I've wanted this for past 2 yrs but more than ever...

I've wanted this for past 2 yrs but more than ever after birth of my 8 month old son (baby #5) family & friends totally agaisnt it i finally set up appt and surgery cancelled due to high blood pressure now on pills to control from PCP and will try it again this time not discussing with many doing this for me can't worry about other opinions im nervous stressing and can't wait to get it over with!

6 more days & boy I'm about to lose my mind all...

6 more days & boy I'm about to lose my mind all kinds of thoughts I find myself constantly in the mirror this can be very stressful then my PCP dr trying to convince me not to do it I just want it over so many obstacles!

1 day po was in a lot of pain thinking what in the...

1 day po was in a lot of pain thinking what in the world did i do 2 myself glad its over ready to heal

Day 3 PO feeling a lot better still taking pain...

Day 3 PO feeling a lot better still taking pain meds around the clock a little sore when I walk around able to sit straight up & almost stand all the way up heating pad is awesome for back pain I took a peak yesterday & I'm impressed with results my stretch marks less visible extra skin gone I'm excited & happier now I can now say the pain is worth it but I wouldn't do it a 2nd time I'm very independent so resting is kinda hard

PO day 3 feeling and looking great no pain today!

PO day 3 feeling and looking great no pain today!

Couldn't get comfortable last night had a major...

Couldn't get comfortable last night had a major crying spell much better today! 6 days PO.

POD 7 no pains so why can't I sleep I guess bcuz...

POD 7 no pains so why can't I sleep I guess bcuz I'm sleeping throughout the day I'm lying on my sides now very easily swelling present not too bad drains still in not draining much hopefully removed tomorrow at dr appt walking completely straight hopefully can wean myself off meds soon binder causes itching can't wait to wear regular CG.

POD 8 home alone with my 8 month old is draining...

POD 8 home alone with my 8 month old is draining he's so busy got his leg stuck under treadmill i had to lift one side to free him not feeling pain or sore just praying i didn't ruin anything it's so hard to be on complete bed rest when you have other priorities shouldve taken him to sitter didn't think one day would be so tiring i love him though he keeps me busy :) going to dr shortly hopefully he'll remove drains im so ready for them to go im moving around really quick these few days if wasn't for drains u wouldn't no i had surgery 8 days ago feeling great the flat side with no extra skin or strech marks is awesome!

Been walking completely straight since POD 3 or 4...

Been walking completely straight since POD 3 or 4.
POD 10 was a wonderful day for me went grocery shopping and to lunch with huby hadn't taken any meds since 2 a.m. trying to wean myself off got a lil tired in the grocery store but still wanted to try a big meal since surgery havent had an appetite or room for food it felt like while sitting at the table started to feel a lil discomfort took my demerol and was fine i find i feel better without my binder able to lie completely down getting up without help also no issues with sex which scared huby to death today was a good day :)!!!

POD 11 Feb 18, 2013 swelling has went some been...

POD 11 Feb 18, 2013 swelling has went some been eating pineapples as suggested by fellow tt. Feeling ok going to have 1 drain removed today can't wait til both are gone im told i should see an improvement at week 6 im patiently waiting for my final results. Can't wait to run i so miss training for 1/2 marathon and working out

POD 12 one drain removed POD 11 my dr showed me a...

POD 12 one drain removed POD 11 my dr showed me a pic of skin removed and it was and entire belly looks like gross! Was impressed all the stretch marks on that skin feeling ok today sides a lil sore from sleeping on them miss sleeping on my belly dr says i may not need to use silicone sheets so ill hold off on purchasing anything else until time comes i think im ready to return to work getting bored miss working out :( on to the next!

POD 14 feeling great returning to work 1 week...

POD 14 feeling great returning to work 1 week early because I'm doing so well still sleeping in back sides & using recliner laid on stomach yesterday no problem just didn't want to pull stitches swelling still present eating pineapples & icepacks helps a lot. Last drain removed tomorrow.

POD 15 right last drain removed the nurse couldnt...

POD 15 right last drain removed the nurse couldnt remove it at first and dr was in surgery she finally got it to come out and thank God cuz i didnt want to be put under local ant. just for this i feel much better with both drains out started feeling muscle spasms yesterday i think feels like a mixture of menstural cramps and water cramps nurse says no additional meds needed also said im healing very well quickly will be returning to work on monday can't wait sick of sitting at home

POD 18 1st day back at work not too bad. Sitting...

POD 18 1st day back at work not too bad. Sitting comfortably and standing straight doesn't seem like I had surgery. Miss my afternoon naps though :)

POD 19 second day at work not so bad I was tired...

