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2 month PO - My scar looks great but a little red - Atlanta, GA

After having 2 kids and honestly not working out...

After having 2 kids and honestly not working out for a long time I have a big tummy that is really getting me down. I have said I would get a tummy tuck if my stomach was stretched out after having my kids. Both were big babies, 9 and 10 lbs. I finally have had enough and am planning to have my surgery Dec. 11th. I will have a full tuck and lipo of the bra roll aka back fat.

I am a little worried right now that I will catch the horrible cold both of my children have and will have to postpone the surgery. It is perfectly planed right now for recovery before Christmas and a beach vacation I have booked for the end of February. If this cough worsens I will have to wait till after my vacation to do surgery. Bummer. 
I can't believe my surgery is just a week away. I need to do so many things. I am having a cocktail party on Friday which I realize now I can not partake in the drinking. No alcohol for a week before surgery. Also no smoking or nicorette gum. So I have quit cold turkey. Hopefully this time it will stick. I turn 40 in 2013 and really want to make some major changes. 

I really have high expectations about my recovery. My mother is going to care for me at her house for the first 4 days and then she will take my 2 kids for a week. A four yr boy and 2 yr girl.

My husband is very supportive, he will have the kids alone for almost a week. 
I sure hope I recover as quickly as others I have seen posted. 

So far so good. I seem to have escaped the...

So far so good. I seem to have escaped the horrible coughing bug the rest of my family has. I know how bad it hurts to cough after a csection I can't even imagin after a TT. I am getting my house in order for my soon absence. All the kids laundry is done, which I think is a first:) I am tempted to pack my sons school lunches in advance and lay out his clothes. My house is clean, I will stock the fridge and pantry tomorrow. Then try and spend some quality time with the kids. I am going to miss them and worry how they are going to take it. I just recently started staying home with them instead of having a nanny. I hired someone to manage my business 3 days a week so I can stay home with them. They are not going to be happy.
I have been prepping my little guy for this. I've told him I will be having surgery and that I can't carry him or his sister for a few weeks and that they won't be able to sit in my lap. We have even practiced getting in the car with out me lifting them. My 2 year old weighs 37 lbs. and my son is over 40lbs. Tomorrow I am going to pick up some recovery supplies. Light foods, soups, jello, crackers...
I cancelled the cocktail party I was planning for my employee holiday party this Friday. I don't know what I was thinking. That would have been way too much to deal with. And a drag for me since I can't have any cocktails for a while. That was a big load off.
I feel like I did anticipating the birth of my kids. I know it's going to hurt like hell but so worth it. Only 4 more days.

My kids were fighting over my lap tonight. The...

My kids were fighting over my lap tonight. The older one (4) knows that I am having surgery and that my lap will be unavailable for a while so he is all over me. I still have a little cough, I'm not willing to cancel but coughing is going to be awful. Good news, the booze ban has helped me lose 5 lbs. Its crazy how easy it has been for me to quit drinking and smoking. It's like I am pregnant in reverse. By th e time I am ready to start working out I should already be close to my goal weight. My husband and I have a vacation to a beautiful resort scheduled for the end of feb. I can't wait to get back in a bikini. I hope 10 weeks is enough recovery time.

Ordered two more post surgery things today- a...

Ordered two more post surgery things today- a Contours Backmax and a grabber. I will have a recliner the first 5 days after surgery at my folks house but at home I will still get to sleep in my own bed with hubby. Also as crazy as it sounds I work from home and I can lay in bed and get some work done as comfortably as possible. Being your own boss / business owner is nice but you never get a real vacation, I worked in the hospital after each baby. Even taking calls from clients while in labor. I do have plans to take one week mostly off. I hope to sleep as much as possible the first 3 days. I am an insomniac by nature and with the anticipation of my surgery I have been getting even less sleep. I am looking forward to a rest.

I am in pain but it is tolerable. I got a brief...

I am in pain but it is tolerable. I got a brief look at my tummy and wow it is tight and flat. Dr said she got 4 lbs of fat from TT not sure how much from lipo. She also lifted my pubic area which after 2 kids needed a little lift. I can't wait to be in less pain and check myself out. I hope after the next batch of pain meds I can get some sleep. I have been listing to an audio book and that is helping take my mind off of the pain. I suggest to others with upcoming surgeries to get one.

Ouch painful morning. Cried a lot until pain went...

Ouch painful morning. Cried a lot until pain went down. My cough came back and it was awful! Doing better now but it is hard to get around.

Feeling better. This recliner is awesome. I am...

Feeling better. This recliner is awesome. I am still very hunched over but I am much better. A little sleep helped. I am pretty tough but this is no joke. It really hurts.

My husband and kids are on their way over to my...

My husband and kids are on their way over to my folks house to visit. I changed my clothes and hid my drains. I think they would be scared of them. I can't wait to see them, it's only been 3 days but I really miss them. We skyped last night and they were so sweet. My 2 y/o said mommy we need you home. I am so lucky to have my family's support through all this.

Home again and happy. It was peaceful at my folks...

