I have had two kids and the last child was a...

I have had two kids and the last child was a pretty big baby. I have lost a ton of weight in the past but just this past year I picked up about 20 pounds. I really have not been caring for my diet or anything. I actually still look pretty great to have gained 20 pounds. All my weight tends to go to my stomach and back. I have multiple rolls and my stomach is ridiculous. I figured I would never be able to lose this stomach no matter how many situp I do or how many times I works myself hard at the gym.

I'm soooo READY to do this. June 1st can not get here fast enough. I went to my preop appointment this past Tuesday and all went great. I feel so comfortable with my Dr. I'm having my surgery with Dr. Davoudi at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Surgery. His office is great and he is just overall fabolous.

3 days post op. Whoot Whoot. June 1st is almost...

3 days post op. Whoot Whoot. June 1st is almost here. I have so many mixed emotions. I think I'm pretty excited. So can't wait until its all over. Doing pretty well on my liquid diet. It's actually not too bad. Still have more supplies to get and then I will be all set. Not sleeping all that because my nerves are bad. Anxiety is kicking in. Pray for me guys

Very nervous.....I can't wait until this is all...

Very nervous.....I can't wait until this is all over. I never mentioned how this came about. My co-worker and I have been discussing all type of things that I could try to reduce this belly fat. Initially I had made several appointments to get a consultation about smart lipo only. Good thing my co-worker kept talking to me and said I should get the tummy tuck instead. I'm glad I listed to her. Don't think lipo alone or the TT alone would have done me any justice. All of this came about in a months time. Main point here is I never really thought about having a TT. It came across my mind but was always dismissed immediately because I never had the funds to do it. Consultation on 5/10 and on 5/11 I scheduled for surgery on 6/1. Pre op was on 5/22.

This my journey.....It's just about that time. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.....

Just got a call from my PS that surgery time has...

Just got a call from my PS that surgery time has now changed to 11:30 tomorrow so they want me to be at his office at 9:30 to take better before pics and then off to the hospital by 10:15. So excited but would have rather stuck with my original time of 7:30. Bummer!!

4 days PO. OMG!!! This pain is no joke. Those...

4 days PO. OMG!!! This pain is no joke. Those first two days I thought I was going to have to go back to the hospital. The percocet was not working for me at all so he had to call me in another pain med to work along with the percocet. I saw my tummy briefly today and it looks flat. I had some wrinkles in it and he promises when the swelling goes down the wrinkle will smoothen out. I had vomitting and that was soooooooo painful. Coughing is painful as well. I super glad to get it all down but these last few days have really been rough for me. No appetite at all. I was not until today I really wanted to eat something light and drink something. I've been walking but I get really tired after that. Im weening myself off of the pain med. Overall I feel good today and glad I went ahead and done it Hope to post pics soon

Lovely weekend. Did lots of walking at Callaway...

Lovely weekend. Did lots of walking at Callaway Gardens. It really helped with my posture. I'm almost walking straight. Still taking pain mess as needed. They don't put me to sleep but make me pain free. Post op day 9 and I'm feeling good. Drains are getting on my nerves. Loop areas still sore. I have stiches in my back from lipo. Resting today. Going back to work tomorrow

18 days PO and feeling great. Went to see my PS...

18 days PO and feeling great. Went to see my PS today and he told me I had fluid in my back from the lipo he did. That explains why my back was soooo tight and giving me so much pain. He drained 120 CC's of fluid. WOW!!! That is a lot. I have felt better ever since. My back had been giving me the most problem. He said all is going well. The wrinkles in my stomach he confirmed again will go away as the swelling goes down. My scar doesn't look the best so we are working on that. Overall I'm thrilled with my results. I look very nice in dressed and t-shirts. I will be posting after pics soon so you guys can see my progress with the wrinkles and my scar. I say it all worth it and don't regret having this done. Loving the skin I'm in.

I went and saw my PS last Thursday. He said all...

I went and saw my PS last Thursday. He said all is going well and that my BB looks really good. My back and tummy is still very swollen. He assured me that the swelling would go down with time. I look in the mirror everyday and I do see progress. My scar is coming along well. Looks better than it did originally. I have keloids so it still very puffy on one side and again not as flat as I would like it. Overall I'm still very pleased with my results. I will post after pics later today. I will actually post one now of my at the beach. Stomach and back looks really good when I put on clothes. Super excited that I do not have to worry about holding my stomach in and the ugly rolls on my back. It was so disgusting. I was about 169 the day of surgery and today I weighed in at 154 so I'm super excited about that. That's about 15 pounds. My goal is to get down to about 145 and stay there. My PS said I could not get in the pool or go back to the gym until 8 weeks so I have another month or so. No abdomen exercises for 1 year. My muscles are already tight so the cardio alone should take care of the rest. Will definitely wear my binder again when I begin exercising. This was the best decision I ever made. Good luck to all about to have surgery and happy healing to those who are already on the FLAT SIDE. Whooo Hooooo.......

This swelling is no joke. I have to watch my salt...

This swelling is no joke. I have to watch my salt intake. I can instantly feel my tummy swelling when I eat certain things. Overall everything is going good. I still do get fatigue at times and I'm still taking my pain meds at night and sometimes during the day. Scar is looking better and better. I still have a ton of stretch marks but hey I do not really care about them. I'm just glad I'm flat. My back is still quite swollen as well. I be glad when it flattens out. It's pretty flat now compared to what it did look like.

