommend Lapex over Zerona. Sorry that you spent so much money.

Have you checked the local Groupon, maybe you could get a deal for a couple hundred $$ on a small package of the laser systems that use direct paddles.
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I am considering this procedure. I have my first consultation next week. Are you supposed to workout directly before and/or after each treatment?
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Zerona is the only procedure that seems to work in concert with your body. All the other procedures basically destroy the cell or suck it out, I would much rather have a procedure that safely gets rid of the fat without hurting my body. I personally believe the number of fat cells I have is there for a reason. Since this process tries to work with your body, I am ok with drinking water and getting a little lymphatic stimulation for the best result. I would rather to that than get liposuction or kill my fat tissue. I did Zerona and lost 4.3 inches. I only did 6 treatments. This procedure worked for me, and that's all I can say. I know that drugs don't work the same for all people and maybe that is the same here since it is a medical procedure!
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So, was that a "dress size" for you? Were you able to buy at least one size smaller in your clothing afterwards? If your answer is no, then do you feel Zerona's ads represent truth in advertising? Or is it possible the ads mislead vulnerable women about a senstive issue?
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Yes, a safe procedure that doesn't give you any result, for me it was 0 inches lost
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I forgot to say that I did lose............lots of money!!!!!!
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I finished 6 treatments and didn't see any results, same weight, same size, not even a fraction of an inch loss, should I demand my money back, I followed the rules to the letter and no change what so ever, I was looking for an inch or two loss from my tummy area, I am sooooooooo disappointed'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If you feel within your rights to demand a refund, you should definitely do so. But I will tell you up front, unless your case had some unusual aspect to it, you will not get any satisfaction. If the spa you went to offers other services, they may throw a small "freebie" your way to pacify you. But do what you feel is right for you. And post a review here so your review will count in the total ratings.
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I just saw a groupon for half off a series of 6 Zerona treatments. I did a little digging and found all the comments posted here. I think I will pass on Zerona even though it sounds so good. I would really like to know what the ratio is of who has responded well and who has not. It is not that I want a quick fix because I exercise and eat well all the time...I just wanted all those little areas that don't respond to diet and exercise to be gone or diminished. Thank you for all your comments. They have helped a lot/

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Wow...What a rip-off then! Thanks for getting back to me! I figured if I detoxed, then it would work....so much for that! Thanks again!
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