POD 19 second day at work not so bad I was tired by the end of the night last night went to bed really early will readjust soon but then again I have 5 kids so I had to cook, clean etc. before lying down finally removed steri tape and showered without it usually shower with it on i also added neosporin to belly button and one spot on tummy and around drain wounds dr said ok as long as not inside wound didn't mention bb so I hope it's fine it looks awesome Im loving the new me I look 18 by the belly :)!!! I hope this is not a midlife crisis lol! I think I want a belly piercing....stay tuned

Adding pod 19 picture still swollen

Adding pod 19 picture still swollen

POD 21 finally 3 weeks never thought this time...

POD 21 finally 3 weeks never thought this time would arrive now can't wait til 6 weeks so I can workout again! I guess I'm experiencing swell hell the bottom portion of my belly is really swollen don't waste money on girdles because it makes it worse going back to my binder just can't depart from it :( don't think pineapples and bromelain working for me either sick of this.

POD 22 belly button & last tummy tuck stiches...

POD 22 belly button & last tummy tuck stiches removed a little discomfort from bb all tape removed except for little piece covering front can use vitamin E oil now dr says everything looks well still seeing him weekly.

POD 23 having a little depression over scar tape...

POD 23 having a little depression over scar tape removed a day ago so its in my face each bathroom break its not keloiding just getting darker I knew what to expect this is my trade off I still feel it was worth it wouldn't go back I guess it's one of those days

POD 24 I justed realized i perfer the recliner way...

POD 24 I justed realized i perfer the recliner way more than the bed i get sore after laying on sides too long laying on back with pillows under knees doesn't last long went shopping today for more swimsuits etc planning cruise in may did a lot of walking didnt get tired think im almost ready to workout waiting on dr's release was tired and ready to lay down by time i got home swelling not too bad finally purchased arnica already had bromelain find that bio oil works better than vitamin e. Think dr will allow me to use maderma 4 weeks post op.

POD 28 four weeks later im still a little sore...

POD 28 four weeks later im still a little sore sleeping on sides slept in bed 2 nights in a row without switching to recliner it surely came in handy lost 3 lbs since surgery wasn't expecting a whole lot since ps only removed 2lbs of fat otherwise feeling great 2nd week at work fine doing way more than i probably should can't wait til i can say 1 year post op this will all be a memory :)

POD 30 feeling great you wouldn't know I had a tt...

POD 30 feeling great you wouldn't know I had a tt if i didn't tell you woke up to a flat belly for the 1st time since surgery was so happy! Able to lay flat on back without pillows supporting my legs and on belly with no pain. Im so ready to workout patiently waiting. Drain sites are all healed and so is incision bb looks great also i had an outtie b4 surgery wanted an inny but its ok loving my new belly no regrets!!

POD 31 woke up 2 days in a row to a flat belly...

POD 31 woke up 2 days in a row to a flat belly just praying that swell hell stays away! Feeling great sleeping fine now haven't slept in recliner in almost a week think i'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel :)

4 1/2 weeks post op appt today with ps no more...

4 1/2 weeks post op appt today with ps no more tapes needed although I notice wearing them this long has made the scar lay really flat. I may continue to wear them based on suggestions from doctors on this site I no longer have to wear my cg but I will until I feel comfortable I'm used to it now ps says I must wait 3 more weeks before running but I can start walking 1 mile a day and work myself up still disappointed in the ugly square left around my bb that surgical tape left very upset spent all this money for this imperfection to be left from freaking surgical tape!!! They really should advise patients and give them a choice on using it or not I've seen others just use a cotton ball very pissed it's getting darker! PS suggested $75 bleaching cream that could take months to fade!!!! I also asked about skin grafting to behind and ps suggested squats and lunges no fat to take from other parts why didn't I think of this during tt sugery on top of this hasn't had any sleep up all night with 9 month old who has a stomach virus get to work late then receive a call from daughter's school she's catching the virus today is not a good day!!!!! :(

Post op week five using hydroquinone on tape burn...

post op week five using hydroquinone on tape burn that formed around bb starting to lighten up already be careful on the surgical tapes/bandages used ladies not to cause you this issue totally unexpected! Dr gave me cream for free. I really appreciated his concern and listening. He's been the best thus far!

So I'm still swollen I thought from eating sushi...

So I'm still swollen I thought from eating sushi last friday but beginning to think it may be swell hell it's still here (monday) 5 weeks 4 days po pubic area really swollen as well. I see new stretch marks starting to form also. Drinking lots of water, icing etc. Went down a little but still here!

I'll be 6 weeks post op tomorrow and ive been...

I'll be 6 weeks post op tomorrow and ive been going through hell the last few days with swelling along with flu like symptoms it still hurts to cough and im coughing a whole lot so my muscles are very sore i was very happy in the beginning this swelling is ridiculous im staying away from salt wonder if cough meds have sodium i want to get off this freaking emotional roller coaster!!!

