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6 Zerona Treatments (Plus Lymphatic Massage) Was Ineffective for Me

I purchased 6 treatments along with the lymphatic...

I purchased 6 treatments along with the lymphatic massages.

I had a realistic goal of 3-9 inches, just as Zerona advertises. My doctor told me his clients were receiving much higher numbers. He said he was averaging 11 inches lost!

I dieted the 2 weeks during the treatments. A 1,200 calorie diet, 8 glasses of water a day and NO alcohol. Cardio 3 times a week. At the end of 2 weeks my clothes did not feel any bigger.

According to my doctor my inches lost were about 5 inches. HOWEVER, when I measured myself in the SAME spots he measured, I got much higher numbers. In actuality I lost about 2 inches, which I have no doubt was from the dieting and exercising I was doing. I knew the risk that this might not work but I did not count on the numbers being fudged just so that on paper it would appear as if I actually had lost inches.

Hello irisheyes, This is Dr Cole. Another patient told me about you on this site. You perpetually giving untruths and giving our personal information online is libelous. We just contacted our attorney about this constant verbal and now online harrassment. Your statements of a clinic changing your numbers is a lie and does not happen with us. We have never heard of giving "water pills" as you untruthfully said we gave you: not true. We gave you free sessions, because everyones body, metabolism, goals and lifestyle is different and its not a cookie cutter process. This was based on your unhappiness not a lack of results. You denied our efforts and continue to malign us. You signed a consent form stating everying about the procedure. The Better Business Bureau agreed with us in your case and just actually gave us a BBB accredidation because we get so many good reviews ( yours was the only negative one) from patients. We cant please everyone and we know that and we try our best. Again the research and the FDA clearance was done on just the laser. NO lifestyle modifications. So the laser will do what it says, with no lifestyle changes. Half of our patients do JUST the laser and get the clinical average (from the American Society of Lasers for Medicine and Surgery research) or above results. What I always say to my patients is the laser will get the fat out but what will keep it out is your lifestyle. Our patients who do JUST the laser LOVE it, and lose inches quickly and safely and health is jump started. Patients that do our other programs to enhance the lasers work (i.e. getting the body healthier!) see double the clinical research numbers done on JUST the laser!! So the laser is the engine there but the gasoline is patients lifestyle! There are so many clinical variables with this program. i.e. what the patient is doing at home, they made need a few more sessions because everyones body is different (which we gave you for free and you never took)or a whole other host of health issues that raise the physiological threshhold. Even with all those variables we have seen over 1000 patients and 97 percent of them are SATISFIED . That doesnt mean they are at their goal, but they are happy with the way they are going in 2-3 weeks. The laser has been shown recently on DR Oz and in the past the Doctors, ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC news etc. It is used by plastic surgeons, md's, dc's, do's, np's as a viable noninvastive option. Its results are reliable and reproducible. The complaints of this procedure vs traditional surgical interventions is a joke. Noone is dying from the zerona, noone is being scarred and maimed forever and the FDA complaints and statistics of surgical intervention shows this. Its a viable noninvasive option. With any health care procedure it doesnt work for everyone, same with liposuction, weight loss pills, exercise equipment, diets, etc. Blessings to you and your family but the untruths have to stop. I would Google Wall Street Journal Zerona 2010 for FDA Clearance article.
Hi Doctor

I'm filing a complaint with the Attorney General in my state. I just can't let these people take advantage of people who really can't afford this but like me hoped they were telling the truth. What I don't understand is how are some of these people saying that it works? Another doctor on here states that the laser isn't even strong to penetrate the skin. So how the heck could it work?????

where did u get it done
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