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Im now going with Cortes, its a done deal!!!!

So here goes. Every since I was younger I desired...

So here goes. Every since I was younger I desired a rounder bottom but the issue was never pressing in my mind because I was always busy being in the military and a single mom. Now as I have gotten older, im married now to my beautiful husband who I met while deployed last yr while I was 210lbs and I have made the decision of having a tubal ligation I so badly want a curvy bottom like yesterday. I have always been told I was fine as hell but the one thing I was always lacking was the ASS. Dont get me wrong, I aint like a board back there but I dont have no DONK either. I have more of a desire to get this done now because I dress differently and honestly the way the women look on tv is enuff to make anybody wanna get up off they ass and do a crunch or sumthing. Yall, I was so obssesed with not having a butt that I went out and purchased those butt pads. You know the ones that come with the panties with the pockets inside for the foam butt pad. Well yea I purchased sevral different sizes and while those did give me that curve I wanted, it was also temporary. So here I am sitting in the dust bowl aka Afghanistan with nothing but time on my hands and I decided "YOU KNOW WAT?, I BEEN FIGHTING FOR AMERICA FOR TOO LONG TO NOT HAVE ALL THE THINGS THAT I TRULY DESIRE". IM DOING THIS DEPLOYMENT FOR ME!!" So yea I volunteered to deploy so that I could save up enough money to pay for what I want as soon as I come home in June 2014. So I accidentally stumbled on Dr. JIMMERSON on imstagram and I have been obssesed with his work. Last night I went on the site and requested my quote and this coming up week I plan to have a virtual consultation. I know exactly what I want and my expectations I feel are more than realistic. I know that I may need to gain some weight but we'll see what Dr. J says. The only thing I am unsure of is weather or not I can achieve the look I want without doing a Tummy Tuck and if I do need a Tummy Tuck should it be a full or a mini and will I have to sacrifice my tattoos by being cut so low, I also want my hips taken in just a tad, and especially my inner thighs. I hate the fat pockets that has developed there over the years. Gross!!! ?? The hips and thighs are a must but arent a proority just yet. I cant wait to get this inner tube of fat from around my waist. I work out M-F bcuz im in the Military but that has been there since I was a teenager Now I know I have expressed over and over a dislike for certain parts of my body but dont get it twisted. I am not shy at all lol. In the meantime in between time Im gonna post my pics and start my journey. Oh by the way my measurements are: 36/26/42 I weigh about 168lbs and I am 5"10.5. Side Note: I know I was looking crazy in one of my pics but gimme a break I had just woke up and wanted to take a pic on an empty stomach. Lol. These pics were taken almost 2 months ago when I was battling with my weight. Its hard trying to stay the Army Standard. Anyways, Thanks in advance for your support RS ladies!!!

Missing Booty. if you have amy infoation on its whereabouts let me know!!!

Here are a few more pics that didnt upload during my initial post. These too where talen back in August 2013.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of my BUTT please contact me asap!!

More pics from August 2013

My Wish Booty

Found this fun app on Dr Okor's website. This is what I want.

Heard back from Dr. Salams office today...also photos I sent up for review

Heres what was said!!!!!!


Good evening. I hope you’re doing great today. Thank you for sending in your pictures. Dr. Salama was able to review your pictures and he had the following comments:

“Patient is a very good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction which are the mild fat deposits in the abdomen, the flanks, lower back and upper back. Specifically more so in the flanks. These areas can be lipoe’d considerably and improve shape substantially. I’ll aggressively work these areas to create more contour and shape. All fat grafted will be used to gain projection and volume. We can certainly add some fat to the hips for more hour glass accentuation. Transferring at least 1100-1400 cc’s per side. The waistline will be reduced substantially as this will create more definition to her back. We can always address other areas of fat with liposuction as that is a very common request. Other than that, I foresee giving her great results.

“Surgical opinion is based on photos and Dr. Salama reserves the right to change opinion at time of live consult”

As you can see based on his comments, he’s quite comfortable with what he’ll be doing with your body. The total cost of the BBL is $8,999. If you would like to add additional areas of fat with liposuction, it will be an additional $500 per area. That pricing is all-inclusive so you don't have any other out of pocket expenses.

We require a 10% non refundable deposit to schedule surgery and hold your pricing. Please fill out and sign the credit card authorization form that has been attached.

Please let me know your thoughts and when you are interested in scheduling surgery.

Cynthia Perez
Patient Coordinator

//////The only thing that bothers me is the fact that she said he would DEF add more to my hips for the hr glass. My hips are already 42.5 and Im kinda ashamed of them...maybe because im not as shapely as I would like to be... Thoughts anyone????

Pics I sent to Dr. Salama for BBL

These are the 3 pics I sent to Nancy at Dr Salamas office. I have lost a few pounds since I took the other pics I posted on my intial review.

E-mail from Dr. Salamas Office answering all my questions......

Good morning Chasity,

I hope you are doing great today. Thank you for your interest in our office. Dr. Salama is an amazing surgeon and you will be very happy J Please see below for answers to your questions:

1. I was told Dr Salama offers military discounts, is this true? Yes, this is true! We love our Military patients and offer a 5% off discount.

2. once the fat is removed from around my waist will I need a tummy tuck? It does not appear that you need a tummy tuck as you do not have loose hanging skin. Although, the doctor reserves the right to change his opinion once he sees you in person.

3. Next thing is, what will happen to my tattoos? Your tattoos will remain the same as no skin is being cut out.

4. I guess my question is, how much wider will they be after he adds fat to them or will they just be more curvy? You will not be wider. We will fill in the lateral gluteal region just enough to make it all more even. It will look great! It will just be curvaceous.

