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Hard Lumps After Lipo for "Double Chin" - Atlanta, GA

Three weeks ago I had body jet liposuction done in...

Three weeks ago I had body jet liposuction done in multiple areas. I am pleased with the results on my abdomen and lower back. I also had lipo and muscle tightening done for my "double chin". My concern is that my incision under my chin is hard and raised and near the incision is another hard, long lump. At my 2 weeks consult, my doctor said that I may need "shots" to break up the scar tissue but he wanted to give it more time. Is this normal? My chin looks distorted. Thanks!

Hello I want to try out the body jet liposuction I was wondering did you get the results you wanted and was it very expensive for just the body jet liposuction?
Yes, I definitely got the results I wanted. My stomach was my main problem area. I had a bulge I could not get rid of after 2 kids. With body jet lipo, my stomach is flat now! I also had lipo on my hips and sides. It is a fairly expensive procedure, around 7,000. I only lost about 3 pounds, but my body is more sculpted now. Hope this helps.

Yes, the recovery takes a lot longer than most surgeons admit, probably because few of them have actually had lipo and the feeling of the lump is more within the area that was lipo'ed than on the tip of the fingers.  Try to be patient -- I had a persistent lump on the edge of the area that was lipo suctioned that took months to go away.  It's completely gone now, as are the occasional strange nerve sensations.

Make certain to put sunscreen over the incision site since scars are more vulnerable to hyperpigmentation from UV than regular skin.

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I am very pleased with the body jet lipo on my lower back and abdomen. It is too soon to tell on my chin and the fat grafting I had done to multiple facial areas.

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