Good luck to those that have surgeries coming up and congrads to those who are on the flat side.

I sneezed so hard this morning it felt like...

I sneezed so hard this morning it felt like something in my stomach popped. My tummy swelled up immediately and I was in discomfort for quite some time. I go and visit my PS again on the 28th. Can't wait to see him so he can review my progress. Still dealing with swelling and pain in my back. I have a hard time sleeping and so I do take pain pills at night.

7 weeks PO this week and life is good. I'm doing...

7 weeks PO this week and life is good. I'm doing wonderful. It still hurts to sneeze or cough. Still dealing with swell hell but other than that everything is peachy. Loving my new look. I even got a new hair cut to go with my new look. I think I will start working out this week and then hopefully get in a pool soon.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Love my PS and his staff as well. They have a very gorgeous office and tend to all of my needs. They are really just a phone call away. They are so willing to assist me with everything I need.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Drea30 I am also scheduled for Dr. Davoudi and very nervous now that I have seen your pics. Most tucks are smooth and flat because most docs pull the skin down yours is very wrinklydid he say why you don't have a smooth stomach? Did it change after you healed up a bit? also the back lipo I was going to get it but have decided against it now. please let me know.
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Hi I like your results,will you be posting any more pics? Would love to see how the back turned out.
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Gurl you look good! I'm at 4 weeks on Monday, not standing up straight all the way but getting there. My lipo sides are really hard and swollen now. Does it ever soften up? Also how is your scar therapy working?
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hope all of you are doing well, have not been on site for a while, i am 4 months post op and loving it, started the "beachbody" workout system and loving that as well, my results are amazing, scar gets lighter all the time and i do finally feel normal again, i would say it took me about 3 fullo months to not hurt at all anymore and be able to do all the things i used to do, but it was so worth it, i look at the mirror everyday and am thankful and greatful and still am amazed it is really me, im 55 years old and feel like im about 40 now, life is good, god is good......................kathy
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Hi. Just stumbled on your review. How is the swelling? And the wrinkles? I have them too
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You look awesome!!!! I to am using Dr Davoudi he is great and the staff is good too. I go in on the 24th. im so excited and nervous.
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Hi tjuana how was your results re and post op with Dr Davoudi>
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Good luck with the swelling. It's a waiting game that I'm apparently playing, too.
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I'm so over it. It's like really. Then I'm dealing with the burning sensations from the lipo when I lay down and get back up. This is definitely a roller coaster ride but I'm in for the wave. I so glad I got this down but I don't believe I expected all this.
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Drea, it is an up and down ride isnt it ? best of luck to you
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wow you look great and i must say im being patient also lol. he said im healing very well and quick he gave me a date to come back for my 4th po oct 1st. i'll be working out of course but im praying these flanks go away, i wont be satisfied even if its a little bit there. i know the potential of how it would look if the tuck was extended and they were removed!!! so i'll definitely be getting a revision if my doggy ears are still sticking out. Thanks for the positive insight
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Patients is the key. You really can't tell my flanks are swollen with my clothes on but I know I will be pissed if this turns out not too be swelling. Trying to stay positive. Wishing he would have extended my scar so my tummy wouldn't have the wrinkles. Oh well I'm overall satisfied with results. I can actually lay on my side and nothing is hanging. I can bend over and nothing is hanging. Such a blessing to be able to have surgery. Good luck!! Keep in touch...
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new york, just something i wanted to say about you working out, before you start doing abdomen or core exercises make sure you check with PS as I am 9 weeks out and had muscle repair(not sure if you did), but I still am not allowed to do ab work etc, i go back in a few weeks and will see what they say again.
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My PS said no stomach exercises for an entire year. I thought that was pretty extreme but maybe not. All PS's are different. If you really think about it the purpose of doing stomach exercises is to tighten the muscle. We have that already. Cardio should take care of the rest.
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@drea30, hang in there, i dont think any of us realize just how long it takes to get your final results, we wait to decide on the surgery, save money, then wait for the actual surgery and we want results when we wake up, or as soon as the tape etc comes off, and then we have to wait about 3 months for final results, but it is sooooooooo worth it in the end.  best of luck to you.
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Thanks Kathy. I'm trying to be patient. Can't wait to see the final results. Overall I'm pleased thus far
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Drea, surprised i have not seen your posts on here before, im at 9 weeks, glad to hear you are doing well, also hang in there the swelling does get better ! 
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I will be glad when this swelling subsides. It's a lot to deal with.
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Ok good to know. well u just hang in there ..one day at a time. it will definitely be better
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I have confidence in Dr. D. So I noticed you mention u have the wrinkles becuz ur incision is very small. Is the incision from side to side, or u decided that u wanted it small? and also is the wrinkles gonna go away. let me know. u look great tho
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The wrinkles are going away and my scar is flattening out. Coming along very well. Again, very pleased with my results. My waist is so small. Still dealing with swelling. Dr. D decided to make the incision very small. I would not have mind if it was bigger. I just wanted a flat tummy
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Did you ask Dr Davoudi to do a revision? Are you still happy with results
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I am soooo excited for u Drea30. Mine is coming up with the same PS in 2 months
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You will love your results. I plan to take pics tonight. My tummy is flat but not as smooth as I would like it and that is because my incision so small. Overall still happy with my results
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Hi how was your pre & post op with Dr Davoudi? did you like your results?
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