5. ? And I def plan to have my inner thighs done as well. You may add your inner thighs. It will be an additional $500.00

6. I am currently deployed and I plan to schedule immediately upon returning in July or Aug. Are there dates open during those months and can I email the documents to you rather than faxing them...we dont have fax capabilities here. Dr. Salama is currently booking into August of 2014. If you would like to have it done in August, you must schedule the surgery now. My first Available date is August 15th. Does that date work for you ? if it does, please send in the email the credit card authorization form with the deposit. you will be required to come in one day prior to the procedure and must stay for a minimum of ten days. You may stay in the recovery house. The fee is $1899.00 and includes transportation, round the clock care and all meals and snacks. It’s in a very nice cozy and comfy house. Like a home away from home.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Nothing yet. Give me a few days yall Im deployed. I got a job to do.

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Hi hun congrats on your choice... have you sent in your pics to Dr Cortes yet??
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Yes Luci tol me to gain 10 to 12lbs which I did already. Im already paid up im just ready to get it over with now.
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Dr.Cortes was one of the doctors on my list but there was another scheduling conflict there along with Dr.Campos. In the end I went with Dr.Salama in FL. My date is June 9,2014. I will keep you ladies posted..
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Well I went back and forth abd I started with Dr J then decided I was with salama and ultimately I ended up with Cortes. Hes a beast with cinching that waist. I cabt wait til u pist pics. Good luck and keep us posted.
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Hey I'm going to Dr. Salama also after my deployment. I'm scheduled for 14 October. Good luck with your surgery. I will be following your journey.
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Gurl I changed my mind about him in Jan but they wont let me change it. I am now going with Dr Cortes out of Houston. I am schedule for 9 July but Iy be redeploying early so im def gon a bumpy date up. Im already paid off, my deploymebt has become boring and im soooo ready to go hack home. Where at you deployed at right now. Hope its near me. I dont know a soul.
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Why did you change your mind? I'm at Marmal up North.
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Im at Shank. We out of ft hood so Cirtes is close and im due to pcs within 90 days after I get back. One of my gurlfriends was telln me that Salama had given a few gurls sum severe burns and I really like his work but I really dont want to go thru the back and forth with anyone like that. Especially in a whole different state. Thats more money out the pocket ya kno?
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So wait they offer a military discount??? That's was good info girl thank you because I pay my deposit tomorrow so I'm def going to ask for that discount every Lil bit helps I'm booking for August too but hoping to be bumped to July an if the hubby deploys looks like ill be at the recovery house lol
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Hey girlie how r things going
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Well Nancy answered all my questions and im puttin down my deposit tommorrow. Ill b gettn the bbl with inner thighs done and I will be staying at the guest house. Yay. Minica Z from Dr Jimmersins office has been blowingme up. Took ek long enuff...my mind already made up!!!!! Salamaaaaa
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Lol can u say late smh. Thts good when are you looking to get it done
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15 August.
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Girl, you don't look like you need any type of TT! Is that your ab definition I see under the weight? It's poppin' in every pic. Salama told me that excess skin after lipo can retract pretty well on its own, the younger you are and the better shape you're in. I swear you look like you'll be just fine.
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Gurl idk. in my mind i jus imagine the doc suckin out all the fat and then i end up wit loose saggy skin with stretch marks and thats a bad combination rit there lol. I can jus see it now, dr salama will suck out all the fat and that tattoo around my waist will me lookin like tire tracks on my skin lol. I will add this question when I respond to Nancy. I havent seen any girls with stomach tats that got lipo. The sites either blur it out or dont use the patients pics. Hell i wanna see real results. ya kno wat i mean. and as far as my six pack goes yea im sure its hiding underneath there but only dr salama can get it to come out. hopefully!!!
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Lol! Tire tracks?? Girl, you crazy! Maybe I just can't see it bc it doesn't look like you have a lot of fat or stretched out skin now. Look at that definition!! No way your skin will be a stretched out saggy mess!! Now mine on the other hand has me concerned! Lol. Either way luv, it's your body and you have to be happy, so it's good to ask. Sometimes we see things that about ourselves that other people just don't see. I think Dr. S got u though.
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Gurl I kniw. My friend says we are our own worst crtics and she is so right. We as women jus dnt see what everybody else sees. Im waiting patiently for their response so I can post it tho. Hopefully she explains it to where it makes sense.
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Hey boo did u ask about the military discount?
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Aww darnit PussnBoots I forgot. I was so sleepy when I saw that email in my SPAM last nite. I didnt eveb respind yet but I will right now. Thabks for the reminder babe!
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what are you going to do about your tattoo? it is going to change.. drastically. if you exercise you can change the muscle under by lengthening them.... ballet or yoga then he pulls in the waist and pushes out the butt. and you can keep it near that 42
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Gurl I dnt kno way imma do about any of em. Im mak8ing a list of questions based off wat everyone is asking me and email them back to her and see what she says. I dont even know if any of them will b affected by the surgery. Either way im cool as long as they dnt get cut off or summin. If they drop I can always redesign them and make em bigger.
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they have people that can incorporate them into something new and spectacular... .i want the bubble not the shelf....lol
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Yes thr bubble is def an eye catcher fr me. Its jus got a cleaner look than the shelf. I ak def preparung to make these tats bigger bcuz I do think my skin will sbap bak I dnt think my tribals will looklike tribals anymore. I picture my waist being so small that the tribal on my waist looks like tire tracks. Like from a bike or summin. Im def getting them bigger if they lose their shape and im sure they will. Or hell it may jus sink below my damn panty line. And depending on how he does with my hips the one on my thigh may end up on my hip lol
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Girl you gonna look bomb he knows what he doing you havea great foundation
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