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A former skinny girl, I woke up a mom in my...

A former skinny girl, I woke up a mom in my thirties with a fluffy belly! Seriously, I do feel skinny still (usually) - I'm 5'3" and 123 pounds, but man this extra weight around the middle haunts me! It affects how I carry myself, it affects my daily wardrobe choices, and though I'm not the type to talk about / obsess - I gotta say it's always on my mind. I have an "on again / off again" relationship with my gym membership. I'll take 3 weeks off, then go several times a week for a good 2 weeks. I always WANT the cupcakes at the office, but only sometimes, indulge. I really feel like I'm doing what I CAN do. Could I skip smart lipo, subscribe to some meal plan and work out everyday - sure. But my life would be my career and working out... Who will cook dinner, run the household, pack team snacks for soccer, have ticle fights and make sure we have clean underwear?

So... Yeah... I've talked myself and my hubby into it. Do I feel a tad guilty and like I'm taking the easy way out. Maybe. Am I ready to no longer be held hostage by this belly. You're dang skippy!!!Updated on 22 Nov 2011:Surgery day: Wow. I did it. Crazy! Here's how things went.

Wake up: I had breakfast and headed to the doc's office. I took an anti-inflammatory, sleeping pill, pain pill and antibiotic when I got there, they marked me up and took pics.

Procedure: 4 bee sting-like shots (ouch but brief) so the cuts could be made. Then came the numbing liquid. Now this part felt crazy weird and he sometimes hit places that weren't fully numb. Those were BREIF moments of pain and the doc immediately added more numbing fluid. Then came the laser - breezy. Then he sucked out the fat and liquid. In total I was on the table for just over an hour. All in all it felt weird (pressure) but didn't really hurt except for those few zings.

After: I'm 10 hours post and my belly is still all the way numb. I'm sure some pain will kick in when the feeling comes back, but right now I'm golden. I have a drain in and am emptying often - minimal oozing from the incisions (all caught by gauze). Am wearing an adult diaper to catch ooze also. I'll put the garment on in the morning. I have old sheets and blankets on the bed though, just in case. Now it's time to heal!Updated on 8 Dec 2011:Week two: I'm still in the compression garment and (hopefully) still swollen. I say hopefully because I only see a slight difference. The doc did say "don't look until a month has passed". So I'm trying to listen.

I was sore for a while, still am (sit ups sore). I was off work for a total of 5 days thanks to a holiday and a weekend - and I needed those days. I was fine back in the office when I went, but did wince when I stood and at the end of the workday (that first week) I was beat! I had a few maxi dresses and elastic-y waistband pants to wear. You'll want to hide the garment but not have anything pressing, causing creases on you or rubbing. I'm pretty much back in regular clothes now - just have to hide the top/bra part of the garment. It has more coverage than any bra I own and sticks up pretty high. Thankfully, it's scarf season; so glad I did this in the winter for so many reasons!

I have the hard lumps that folks talk about, but know they'll go away thanks to this forum and from my docs office pre warning me that it might happen. They are freaky though and hurt to be touched.

So at week 2 I'm functional, no longer tired at the end of the workday, can pick up my kid no problem, still sore and swollen and still hopeful for my coming great results! My mind set has shifted and I'm watching what I eat even more and eating a bit less.Updated on 14 Dec 2011:Week three: I gave up on the compression garment at 2.5 weeks because it was CUTTING into my shoulders. I do still wear it at night though. I've had no change in apperance over the past week and am still only seeing the very slight difference. I posted Day 9 pics.

I'm still "sit-ups sore" and still have the hard lumps in my belly, a new one has formed that is just below my bikini line and it's shaped like a drinking straw is in there - weird! I'm back to normal activities and back to all of my regular clothes. Those first few days without the garment in jeans was not pleasant! All good now.

So, no change in the last week. I'm still trying to be patient and am hopeful that I'm just a late bloomer. :)

Week 5: I went for a follow up with the doc at...

Week 5: I went for a follow up with the doc at week 4 and told him that I only see a slight change. He said, "I told you at week 4 you'd START to see a change. " He told me at my height and weight I'd see my final result at month 4. Whew! So, I have my patience motivator. He said he sees this with girls my size all the time and if I had a dramatic amount to take out, I'd see a more immediate result. Now, I'm sure he was trying to soothe me with a sly compliment.... And it worked. So we wait!