Post op 6 weeks been using hydroquinone cream for...

post op 6 weeks been using hydroquinone cream for 2 weeks and already see an improvement in the dark tape burn that was around the belly button area

6 weeks post op finally slept without binder woke...

6 weeks post op finally slept without binder woke up a little swollen when I'm normally flat every morning so I won't do that again I find I need the support. Wore cg to work today and last friday, no problem with swelling. Trying to only wear binder at night. Gots to wean myself off heard it could intefere with healing if worn after 6-8 weeks and I don't want any issues! Doctor said i didn't need it after 5 weeks so I have to listen.

Went to the doctor today didn't have an appt. was...

Went to the doctor today didn't have an appt. was supposed to return in 1 week that's one thing I like about my doctor's office if you call with an issue they see you the same day but anyways after reading another person issue with their belly button I noticed I'm having same issue it's really red and look like small blisters which I was told it's normal still healing continue to use neosporin and clean 3 times per day he also gave me an antibiotic also gave me shots on areas of incision says the skin was hard in some areas. I didn't even notice it. Not too much pain as area is still numb. Will be glad when I can say I'm 1 year post op! Other than this everything else going nicely. Oh he says I can wear my binder as long as I can tolerate it so not throwing it out just yet! :) I guess different doctors feel differently.

7 weeks post op and I'm feeling good swell hell is...

7 weeks post op and I'm feeling good swell hell is hopefully a thing of the past I still swell though not that bad I've been working out (no abs yet til 12 weeks or running) but doing everything else and I feel like my normal self again. I can't wear any of my old pants but scared to go shopping for fear of gaining the weight back I hear all the time you are getting skinny and I just nod and smile if this is skinny I like it! :) I could just kiss my doctor but my huby may object! :)

So I went to a sports bar on friday today is...

So I went to a sports bar on friday today is monday and I'm still swollen had salted fries, fried shrimp and margaritas. I had fun but I honestly think it's not worth all this swelling and discomfort I've also been feeling pulling/pain around bb area the swelling is causing this. I will not be having this type of fun for a while it's not worth it ladies! I look 3 months preggo!!! Please don't do this if you have to go somewhere the next day.

Ran 3.63 miles almost 8 weeks post op felt great...

Ran 3.63 miles almost 8 weeks post op felt great can't wait til I can start my abs workout at 12 weeks post op. I won't be satisfied until I get that 6 pack!!!

Haven't posted any pics from 7-8 weeks bcuz I feel...

Haven't posted any pics from 7-8 weeks bcuz I feel I look the same purchased the golds gym waist trimmer belt from walmart $5 wearing it during workouts it sheds water weight helps with swelling ive lost 6 lbs since surgery doesn't seem like alot but I cant wear any of my old clothes size 7/8 now using olive oil on my scar along with coco butter bio oil vitamin e oil & maderma so something alt to work fade cream worked well for discoloration not too happy with bb will discuss scaring with ps next week maybe I can get kenelog shots still dont have figure 8 shape I want but will continue diet & exercise.

8 1/2 weeks post op feeling great can't work on...

8 1/2 weeks post op feeling great can't work on abs yet (12 weeks) so I'm focusing on arms and legs I think my arms are coming along nicely!

So i didn't post any pics at 8 weeks becuz I...

So i didn't post any pics at 8 weeks becuz I didn't notice a difference but I do notice a difference at 9 weeks my abs are becoming more defined I've been working out since 5 weeks but not my abs cant wait til I can at 12 weeks feeling great no regrets!

I'll be 10 weeks post op this thursday and my...

I'll be 10 weeks post op this thursday and my doctor says I can now run on the treadmill but wait til 12 weeks for outside (I've already cheated :) went to appt today and was told to start using silicone sheets to flatten scar more it doesn't appear raised to me also given more kenalog injections in scar area to help with this also in lipo area he says everything looks well still wants me to wait 12 weeks before I start abs workouts suggested fade cream to change scar color. Doctor visits are now 1 month apart. I'm so glad everything turned out well and finally starting to enjoy my new belly. Less swelling in the mornings I'm still sleeping in my binder and wearing cg during the day. Tried yoga this past weekend and kick class and felt fine. Ate chinese food on saturday and didn't swell hooray! I'm starting to see the light! :) Hang in there tt sisters!

Post op 10 weeks today no real difference I'm...

Post op 10 weeks today no real difference I'm waking up flat if I don't eat foods high in salt the night before didn't take bromelain today I was taking them as a precaution trying to wean myself off all the pills still taking vitamin c & e twice daily and will do so for 1 year since it takes that long to heal. Just started using silicone sheets a few days ago and I can see a difference already it really does make the scar lay flat the color appears to be changing as well. I'm really happy with my decision to have a tt would recommend it to anyone not happy with their belly. Do it for you! My ps said "you can't get a waist any smaller than this" and this I must agree with I love it!

