Unhappy with Mini Tummy Tuck - Atlanta

After having 2 kids, my body completely changed...

After having 2 kids, my body completely changed and decided I needed a tummy tuck :-( I had mini tummy tuck 5 months ago, and there has always been a bulge above the scar. Also the scar is not fading and my 3rd issue is the scar is not even, it's higher on one side.

Is all of this normal? Did my surgeon do a bad job? Please help!!! I feel so disappointed and unhappy. I spent about $3000 on this, all I went through with recovery, and now I have to go back to do a revision?

You should have came to Columbus ga. It's roughly 2 hours from Atl. I used Dr Cochran at columbus plastic surgery and he is amazing! Charges 2500 for a mini, 5000 for a full tuck but always lipos for free.
Can he do a mini tummy tuck threw a c section scar ?
what surgeon did u use? Looking to get a tummy tuck soon.
Name not provided

scar too tick, not fading after several months, bulge above scar, scar higher on one side.

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