Lipo and Pearl (Erbium) Facial Resurfacing - Atlanta

Inordinate bulk of fat cells in my mid section.

Inordinate bulk of fat cells in my mid section.

1. Pain and downtime.
Minimal pain for lipo. Easily managed with hydrocodone. The first couple of days may be difficult, but tolerable. As for Pearl (Erbium) laser treatments. Those with low pain tolerance need to communicate this and make sure the staff sufficiently numb or sedate. In my case, the staff did not take this seriously based on other patient experiences. Pain response to laser treatment should be taken seriously and appropriate measures taken without question. Less than optimal laser power setting to avoid under managed pain somewhat defeats the purpose of the procedure.

2. Would I do it again.
Yes. With clear expectations of areas to be treated and volumes to be removed.

3. Wish I had known before.
Dealing with unexpected wound conditions. If any edema occurs and the wound fails to close immediately there is a greater chance an abnormal, noticeable scar will form. Have the surgeon agree to incise and re-suture after the edema has subsided.

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1. Did you experience pain and downtime?
2. Would you do it again?
3. What do you wish you knew before hand?

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Good bed-side manner. Dry wit. I was happy with the evaluation, assessment, procedure and office operations. Nursing staff and anesthetist were pleasant and professional. One other point of consideration that is positive. If you feel that the medical opinion is not quite right based on your own experience with your body (tissue density/composition is a good case in point) he's open to discussing it. A doctor worth your consideration.

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