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Petite Little Mama Going for a Normal Looking Belly Again! (Post op pics!)- Atlanta, GA

I'm a 27 year old mother to 3 little sweeties....

I'm a 27 year old mother to 3 little sweeties. They are 6, 4, and 2 years old - all 3 c-sections. The amount of weight that I gained between all 3 of my pregnancies combined is 150 pounds and had big babies! I have always been petite framed and had a high metabolism. I'm currently 5'4, 102 pounds. I know, it seems crazy for me to be undergoing a TT when I am that small. But, in between my 2nd and 3rd child I underwent umbilical hernia surgery and it left me literally without a belly button, and just an ugly rainbow scar. I feel like I have an alien belly button now. ;) But also, I have diastatis recti, and when I flex or lean backwards, my intestines pop out through the middle of my ab muscles. I also have a good bit of extra, wrinkly skin from all the weight gain in my pregnancies. I'm embarassed to be so young, next to all the girls my age with a stomach like this at the pool, etc. and am always having to suck in my stomach so that I don't look 3 months pregnant due to my bulging abs from the pregnancies. I am very fit and work out daily, eat healthy, play tennis and chase 3 little ones - and after all that I have come to the conclusion that surgery is the only answer to my problem. Thankfully, insurance is willing to cover the diastatis recti repair, so my balance left is only a little over $3000 which is great!

I'm looking forward to going through this journey with you girls and love the support and care I see in all the reviews on here. What a great place. My surgery is scheduled for January 6th and I'm terrified to say the least!

One question though - I am planning on birthday girl's trip at either 8 or 11 weeks post op. We'll be at the beach, and like to do lots of dancing, going out, have drinks, etc. Will I be able to do all of that only that far post op or is it a bad idea? Thanks so much! :)

Nervous! I am only 2.5 weeks out and feeling...

Nervous! I am only 2.5 weeks out and feeling unprepared and worried about the recovery. Not so much the pain, but the amount of time that it seems to take everyone to feel/look somewhat normal again.

Any tips, ideas, opinions on things you could and couldn't live without during those first few weeks post surgery? Thanks so much!!!! :)

1 week post op, feeling great! I ended up having a...

1 week post op, feeling great! I ended up having a TT, muscle repair, and a little lipo at the incision site. I will admit, the first few days were rough, but by day 4 things were much better and have continued improving since. I am aboslutely thrilled already! It was sooo worth any of the pain I have gone through, I can't believe I waited so long! :) New pics below!

6 months! In love! By far one of the best...

6 months! In love! By far one of the best decisions I have ever made. Would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I am loving this bikini weather, finally! Here are updated pics!! :)
Dr. Michael McNeil, Marietta PS

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you look great! I am 2 days post op and have been reading the reviews. Many of them talk about revisions. Revisions? I never thought of that and I am praying I have as good of results as yours and won't need a revision.
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Wow, you look amazing I would love to know your work out routine!
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Thank you for all the nice compliments, everyone! Having this surgery was the best decision I ever made, second to having my children. :) Good luck to all of you!
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Oh and my surgery was performed by Dr. Michael McNeal of Marietta Plastic Surgery in Georgia. He is an oustanding person and an amazing artist. Highly suggested!
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Great results
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How long does it take to heal after surgery
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you look fantastic!
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amazing results!
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holey toledo batman!! very pretty, honey, very pretty!
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Can I ask if you had your ba in Georgia and if so who performed it? I am from Alabama but currently in Seattle. I do not want to have the surgery in Wa and then leave and go to Bama and need touch ups. So I would love to find a dr closer to home.
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Wow! U look fantastic!! I'm having TT & MR feb 2. I hope mine turns out great like urs.
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You look awesome. So glad you did it..you deserved it. You are tiny and in GREAT shape and the before mess had to go, nothing but wrinkled skin. Congrats on amazing results. Your tummy now matches the rest of your body!! :)
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Where in GA did you go and get your surgery done....Congrats!!! And how much was it?
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Hey! Ronishia, I went to Dr. McNeal at Marietta Plastic Surgery and loooooove everything about him! He has the best bedside manner, and really cares. He is a perfectionist and artist at what he does. I felt in perfect care with him and knew I was in good hands. :) My portion of the surgery was $3300 - but that is because insurance covered the other portion of it. Their prices are reasonable though. Good luck!
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Glad to hear you are doing so well:)  Keep us up to date.

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Take a deep breath and know that you will be fine.  You can do this and will love the results.  The first 1-2 weeks are the worst but it does end so be patient.  

Soon you will be on the other side and have a beautiful new tummy:)

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Hey Girlie don't be embarrassed about anything.  Our bodies go through hell carrying babies and it's really hard to get them back.  The tummy is usually not so cooperative.  Plus having the extra surgery for the hernia did not help.  The doc will have you all fixed up and good as new very soon.  We will all be here to help support you through this process.  

If you are able to push the trip out 11 weeks or more post OP that would be best.  The more time you give yourself the better.  This is a long recovery and I realized each person is different but it hurts.  You will just have to listen to your body and it will tell you how much you can handle.  You will be able to go on the trip and have fun.  

Make sure to post your pre and post op pics.   You know hoe we all like those:)  


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Thanks! I'm extremely nervous already, but I am praying I consider all of it worth the few months of hardness myself and my family will endure.
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I am looking to get my done in january who did you go to that is the right price for me!
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I HAVE diastatis recti as well and I did not know that insurance companies would cover that what insurance do you have and do you have any suggestions on what I should do. I am a young mither of one and 21 years old and I feel the same way. I have kept out of relationships because of it and I would like to move past this point in my life any suggestions let me know. Thanks
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