Home again and happy. It was peaceful at my folks house but I missed my family. My dear hubby actually cleaned the house really well before I got home. I was worried it would be a disaster. The pain is much better today. I took the morning off any pain pills and was fine till the later part of the day. Still scared to cough or laugh too hard. Still draining about 50-60 ml each side per day. Drains are annoying but I'm in no hurry to get them out as long as it keeps the swelling down. I did get on the scale and I weigh the same as the day of surgery. I know I look better and am not worried about number.

Feeling better. Back to work today. (i work form...

Feeling better. Back to work today. (i work form home so I am actully working from bed right now) super sleepy all day. After this post I am taking a nap. Nothing new as far as my recovery. Still draining about the same, still swollen and itchy. Pain is not as bad but I am still on real pain pills. I took some new pics and will post as soon as I am done with htis update. I did weigh myself again and I am the same as presurgery. I can't wait for swelling to go away so I can see final results.

7 day po I'm feeling pretty good. Slept a lot...

7 day po I'm feeling pretty good. Slept a lot today but when not sleeping feel almost normal until I need to walk around. Still hunched over but pain is minimal, still on pain pills though. Pretty swollen, keeping binder super tight. I think I am going to wash my hair tomorrow and try to get a little gussied up. Still too swollen for normal clothes. Coughing does not feel like I am being stabbed anymore. My appetite is comming back so I need to be careful since I can't really workout. I'm going to start doing arm weights but other than that have to see what PS says.

PO 9. Today is my first PO appointment. I am so...

PO 9. Today is my first PO appointment. I am so swollen not sure what I can wear out in public other than leggings. Also weird but my face is broken out, at first I thought I had hit my forehead and forgotten but now I think it is a cyst and I have another one on the right temple? Ugggg my skin is usually clear. I wonder if this has anything to do with surgery? I'm still draing the same so I guess I won't be getting rid of those today so no shower yet. I bet that is why I am breaking out. I washed my hair for the first time yesterday.

So I got out of the house for the first time today...

So I got out of the house for the first time today other than my PO appointment. did a little shopping. I realized that I have no long sleeved shirts and all of a sudden it is freezing in Atlanta. I am still too swollen to really go clothes shopping but I did get a new shirt and sweater. I got a medium shirt yay! I am still so swollen that I can't fit into a lot of things but it is still so nice to not have fat rolls on my tummy! I took some Tylenol before I went out just in case I started to hurt but I felt fine and have not taken any since then. I really hate taking pills. I actually have been really bad and not taken my vitamins they gave me. And I forget to take my antibiotic a lot. Speaking of which after this post I need to take it. I really can't wait for the swelling to go down. Also I still have one drain and it gets more annoying every day. My 2 yr daughter calls it my train. My BFF and I went shopping today and she is totally grossed out by the drain and made sure I had it covered up, not so easy to hide.
I have my annual ladies Christmas party tomorrow night and I am excited but also worried about doing too much. I am really tring to avoid sodium and can really feel the swell difference when I do have more sodium. Also I have to be good and stick to one glass of wine, that will be a first!
So aside from annoying drain and swelling nothing is new. Just waiting to be back to normal. I do miss my husband if you know what I mean- 5 more weeks :(

Slept really well and long last night, took some...

Slept really well and long last night, took some Xanax before bedtime and it really helped. Took my second shower since surgery today. I still have a drain and dr said I am supose to wait till they are out I cheated by wrapping my drain area with plastic wrap. I feel so much better clean. Also down 4 lbs since last weigh. Swelling was minimal this morning. I slept in my back max with my feet up all night and that really helped. I changed my tape and my scar is looking good. My next PO is not till Monday 12/31 and I should get 2nd drain out and get fitted for new cg. It will be so nice to be drain free. My belly button is a gross crusty mess. I cleaned it with alcohol and put some antibiotic ointment on it and hope that it will clear up soon. It is still numb and that is weird, but probably better. Atleast it doesn't hurt. I am stir crazy and my kids as well. I'm actually excited to work tomorrow. All I can think is 2 months from now me and my husband will be on our second honeymoon in Mexico kid free and I can't wait!!!!!

Got my 2nd/ last drain out yesterday. It didn't...

Got my 2nd/ last drain out yesterday. It didn't really hurt as much as feel gross! It did ache afterwards and still kinda does. I am still really swollen most of the time. It is really concentrated right above the scar line. My scar looks great so far. I bought some scar cream that mr dr recomends and sells. The nurse said as far a silicone strips that my scar was flat and that I shouldn't need them. I start massages on belly next week. And I guess working out again in a week. I'm thinking of having my hubby bring my recumbent stationary bike up to the family room. I'm ready to get my legs back in shape. I have been terrible about drinking water for the past week. I've always been bad about it but now I am really feeling it. I need to ditch all the leftover Xmas sweets and get back to normal!

I am a couple days shy of one month PO. I feel...

