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Hello, I am schedule for my makeover the end of...

Hello, I am schedule for my makeover the end of this month...I am getting a TT, Breast lift with Implants, lipo franks & back...I am so nervous because I keep asking myself is this really what I want to do.. I have two girls ages 5 & 14 and my last child really took a tole on my body due to a c- section....I have a outie for a naval... a stomach that won't go away...and breast that due to breast feeding are not perking and set to attention anymore... I have a board certified doctor who I am very comfortable with...I just don't want anything to go wrong and I have a set back..I'm concern about the recovery pain, is it going to be worth it, and how the scars are going to look afterwards...I am having to get the lollipop scar...

Went to pre open visit today PS recommended...

Went to pre open visit today PS recommended 275cc
Saline Implants....I am becoming very excited but again still
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is so nice & professional ... He made sure that I understood every Procedure done during surgery..he also was Very honest with me regarding risk with my implants and Gave me a day to really think about ..he is awesome

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When is your MM?
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THIS FRIDAY! ! pray for me
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How did it go? I am in Atlanta too! And looking to have it done on Feb 16th!
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Prissy, I am post op day 9 today. I had Full TT with MR, breast lift with implants and lipo of bra fat (under arms), back fat (upper) and flanks. I was pretty uncomfortable the first 48 hours. But since post day 2 have only taken Tylenol for pain. Am about to get my 2nd drain pulled and feel great. Skip on over to my profile and check out my before and after photos. I am super happy with the results so far and I know you will be too. Much love, and happy wishes to you.
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Thank you so surgery is next week I'm excited
and nervous all together ...I can't make up my mind between
Saline or silicone gel...I don't want them to look or feel
Fake nor do I want them to be heavy ...thanks for being
here with your stories
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Hey I am going to dr davoudi as well and want to know how did everything turn out pre, post op and results
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Hi prissy, I saw you post on any MM for 2012 and I'm glad you posted your own review too! You've come to the right place for support and advice, all the wonderful women and stories have been so inspiring to me! I'm 6 days post op now and would say so far it's 100% worth it! I have had my mom and hubby taking turns caring for me, without their help I don't think I could manage.. Everyday I get a little more strength it's just super hard being not able to do much other then rest,eat,sleep shuffling to to bathroom. Ask your Dr. About a pain pump I think it was a life saver!! Are u staying overnight after surgery? My mom had a lollipop lift a few years back and her scars don't look bad at all. I know the wave of emotions you must be feeling right Now.. anticipation I think is the worst part of it but you'll do fine and have a super sexy body to show for when it's all said and done. Feel free to ask me anything question best of luck on your new journey:)
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Thank you I am really needing the support and advice
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Hi there and welcome to RealSelf! Nervousness is part of the process, I'm afraid. But it's very normal and natural to feel a mix of excitement and anxiety.

Yes, you will feel discomfort (maybe even pain) after surgery, but you will have good meds (you might want to ask about a pain pump) and it will be worth it! Most women report soreness more than ripping pain, but I think if you can handle pregnancy, childbirth, c-section recovery, and parenting, you can take this on!

Stay strong and keep your eyes on the prize! Please come back and let us know how it goes. When are you scheduled?

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