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I decided to go with Smart Lipo - Great Experience - Atlanta, GA

After consulting with several different doctors...

After consulting with several different doctors over the past few years (and being advised to do everything from workout more to have a tummy tuck), I decided to go with smart lipo. I was tired of looking a little bit pregnant all the time even when the rest of my body was in top shape. I had an established relationship with the doctor I choose because of some minor laser treatments in the past. But I trust him and his choice in lasers. Due to scheduling issues on my side, I ended up not taking any medication during the procedure. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't take any again. Aside from the numbing part, which hurt, mostly it just felt weird. Very, very weird. I think if I was disoriented from medication, it would have been too disorienting. So, I had the procedure and it went fine and I drove home. I wasn't really in pain afterwards, but I was draining way more than I expected. I completely soaked my clothes twice. The day after the procedure, I was in a lot of pain. I was told I would be "sit-up sore". It was more like stabbed in the stomach multiple times sore. But I was expecting to be grossly swollen but I was not. I had stopped draining by that evening and after talking to the doctor, I removed my own drain, which wasn't really that big of a deal. Two days after the procedure - I woke up feeling very swollen. And, I have some puffiness on either side of and right above my belly button. Even though I felt swollen, I really wasn't that bad. I tried on a shirt that I hadn't been able to wear since before my pregnancy and it fit again. Three days after the procedure - I woke up feeling not as swollen. And, the pain was less. More sore than intense pain. The bruising is also starting to mellow out in some areas.

Day 4 - Soreness is getting a lot better and is...

Day 4 - Soreness is getting a lot better and is now more sore than pain except for one area in my side where I occasionally have shooting pains. Bruising is getting better. Swelling is about the same.

You look great. I'm wondering why I didn't come out flat flat like you did.
I looked at your pictures and from what I could tell you looked pretty flat, too. I have no idea what causes different people to have different results. There is another girl on here that had the same procedure by the same doctor and we had similar body shapes and sizes going into it and out results look completely different. I think with the tummy area, the results are impacted by how much fat is behind the muscles and by any muscle separation from having children.
I am going to have I-Lipo done next week. Will post how that goes. It's amazing what doctor's can do. I have had a hard time losing 30 pounds and hopefully that will give the fat a boost! Good luck on your recovery!!

One week post op: The only change in how I look...

One week post op: The only change in how I look since day 4 is that the bruises are getting a lot better. The bruising is only really noticeable the sides now and they are more yellow than purple. I am still sore, but it is getting better. The sides are worse and right around my belly button. Also, around my c-section scar is sore. The doctor spent some time freeing up the scar. Looks better but sore. The only really bummer is that I have little puffy areas on either side of my belly button. The doc said they may or may not resolve in time but it was a simple touch up if needed. I have to keep reminding myself I am only one week post.

Two weeks post op: Last night I removed my garment...

Two weeks post op: Last night I removed my garment for two hours. The swelling was horrible. All the small lumps and bumps I normally see got way worse. And I was surprise by the number of divots. But it was also really encouraging because they went back down to what is normal for right now after I put my garment back on for a while. Bumps are visible in new pics.
So, it has been about 2 months now. I am feeling pretty good. When I run long distances I feel a little sore on my sides after a while. And, I am still having some swelling. It is kind of interesting. In the morning when I wake up, my tummy is pretty much even but still has a small area on each side that looks a little puffy. I am probably the only one that can see it. But, by the end of the day, the puffy areas are a lot worse. So, I guess that is swelling since it gets worse as the day goes on. But someones I wonder if I will need a small revision done. Overall, I am feeling good and consider myself 95% recovered.
How are you feeling?
I thought I commented yesterday, but just checked and it is not here? Anyway, I am really considering doing this soon and appreciate you sharing your experience? How are you doing now? Is the swelling going down? You look great! Thanks for sharing...
Dr. Jay Kulkin

Amazing doctor! He is an expert in this field and he is very available. I texted him a question on a Sunday after my procedure and he called me back in about 15 seconds.

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