I am a couple days shy of one month PO. I feel much better.. My clothes are starting to fit again and in the mornings I look awesome. It seems that no matter what or how much I do I get pretty swollen by the end of the day. Maybe I am doing more than I realize. Like today I worked from home- laying in bed typing but still by 5pm I was very swollen. I forgot though that I hard core cleaned the house for 1 1/2 hours this morning. Also I have lifted my 30lb 2 yr old countless times today to change her diaper... It is so hard not to over do it. I need to take some new pics. I am so happy with my scar. It is so symmetrical and low. I will have no trouble concealing it. My dr really did a great job. The belly button still looks pretty angry but I am not worried. I still rather show this angry red BB over my old flabby one. Any whoo I do not regret any of this and wish I had more money to do some more lifting and tucking. But all in all so far so great. Look forward to one more month of recovery.

5 weeks PO. My scar looks great so far. I started...

5 weeks PO. My scar looks great so far. I started fancy scar cream and so far so good. It is very low and symmetrical and flat. My BB is still a little crusty. It is so hard not to pick at. I can't wait for it to be totally healed so I can go swimming, hot tub, bath...y swelling has not been bad the past 2 days. I actually almost feel normal. I started my workout bike today and feel so much better. I still want to lose 10-15 lbs. I need to start back on my normal lower carb diet. Can't wait to see how I am doing in 5 more weeks!

I feel pretty much back to normal. My scar looks...

I feel pretty much back to normal. My scar looks great but a little red. I had laser therapy on it today to reduce redness. My dr includes in cost if needed. Other than being red my scar is very flat thin low and symmetrical. The laser was mostly painless, just a little burn. I have follow up in a month and they will do again if needed. Awesome thing is they also for free hit a red spot on my nose that has bothered me for years! So as far a recovery- I still wear CG 80% of the time, I can do anything as far as working out, exercise.... Baths and hot tubs are fine. So aside from a little swelling I am back to normal. Totally worth it! I need to start working out more and eat better. I would like to lose 10lbs.
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Looking awesome! Where the heck are you going to lose 10lbs from? Your so skinny! Happy 2 months to us =)
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Super flat and tiny!!!
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Congratulations! I loved reading your log. It sounds like you are doing really well and happy! You mentioned having a c-section - one or two? I have had two c-sections. My scar is not as wide as yours - was your c-section scar smaller or about the same as your tt scar? I'm hoping the tt scar isn't wider than my c-section scar...
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I had 2 csections and my original scar was only about 3 1/2 inches unless you get a mini tuck your scar will be as long as my new one. But so worth it.
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It's a hard place to be in isn't it 5 weeks! We feel good but not good enough to go full throttle! I can't wait to have a swim in my pool and to start exercising again. Are you still wearing a cg or binder?
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I am just in spanky things. And sometimes I wear a pretty waist cincher. My dr told me I could throw away my binder when I got my drains out. Funny how all drs are different. I still wear my binder when I am feeling extra swollen.
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Looking good!
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You both sound and look great! :)
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You look great!!!! I am in the Atlanta area as well. I am scheduled for surgery next month. I am sooooooo excited!!! Who was your PS?
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Diane Alexander with artisan plastic surgery. She is right next to Northside hospital.
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I'm 2 weeks po and by the end of the end I'm pretty bloated feeling too and skin feels tight. Can't wait to work out and have some kind of intamacy with my husband. He's been so supportive.
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I miss the intimacy with my husband too. I feel like roommates. Tonight we are going out for our anniversary and I hope to get a little closer;)
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Good to hear...you will be summer ready
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You are a couple of days ahead of me! I hate wishing my days away, but I truly can't wait to not hurt anymore... I had lipo on my upper and lower back, flanks, hips and upper abs. My entire back is still numb and it is still very uncomfortable to sleep but I manage to get about 6 hours a night. I still have both of my drains in. =( I have an appointment on the 31st and hoping to get them out, we'll see! If so, Happy New Year to me! Haha Thanks for keeping us updated and I look forward to hearing how you are progressing! Happy healing! =)
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I too am just counting down the days till I feel normal- no pain or swelling. This summer will be awesome but this winter so far is really $&@ty.
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Wow you're an inspiration! You seem to be progressing really quickly in your healing; going out shopping at 10 days PO is fantastic. Your results look great!
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Its all the pain pills doing it to your face don't worry once done it will all clear up
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Actually I remembered today when I was curling my hair that a few days ago when I washed my hair and was on the pain meds I tried curling it and burned my forehead. Funny when I was on the pills I really didn't think I was loopy but now that I am only on Tylenol I realize how out of it I was. Soo any hoop the forehead blemish is a burn and the other thing is a swollen lymphoid.
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Love your pics....You look great !!!! You must be thrilled to be flat, it is such a great feeling, isnt it!!
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Good to read that your cough does not hurt as much. I am getting so so worried, I have no congestion and am on zpak but I do have cough. I am not sure what to do anymore.
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I hope your cough is better. It really sucked coughing but now that it doesn't feel like I am being stabbed every cough I am so glad I didn't put it off.
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Your results look fantastic!! Happy Healing!
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Happy recovery. Mine is in the next 2 weeks, 12/27. Happy healing. Proud of you.
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Mr dr said no alcohol before because it thins the blood I think. And no nicotine because it impairs healing. But a glass of wine should be fine. I would just abstain from now on.
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