Still Undecided??? Temporarily Scheduled 9/29/2011 - Atlanta, GA

Ok I am a mother of three, (21,17, & 9)as with...

Ok I am a mother of three, (21,17, & 9)as with others I gained weight mainly after my second two pregnacies that I never lost.I have a pretty strenous job with alot of lifting. I was scheduled to have tt & bl today but got nervous & cancelled. I was nervous about being under for a lengthy amount of time and hubby is worried about the stretching of the muscles/skin. I really would like to have this done but now that I am convinced I am having a hard time trying to make him feel at ease with it. Oddly enough he knew I had talked about wanting this and now that we can afford to do it he suggested that I do it for me but now he is worried about it. I have so enjoyed reading everyones comments and it really has helped me to decide this is what I want but does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can make him more at ease with it??

We also haven't told anyone not even kids yet and we are trying to fit into schedule since kids do sports. If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it???

Well a new date is set!! October 6th at 9:00AM....

Well a new date is set!! October 6th at 9:00AM. Now if I can just not change my mind or date.

Well today I talked with my hubby that I plan to...

Well today I talked with my hubby that I plan to have the TT w/MR and BL on October 6th. He was okay with it and said he just wanted to make sure it was what I wanted and that he didn't push me to do it.
See he knew I had talked that I would like to do something and we really didn't have the extra money. But he knew we were getting a little extra and said he wanted me to do something for myself that I had always wanted to do. I have a wonderful husband!! But then he was afraid he pushed me into it.
But I feel there is something else bothering him and he wont tell me. I feel like it is work since we work together and I will be out a little and he will be doing double duty. He won't tell me but it is hard work (sheet metal) and we already work 60/70 hrs week and I now he will have to pull my weight too. I feel bad but if I didn't do this now it would be next summer and I would really like to be better by then. Just want him to talk to me about it.

But I do think I am excited now which will turn to nerves a little later!!

As of now it seems I am getting more and more...

As of now it seems I am getting more and more excited and I hope it stays that way. I told my daughter last night and I think it scared her at first. Bless her heart she told me I was not "fat enough" to get a tt. I know she means well but just doesn't understand and not sure I would have at her age. Still have to tell my son and that will be interesting.

I just told one of my good friends to day and surprisingly she was so jealous!! I couldn't believe it. She was telling me that she was wanting to get one too. I needed her help for a follow-up appt post-op so my husband can work that day. The support here is sooo nice but to have someone you personally know and them be supportive is so rejuvinating. It just seem so much more real!!

Can't wait for October to get here!!!!

Well just under two weeks away! Finally told my...

Well just under two weeks away! Finally told my son tonight and he looked a little shocked but I think he is okay. He is such a good son and I am so proud of him. He really didn't say alot but time will tell. I have also told a couple of friends and to my surprise they have been very supportive. You just never know what kind of response you will get. I go for my pre-op on Monday and really looking forward to it since I have questions that I need to ask that I really didn't the first go around. I just hope I am prepared for the re-coop time. I really don't have anyone and will be on my own. We have our own business so my husband has to work and I no longer have my mom since she passed away a few years back. Kids are in school so this should be very interesting. I feel so ill-equipped but I'm sure things will be just fine. At least if I do need my husband he is not far away so even if he is not right here I know he can be within a matter of just minutes. I guess I am trying to give myself some reassurance that I will be fine by myself. Regardless I am looking forward to the 6th and ready to start the healing process.

Went to my pre-op appt today!! Only 10 days away!!...

Went to my pre-op appt today!! Only 10 days away!! Still nervous but a good nervous. Felt alot better after leaving the PS office today than before. Thanks to all of the ladies on here that provided information on things that I never thought to ask before. Feel so much more informed and ready for the next step. Still a little concerned about recovery and being comfortable afterwards but I'm sure I will be fine. Still not really able to tell how the hubby is with this. He says he is good and happy with my choice. But I'm not sure if he is or if he is just telling me what he thinks I want to hear, or if I am just worrying???? At any rate the countdown begins!!!YAYYYYY

Six more days and counting!!! My new recliners...

Six more days and counting!!! My new recliners will be here Tuesday so that was great news since they weren't suppose to be here until the 21st. Still have a couple of things to get before then so I have to get busy.

Okay almost one day away!! The center where I am...

Okay almost one day away!! The center where I am having my TT done called today to go over the do's and dont's before surgery. Getting really excited. Bad news that my new recliner didn't get delivered today as scheduled and now just hoping it comes before D-Day. If not I will made do with what I have. Hope all the October TT's do well & I will check back in tomorrow before my surgery!!yayyyy

Ok tomorrow is the day!! Really nervous right now...

Ok tomorrow is the day!! Really nervous right now.Having feelings of am I really doing this?? Should I be doing this?? Want it but scared to death now. Don't feel like I am getting everything done that I need to. If anyone reads this and has time please say a little prayer for me. Hopefully I will report in a few days..

Well it has been 8 days and I am really feeling...

Well it has been 8 days and I am really feeling pretty good. Still moving a little slow but able to get up and down on my own and walking pretty straight. Usually by evening I may be a little slouched over but that's not that bad. I was able to cook supper last night and have washed/folded a few loads of clothes. I tried on a couple of dresses that I didn't really fit into before and I was so excited at how they fit. Even though the first few days were rough and it hurt I would definately do this all over again. Just ready to actually see the end result since I haven't gotten to see my stomach yet. But Monday is just around the corner!!Yay
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Georgiamom40, How are you ? I hope your doing great!
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Ok 3 days PO and feeling the pains. A little better today but still rushing things I guess. Back hurts from laying and everything else hurts when you get up. First BM without MOM good but bad. I don't have drains just compression garments with your wonderful pee hole and trying to make sure you don't get anything is a miracle in itself. Go back tomorrow to see PS and what he has been able to do. Excited but nervous about pulling off the garments. I have to say my family has been wonderful. I thought I was a pretty tough person but after listening to some of you women and how I feel now... I feel like a whimp. Ya'll did say it gets better day by day right????
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Yes it gets better each day so hang on.  The first week is the worst and after that you will notice positive changes each day.  You are not a wimp at all.  This is a painful process and tests each and every nerve you have.  

You can do it girlie!!!

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Once you are mentally ready everything will fall into place.  If you are ready and confident in this decision then your husband will follow suit.  

If you are uneasy about this he will pick up on that energy and that will not help.  If he knows this is something you really want then he will support you.

It will all happen when the time is right.

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