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Great Zerona Results on Waistline - Atlanta

I am extremely pleased with my Zerona results! I...

I am extremely pleased with my Zerona results! I did more than my share of research before started, and went into it with reasonable expectations. I want to post my results because it seems that only those that don't achieve great results return to these sites to post their negative outcomes.

I followed the protocol, my regular exercises, had the lymphatic massage service offered with the Zerona package, and lost over 10 inches! I also lost 7 pounds, which I know isn't necessarily the purpose of this procedure. I lost almost 3 inches in my waist alone!

I totally recommend this procedure and the facility where I received my treatments as they also offer services to help me maintain and continue this process.

Please feel free to call us for our Zerona program in Atlanta Ga.

you can also visit our website at www.zeronabodybylaser.com

Peachtree Health

We offer 12 visits for $2,400.00 which is twice the number of visits for less than anyone else.
I'm assuming that's the after picture.
You need to provide BEFORE AND AFTER...there's no way to tell what your results were.
Chastain Wellness Studio

This facility gave me names/numbers of other clients and encouraged me to explore options before I committed to Zerona. The doctor was very thorough and gave me more than enough info to ensure I could meet my expectations. They also gave wonderful support and offer other services that will help me maintain my great results.

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