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Well - I have been down this road before. I am...

Well - I have been down this road before. I am going to be 45 - weight is 145 - Uggg and I am 5'3". I have had 5pregnancy 3 live births with 2 living children. Yes past history is a making of a lifetime story. I used to be a small 4 and now sweatpants are my friends due to the fact my belly is the same size as my boobs - and hips. So if it fits my belly - no way will it fit my legs - or butt - which with time has given my belly for being the fastest growing part of me.

On to my history - I have wanted to do something like this for a long LONG time. I have had the money in the surgeons hand and had to have an emergency hysterectomy instead! Whoo Hooo luck is with me once again! Signed up again - money in hand - and husband lost his job and had no one helping me with kids. - Of course this has to be God's will for me to walk around and have people ask me if I am pregnant. So take 3 here we are- money has been paid - sister has a flight to help with the kids - spent a small fortune to get all the needed things to make this easier- (ya right) But now to the reason I am doing it. I have had a bumpy life. I guess it started out with a father who did not like me and was never around to the mom who was over worked and over stress and under medicated to deal with 3 kids. I went from one abusive relationship to another. To end up with my husband who for 15 years has spent time in the basement leveling up on World of Warcraft. He has been as abusive as I have let the rest of the people in my life treat me. But now with the help of good friends and lexapro I am ready to have the life I want. Why is it I think an implant will help me be me? I have no idea. Why do I think having this fat - then when sitting it looks like I am not wearing bottoms to a bathing suite - removed it going to help me in some way? I do not know. All I know is I have to do something. I am frozen in this - fear of living the best life I can. Hey if it is broke - can I fix it? Well in this case I can. Maybe this is just a shot in the dark and maybe I am arranging the chairs on the Titanic. But the surgeon who did my eyes - is now going to do my body.

Just to give you an update. After my eyes were done - I told my husband I wanted a divorce. He has been nicer to me and the kids than he ever has. He is in counseling for his anger issues.

HI, just came across your profile today. i see that you just went into surgery. Hope all is well and hope you have a speedy recovery. Cant wait to see your new body.
Good Luck Tomorrow!!!!
Hey hun, good luck I just read your whole thing I can so relate, I dont even know who my father is, Mom was having too much fun I think! LOL Anyways I will be praying for you and you are going to look great, I think the boobs look good, I would be thrilled with those, but hey everyone's boobs look better than mine, LOL You take all the help you can get, count your blessings and tomorrow night you are going to be a new woman!

Well I am 4 days out. Glad I did it. the worst...

Well I am 4 days out. Glad I did it. the worst part was the fear before. I will post pictures soon!
Hey good to hear from you and that you are doing well!!! Anxious to see the pics, hope you continue to heal!

Well have you ever met that friend who got hit...

Well have you ever met that friend who got hit with an astroid when she went to get the mail? That would be me.

Amazing how if it could go wrong it did. My right nipple died - and that process is not for the lame of heart! My other boob got a sore on it the size of my palm. And my belly has a seroma on it - it has been 5 weeks of hell.

No - I do not smoke - no I do not drink - I eat great - protein shakes - and ran 6 miles the day before the surgery. I have no heart or liver problem. And not one less than 3% but three..... less than 3%.

The only thing I can say is this - whatever you do - do one thing at a time. Get tummy tuck from a tummy guy. Get breasts done by a breast guy! AND DO NOT BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN DO IT ALL - each one will tell you that! But it is BS!

My guy is double board certified! Said he has done it for years. But come to find out - I am not the only one!


By the way - lost my job due to the fact who knows when I will go back to work. I am at the office seeing the nurses 3 times a week. And I spend several hundred dollars in bandages - and all the other BS so I do not die. Ya!

The nipple is long gone. My boob looks like a volcano - the other boob is square. My the Lord forgive me for spending all this - and now the strain on my family is even more.

Here are some pictures to go with my other post. ...

Here are some pictures to go with my other post. Please do not look and think this will happen to you - it means - be carful!
I am so sorry that this happend to you. Nipple death is one of the risks of getting implants , so sorry thta happend. What all are you taking antibiotic wise?
s.perez - none right now - but got a new PS and he is really helping! I know I am the type to get hit with an asteroid when going to the mailbox! Thanks for your support!

After all is said and done - which I have...

After all is said and done - which I have revisions yet to be made, No one in this business goes out to 'harm you'. You really have to get over yourself. But sometimes - I bet more often than not you do not get the result you were looking for. (life changing - I will be happy with myself - my general life will be better) And if you are not in a position to handle it if something goes wrong - do not do it.

I wish I would have just did the Tummy Tuck - the reasons why - because I feel better. I had some amazing space between by walls of my abs due to so many babies. But I have had to do laser to smooth out the lumps. -Ab model - no I am not. Able to move around better - yes.

Boobs - I really bugged me that one boob was bigger than the other - and now they are the same size - yet one does not have a nipple. And if you get a lift what no-one tells you - you get smaller - A LOT smaller. So I had a lift - and an implant and I am a size if not more smaller - wtf?

So if I had to compare I guess I would have done one - healed. THEN do the other. Please follow my advise. Having everything done at once - not a good plan. At least not for me!
Dang, mable13!! You just told my life storie, well some of it anyways. How ya doing at this point? Please go to my page.. I'm curious to know how your nipple is? My PS specializes in this area.. Go figure. Lolol!

You hang in there, girl. I know this is hard. Your tummy actually looks really nice in those pics. I hope your husband is being supportive!

I agree with the letting different surgeons do different procedures. My plastic surgeon is know for doing great breasts. He is a board certified, reputable surgeon with 30 years experience. My Breats look Great. The rest sucks. My TT was a waist of money. Scar is in a smiley face shape instead of straight across. You can see the corners above my waist band of jeans. I am no where near flat. My skin is a little taunter but still loose. Pants are tighter around waist than preop and this is not from swelling. So yes ladies dont think one surgeon is going to do great at all procedures they each seem to have there "specialty". Dont be afraid to let more then one surgeon consult for each procedure.
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