Upper/lower Abs,back,& Flanks with Vaser Lipo - Atlanta, GA

So to start off let me describe myself..I'm 22...

So to start off let me describe myself..I'm 22 years old 5'3 currently weighing around 135-138. My scheduled appoint for the lipo is on the 24th..that's 6 days away!! I'm super excited and of course nervous and scared.. I had my consultation three weeks ago and the dr and staff was super friendly..they spent 3 hours explains everything to me.

Lipo today!

They started the whole lipo thing @ 9:40 and they didnt finish till around 4-ish....they REALLY took their time with me...for all those people out there that said it was painless....you guys are lying!!!!!! It was a bit painful but I sucked it up..really the only painful part is when they numb you up and when they inject the tumescent fluid into the fat cells....The doctors decided not to do the thighs this time he really just wanted to go use on my abs flanks and back, I was totally fine with waiting for the inner thighs...well I am not in much pain now...there's a little leaking on left flank area...I was told they removed 300cc from my back and a total of about 900 cc from my abdomen and flank area...the nurse said she was suprised I was hiding so much fat there. I'm not suppose to take any of this padding off so I will show the 1 day post op pictures then. But I will post the before pictures up. :)

Pre op pictures

I took these right before heading out of the door to the doctors office.

Post op day 1

Yikes! I woke up to my pj's soaked... Mostly from my right and left flank incisions...they are both bruised too. Everything is swollen! >.

Day 3.. :/

Pain hasn't really been an issue with me..on a scale of 0-10 (10 being most pain) I would say I'm at a 4. I never took any of the pain meds the doctor gave me; I don't think I will need them...I am still super bruised you can tell from the pictures( mostly under my "pooch" and near my belly button). Hopefully I'm still really swollen bc that stubborn pooch is still there :( I think I'm getting a little bigger..but I can't really tell...what do you guys think? I want to start exercising soon but i don't want to push it because I know it's still a little soon...when would be a good time to start? I'm going to give myself a week to heal before I start.

1 week 1 day post op

I just made my first post op appointment for next week on Wednesday for my massage session with my doctor...I noticed lumpiness in a few areas and they said the massage sessions are suppose to help....as far as pain...I'm not really in any pain at all other than a tiny bit of soreness around the openings from the micro canals...my little pooch is still there...hopefully it will be all gone by week two.

Week one post op pictures

Not much change..so I'm still waiting and hoping for better results when all the swelling and bruising is gone.

More pictures

These were taken at night right before going to bed..(idk why but I think I'm bigger at night...and a lot smaller during the day) but you can't really see the lumps all that great in these pictures... But there's a lot of them ..most around my belly button area...after my first deep tissue therapy massage I was a little sore... I won't be doing any more updates until I finish all 10 of my dtt massages...hopefully the lumps will go away by then.


So far I have missed 3 out of 10 of my dtt...my last dtt is scheduled for Tuesday..so far...I love my results...I can wear everything that I own and look great in it. Most of the lumpy-ness is gone..my diet has changed: I don't eat ask much. I also jog/walk about 10 miles a week..I know it's not a lot but it is better than nothing. Here's some photos :)


My progress
Dr. Gerry Sotomayor

The doctor and his staff were amazing! Each nurse took their time to explain everything to me. They kept asking if I had any questions or concerns. They really took their time, I didn't feel rushed at all. They made me feel very comfortable; making my decision to get this done much easier.

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WOW! You look fabulous Bubbles! How are you feeling?
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You think you were not in pain, because you were not that fat??? I am about to have my surgery next week, and I am so afraid of the pain :(. Any advice???
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I am a baby when it comes to pain...but I was chasing my niece around two days after my surgery. I would say its more of a sore feeling (like you did 100 crunches /sit ups) and painful. Everyone's post op experience is different. But from what I have read before doing the loop and what I experienced for myself..pain should not be an issue :) good luck with your procedure. Let me know how things go!
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I would say its more of a sore feeling and NOT painful***
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Thanks for answering. I am having my procedure this Wednesday, I will keep you posted!
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Hello Peruviangirl! I thought I'd chime in... I had my procedure 11 days ago and can tell you I was indeed in pain. Not the kind that keeps you bed ridden, but very, very sore. I had my upper/lower abs, upper/lower back, flanks, and upper butt area done. The first two days were awkward with a swolen sensation and the third day, it hurt to stand. It felt like I was being stretched, but once I was up and moving, I was okay. I second IBuBBles, it felt like you did 100 crunches. Be prepared for different sensations, not much of a pain. At day 11, I can say it feels tingly, numb and simply annoying. I hope this helps and I wish you great luck! Keep us posted!
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It's great that you are so happy with your results. It sounds like you still have some swelling and your figure will continue to improve. You look great!
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Yes. My doctor says I should see even better results by next month. I'm excited. And thanks :)
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interested in how things are progressing, I have a consultation with this doctor next week!
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I had my first deep tissue therapy last Wednesday...it was suppose to get rid of the "lumps" or scar tissue but to be honest I think it has made it even more visible :( they said I need 10 dtt treatments and that my final results won't show until month 3...ill post pictures after my 10th treatment :) gl with your procedure!
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thanks for the update
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Great pics. Glad to see your not in crazy pain. The Dr I saw said no way could I go without taking something like vicodin. That med gives me insane headaches and nasua. What did your Dr perscribe for you?
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My doctor gave me Lortab.
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Good luck with your recovery. We have similar body types so I think you'll be super happy. I'm one month after my procedure and am wearing pants 2 sizes smaller :) I guess you'll be SOREEEEEE for the next week or two and will probably leak tonight. Keep us posted!
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Ahh you're right..I'm super sore only when I bend over to pick something up...but it'll be all worth it when I'm fully healed I'm sure. :)
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Can wait to hear how it goes
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