Now I've got to get all of these Christmas sweets out of my house and get back into the gym come January. Matter of fact, I think I'll go toss those sweets now...
Dr. Kulkin

Nothing but good to say about the doc and his staff. He's done over 1,000 procedures with no complications. They never made me feel rushed or like any question was silly to ask. They called the day before my procedure to make sure I didn't have any last minute questions. And they called after to make sure all was good. Thanks to the drain I have no messy ooze to deal with. I'm happy with the doc - now lets see how the results go!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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Hey, if you are still at a point where it would be helpful to wear your garment, try removing the straps. I cut mine completely off and replaced the straps with some from a convertible bra. Way better. Good luck with your continued recovery. Are the bumps starting to getting any better? I am starting to get those now. Kind of painful. :(
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Just checking in on U. How's it going? I'm starting to see a little difference now. I can FEEL a difference. I can wear some older clothes now. Hope ur healing great!
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Hey Kai, The doc reminded me that he said I would START to see results in 1 month (which I am... Starting to see results, slight). He told me to come back at my 3 month mark and that I'd see my final result at 4 months. So, patience for now and back to the gym in January! You by the way look great! Major difference already!
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You're inspiring me. I MUST get back into the gym. I will after Christmas.

I'm still tender to the touch too. I have my follow up tomorrow (4 weeks post). I'm curious to see what they say and at the same time trying to stay patient and encouraged!
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What did they say?
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Ugh. Posted Week 3 pictures. I will be patient, I will be patient, I will be...

How's your swelling jensue?
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I can really tell in your 3 week pictures! Yep be takes time. How is the tenderness??

I still have swelling. I think it's going to take the full 6 months for it all to go away. Im even still tender to the touch. When I go run I have to wear 2 spanx and then my running shorts. Patience.
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You can see a difference? Good! Why is being patient so dang hard!? Maybe I should get back to wearing something during the workday. I'll break the Spanx out for tomorrow - thanks!
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Yep I can see a difference. Also those pictures are day 9!! Thats suppose to be the peak of swelling. I know my week 1-2 I was WAAAY swollen. It's going to get better!!! :)
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I saw your jeans shopping pics jensue... get it guuurl!
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I see a difference in your pictures!!! Be patient! You are still swollen. I remember being discouraged at week 3 but it will get better.

Also what if you wear spanx instead of the other garment..maybe it would be more comfy.

Hang in will have a sexy tummy come summer!

Thanks for the comment on my jeans :)

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Sounds like you are coming alone very well. Yes the swelling is soo discouraging but it does get better. Wear your garment all the time and massage, massage, massage.
Patience. You are going to look fabulous come spring time.

I agree...glad I did mine in the winter as well.

Do you have any "after" pictures??? I only see before.

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Ya know, I'm not sure what folks on here are referring to when they say upper and lower abs. I pointed to my belly and asked the surgeon if he could make it flat again! He said yes, so I took that and ran with it. :). I took before pics but can't load with my iPad. I'll get on the computer and post at some point. I saw your leg bruising pics - ouch! Hopefully we'll be ready for swimsuit season!
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I can't wait to see your pictures! How are you feeling? How is your swelling?

Ya my bruising was bad but it cleared up really fast! I'm still sensitive but its slowly getting better too.

Good Luck healing.
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YAAAAAAA You did it!!!! How exciting! Did you do upper and lower abs? Did you take before pics? Can't wait to see how your new body looks. Be takes awhile to heal.

I'm 2 1/2 weeks out from my procedure and my legs still are a bit sore. Bruising is gone and the oozing healed up nicely. I even started working out today. Nothing crazy..just swimming and lifting weights on upper body. Im still swollen...cant WAIT for all that to go away.

ANYWAY...keep us posted on how you are doing!!!! CONGRATS!!
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Thanks for that. We do guilt ourselves huh? I am looking forward to getting my belly back and not constantly pulling on my shirts (I do it too). Just a few more weeks!
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I feel the same way you do about obsessing about the fat on my body. My problem is my thighs. I cant find jeans or shorts that fit right. Im always tugging at my pants and it drives my husband crazy. I constantly look in the mirror and hate what I see.
Let me just say you are not taking the easy way out. Sometimes we have stubborn fat that wont go away no matter how much we workout and watch what we eat. No matter what, it will be there. So dont feel guilty. You will be a much better, more focused happier mommy once you take care of this little problem.
Good Luck :) Keep us updated.
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