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Smartlipo Horror Story - Atlanta, GA

I had laser assisted "Smartlipo" in...

I had laser assisted "Smartlipo" in April 2010. I have lost the before photos, but have posted the after photos.

During the proceedure, I felt, several times, burning and pushing of the cannula, I was awake and let her know that there was to much heat and pressure. the laser burned COMPLETELY thru my skin on my tummy, I mean a hole! I went thru many months of awful pain and draining, she sulled fluid off the burned areas.

After a year of waiting to see if the inner tissue would "resolve" itself, she gave me several injections of cortisone, to lessen the bulging area adjcent to the burn. I was also given one round of Lipodissolve to lessen the fat that was NOT taken by the lipo proceedure.

After all this, I cannot get ANY resolution, I am deformed, permanently scarred, and left to pay for scar revision and more lipo. THIS IS NEGLIGENCE! PLEASE DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE TALK YOU INTO LIPO!!! I am seeking legal action ASAP.

Dr. Jessica McCabe

this was a horrible nightmare for me, and I hope to keep pthers from going to these people and ruining your body!

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I liked Dr Svehlak but I didn't feel he addressed the bumps only the dents. I'm heavier than normal and I feel like a 50% chance of better isn't worth the time, money, or hell on my psyche. I've decided against doing my revision. I believe he can do wonders on your case but I am not twenty and I think in my case, it'll take more from me than its worth. Now I need to lose the 15lbs I gained for fat grafting:( I just keep telling myself I still look better than women half my age...I do plan on getting a trainer to tone up. I just need to put more faith in myself and not so much on Drs. For now...I'm not taking a chance of having more lipo on a new area, my flanks, to fix tummy and thighs. What if that turns out unfavorable? I don't care to take that chance at this time.
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I heard 2 avoid spas. They have been n the news. They laser lipo/smart lipo for more $ sorry ur going thru
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I think it looks no different than someone who is covered in strech marks I don't think it looks bad and ur flat tummy is what tons of ppl want they would rather look like u than be fat
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most my message got erased, you can email me @ brandidoesloans@yahoo.com, and leave your phone number, I will call I have some pretty good news, referrals, and advice with your current hck of a surgeon

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Atlanta, sweety, been doing alot of research for myself, and I have some references as well as suggestions. #1 Call her, tell her you are going on Citysearch.com, Yelp.com, pissedconsumer.com, and the worst of the worst (will greatly stifle her credibility) is ripoffreport.com, also complaintsboard.com and vitals.com (
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Youthtopia Med Spa in Alpharetta, thanks, I am still looking for a attny. I am going to seek legal action.
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Where did you have this done exactly? I'm in Atlanta, GA and would like to AVOID this place at all costs. :( So sorry for you. I'm sure there are scar treatments available but..that's another cost out of your pocket. Which THEY should pay for. Good luck with the legal action. Please let me know what company this is so I can avoid it. Thanks!
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OMG!!! That is an awful story! I am so sad this happened to you and you should definetely pursue legal action!
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The scars really don't look bad. I agree with alan21022 everyone has delt with a few bad scars from time to time. Most of my scars keloid. Just be happy you were ok and be proud of your new flat tummy. You look great!

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It's REALLY hard to be proud of deformations I did not have prior to this proceedure. I have NOTHING to be proud of, and have HORRIBLE regrets about ever doing this at all!!
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Hey! I agree with workingonme. You have a flat stomach (nice). Also, I don't think your scars look bad. Everyone has a few scrapes and dings. Big deal. Vastly better than being fat.
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You people are gross. Being deformed is better than being fat? You prefer mutilation to a spare tire? Few people will gawk at a little extra weight, but a bizarrely scarred abdomen is a different story. I feel badly for you OP. The doctor you saw should be sued for malpractice.
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Thank YOU notawizard...I got botched too, not a whole in my stomach, but I am so sorry for her to have paid someone to better her body and then mess her up like that. My inner thighs look like hamburger underneath and my stomack looks like a pillowcase full of knuckles. Its crap. My body was much better with a smooth look and a little pudge, and a little on my thighs and now that another plastic surgeon (in the same office) told me my Dr NEVER should have worked on me, and then did so way too aggressively, removing the subcutaneous layers in an inconsistant pattern, and I need a full tummy tuck and full thigh lift to pull the skin super tight to smooth the area. He admitted he would have NOT done surgery on me even had I insisted, but the consultant KNEW damn well I had a credit card and suggested I do my stomach instead of just my thighs. I am ruined for life unless I want to undergo 3 feet of scars from major surgeries.
I am so tired of people saying "why did you even do it, you were fine before?" SHUT UP!!! I was perfect and I wanted to stay that way for another ten years THATS WHY. You are totally right wiz... cellulite is normal and disfigurement is not( I wrote the exact same thing in my post" and whats happened to her falls in the plastic surgery malpractice area of "medical misconduct AND misuse of medical tools" Trust me I have done my homework.She needs to get her money back, plus money for new clothes to cover the area and because only a Beverly Hills Dr may be ableto fix it,Atlanta Ga, sweety, send some photos out and seek consultation over the phone, if and only if, you can emotionally handle going under the knife ever again after the psychological mind bending youve already sustained and get money for that too. SUE HER A$$ girl.
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Botched Beauty,
THANK YOU!! I just hope it turns out that I can be repaired. I CAN do it again, since it has been over a year. I have suffered psycological trauma from this as well. I am going forward, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!
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So My update is... I had to gain weight, nearly 15 lbs to aqcuire "flanks" or muffins, so the Dr in Bev Hills can scrape smooth the botched areas and lay a smooth layer of fat in those areas from my flank lipo. I will have to go under anesthesia this time, and it will cost between 8500 and 10 grand to fix. IF, and only if you cannot live with this (as I could not, and mine is not as obvious as yours) I suggest you look up Sunset Cosmetic Center in Beverly Hills, Dr Svehlak fixed Tara Reid and he actually has before and after photos of revision surgeries. He and his associate are some of the very few who have photos posted like this on their website.. They have accomplished some ridiculous tasks and they are highly recommended and trained. The first Dr I went to in Sacramento sounded like he knew what he was talking about but after I requested before and after photos of his corrective surgeries, the bottom fell right out of his "wisdom" he could not furnish even one example. DO YOUR RESEARCH, ASK HOW MANY THEY HAVE DONE LIKE YOURS AND REQUIRE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS.You may find they say they have done many but have not. I am going to stay in an after-care facility, which is pricey, but for the first night after surgery its the best thing to do for safety sake.They have references to them on their website as well. They Can Fix Us. Hope isnt lost. Yes, its gonna cost you but can you put a price on shame of having to live with what she did to you? No...
My name is Brandi, I go down on the 19 of this month for my consult and will have a better idea of a quote then. Keep in touch sweety. Let me know what you decide. The scars will fade over time but they can lipo that bump out and tranfer fat into the dents. Better that then what you have now. You have great skin, so I wouldnt worry about the scars, they can probably reove some of the scar tissue beneath them and they wont be so protrusive looking as well. 2 scars and a smooth tummy, Id take it :)
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Hi, I was wondering if you had your consult and how much it cost? I am thinking of lipo revision on my tummy, but have to wait 4 more months for the one year mark. My stomach looks like the botched lipo of Tara Reid. I am looking at Dr. Svehlak as well. Please let me know. I'd appreciate it.
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WOW!! I can't believe the scars it left behind. So sorry this happened to you. On a brighter note, you have a very flat stomach! :)
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