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Decided to give Ulthera a try today, service was...

Decided to give Ulthera a try today, service was $500 off this month. I am 50, and desired to tighten my lower face and neck and hope to stave off plastic surgery for a few years. I am describing the procedure not the outcome, as the verdict won't be out on that for 4-6 months.

My physician took photos (before my consult) and actually had a cancellation so I went right to the procedure. I was a candidate as my lower face and jowl do not have a great deal of sagging. I would describe myself as weight-appropriate, and a person who has taken care of her skin over the years (botox, some fillers, and Retin A). He did a nerve block of lower face and neck (injections in your mouth and also your face and neck), numbing me but not to the point that I was totally without feeling. He marked my face with a wax pen(which I could feel) and he started.

The ultrasound device felt like sparklers in my skin, pinpricky, every time he shot a "dose" into my skin, and there was a little heat. It feels basically the same as getting any kind of non-ablative laser treatment (I have roseacea so have had quite a few laser treatments for that). I would NOT describe this as pain free, on a scale of 1-10, about a 4-5. You can have pain medicine and valium ahead of the procedure but I decided not to. There were 2 pass throughs, one for deep tissue, one for more surface tissue. It was over in 45 mins. He treated from cheekbones to mid-neck, no mouth area nor nose area. My face was numb and swollen from the lidocaine for 3 hours afterward, but now is fine. My cheeks were red like being out in cold wind but that is better, and there is no pain afterward. I will report back on brusing (there could be some I was told, likely yellowish not purple). Of course my skin feels tighter but it is too early to tell anything really for months. I am choosing undecided for "was it worth it?" as of course, the results are not seen yet. Hope this helps!


I was speaking today with a doctor that has an Ulthera machine, and he mentioned that results take up to 3 months to fully take hold. Apparently it's important to get "before" photos so you can see whether the "after" met or exceeded your expectations.

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Hi fifty,

Welcome to the community and thanks for the review. I completely understand not knowing whether it is worth/not worth it. This is a very thorough review which will be really helpful to the community. Please keep us updated and let us know how everything goes.



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Update: happy to report not a bruise in sight, the morning after my procedure. Today I feel a little puffy, but no one would notice that but me.

Am updating my status, about 5 weeks post...

Am updating my status, about 5 weeks post procedure. First, I will say that I did not bruise, but my cheeks were a bit swollen for at least a week-nothing anyone but me noticed. It looked like perhaps I had gained weight in my face. This is now completely gone. Had a follow up appointment today and the Doctor said what I thought he would, as I can see improvement myself. Some lifting of marionette lines mouth to chin, a slightly tighter jaw line and small improvement under chin in neck area. Photos were taken. He scheduled me for another appointment the beginning of March, I will report back then! I am pleased so far. Keepin "worth it" as a ? because I want to wait until the "full" effects are seen, and compare my before/ after photos.


Thanks for keeping us all posted.

Please report back in March!
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Thanks for the update.  Looking forward to seeing before and afters

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3 month update: very pleased! Went for my follow...

3 month update: very pleased! Went for my follow up appointment and viewed the befores and afters...yay! I saw a definate difference in jowl line (much crisper) marionette lines (reduced)and I now have hollows under my cheekbones, so definate lifting has occurred! I definately recommend this procedure! My physician said a bit more improvement may be seen innext few months as well.


That is a significant/effective outcome...great news........a happy consumer. Many thanks!
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Reprt is in! Very pleased with results :)

Update, still very pleased. Jaw line Firmer, ...

Update, still very pleased. Jaw line Firmer, hollows in cheeks due to tightening of skin, I love.... even some neck improvement. overall satisfied. Will do again as needed in a few years, unless technology comes up with something better!


at Nadia, I understand as I got restylane under my eyes and one eye appeared more swollen than the other. I tried applying warm compresses and pressing on the swollen eye to try to smooth the filler downward. I still noticed it. It took about 6 months before it went down and now my eyes are more even. I will never do that again. The same should happen to you. These worse things about fillers is practitioners that overdo it. I found one that gives just right to make frown lines disappear and I am very pleased with her and will repeat when needed from her only.
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OO I am so mad at myself. I stupidly paid over 1000 dollars for radiesse to flesh out my cheeks -- meaning I got rid of my wonderful cheekbones and purposely gave myself a FAT face and jowls -- who would be so dumb but me? It has made me soooo miserable have not left my house in weeks and cannot stop crying. I am hoping ultherapy might get me back to where I was....pretty and not ugly, hideous. So depressed!
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Nadiahoney, the radiesse filler will eventually go away, and your face will shrink back. Ultherapy builds collagen over time, I am not sure spending the $ on that now will get you where you want to go. Also, you should go back to your physician and see what he/ she might suggest.

Round two today...two years later. Decided to go...

Round two today...two years later. Decided to go for the full face this time. I am seeing some drooping on the outer corners of my eyes, and also downturn to my mouth so am hoping to fix these areas. As for my jawline, it remains nice and "crisp" from the first procedure, but he went more into the whole neck this time and I am hoping for good improvement of the slight creepiness I am getting under my chin. Experience much like last time, although the forehead deep pass hurt like a 7-8 even with the numbing. It went quickly, and the shallower pass was not a problem at all. Will update! $3200 for full face.


Thank you fiftyandfab. It's so great that you are willing to share your experience with the rest of us. I'm 56 and I just had my first full neck treatment yesterday. I don't see any changes and I'm perfectly willing to wait until the 3 month mark...hoping for some improvement sooner though. It sounds like you've had the best experience anyone could ask for. Good luck on your second treatment, i'm sure it will be everything you expect, and thanks so much for sharing. =)
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Update 5 months post round two of ulthera!

Soooo pleased with Ulthera. Botox has worn off completely, I normally have by my eyes and forehead done to reduce crows feet and lift my eyebrows but I feel like I don't need it now! I'm also not noticing my neck so ugh anymore either, but it's by no means perfect, just better.


I really think you don't see results until 6 months, it's funny....it's almost like you don't notice, and bam! Things are better!
Thanks, that's encouraging. I don't know if you remember early on how anxious you were to see results, but I'm going nuts waiting. It's nice to hear patience is not unrewarded. =)
It's funny, it kinda sneaks up on you. My realization was,gee, it's time for botox...and I looked and said, hmmm! Now, I don't look 20 but I do think between this and fillers perhaps a facelift will not be necessary. Subtle, and halting aging. My husband thinks I look 40. I'll take that!
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