So I'll be 11 weeks this thursday and I've been...

So I'll be 11 weeks this thursday and I've been working abs (supposed to wait 1 more week) and doing all the things (running, gym, zumba, yoga etc.) I did before the surgery and I feel fine. No soreness in abs even when I do planks I love it! Still wearing my binder at night and still using silicone strips for scar which is really causing it to lay flatter and darken up (which I wanted).

So I'll be 12 weeks this Thursday and my daughter...

So I'll be 12 weeks this Thursday and my daughter told me yesterday morning "Mom you have a six pack" yall just don't know she has filled my head all the way up! lol I'm working on it! Just posted pics of silicone sheets they appear to be working really well. I'm so exicted I'm already planning my Fabulous & 40 birthday party this year! :)

I'm 14 weeks no changes for the most part I wake...

I'm 14 weeks no changes for the most part I wake up flat and go to bed flat unless I just really eat something high in sodium. They say you'll see your results 12 weeks to 1 year not true i saw my results day #2 and it has pretty much been the same less the swelling. The only thing that's changing now is the six packs I'm trying hard to obtain. Feeling great no pains coughing sneezing etc. it's like I never had anything done until you see the scar which is very thin and doesn't bother me. I'm still using the silicone sheets and vitamin E oil daily. Hopefully it will continue to fade if not tramp stamp tattoo I will be getting all the way around! :)

Before Pictures Look At Your Own Risk!

These are my before pictures the day of surgery. My camera didn't show all of this. Many said I look good before I beg to differ pictures do not lie! I'm in love with my new body! :) Thank you Dr. Colgrove!!!

14 weeks

Just purchased scar zone spray silicone and Palmer's oil therapy for my scar at 14 weeks trying so many products to make it less visible no issues or problems still sleeping in binder.

4 Months (16 weeks) post op

I really don't see any changes since 3 months po. It appears I'm more prone to keloids so I'm continuing my kenalog injections. Not too excited about my belly button either undecided about getting a tatoo in that area and scar area afraid tatoo may turn to keloids. Still it looks way better than before so I guess I'll settle.

Mexico Vacay 4 months PO

Ate tons of foods lots of activity minimum swelling I've come to realize i must watch salt intake rest of my life sacrifice for tt. No other changes hoping scar continue to fade 1 year out.

5 1/2 months post op

Ok ladies I’ll be 6 months post op in a couple of weeks. I visit this site still frequently just to make sure I’m healing ok. I even go on YouTube and the videos I’ve seen of women 1 year out kind of frightens me. Their scars (African American Women) are really dark and their tummy is not flat. So I’m really happy with what my PS did for me. I’m flat unless I eat too much, drank alcohol, or eat fried/salty foods and this is something I’ll have to adjust the rest of my life. I still have no regrets. I’m still taking vitamin E and vitamin C twice daily (will continue until I’m one year out) and using silicone sheets along with the many oils I use to keep the scar moisturized. My belly button I’m not too happy with but I’m thinking of getting a tattoo to cover the small scar that has formed. (we are our worst critic) I’m still receiving kenalog injections monthly to ensure the scar lays flat. Not sure how much it has helped because it already looks flat to me but my PS sees something I don’t see. I work out as normal no restrictions I feel fine. I recently stopped wearing all compression garments at 5 months and when I swell I can’t wear it. It seems like once I stopped I couldn’t take the tightness anymore. I love my results and thankful I don’t have to have any revisions. I would do it again if I had to! I’m now trying to obtain a six pack which I find is very hard because I don’t have the discipline to not eat whatever I want. I’m a runner so I’ve basically maintained the same weight for the past 6 months. I would like to build more muscle and tone but wouldn’t mind losing 10 more lbs. I’m currently 5’7 weighing 140 lbs. I was 150 before the surgery and lost 10 lbs 2 weeks for the surgery and go figure it stayed off!

Kenalog Injections Update at 6 1/2 months po

I'm 6 1/2 months post op and still receiving kenolog injections once per month. Although they do appear to make my scar lay flatter, I'm starting to get skin discolorations be careful ladies you must weigh your options. The silicone sheets seemed to work somewhat but after you remove them for a period of time the scar appears to be rising/forming again so I can't say 100% that they are best but they do make a little difference well at least in my case. I'm still happy with my overall appearance i'm still experiencing numbness and swelling depending on my diet.

7 months PO

I'm now 7 months post op and convinced there will be no additional changes in appearance unless the scar starts to change. Doing a 24 day abs challenge no issues all is well on my end! Happy healing ladies!

24 day abs challenge

I'm on day 21 of day 24 abs challenge I see a bit of a difference so I will continue for another 24 days. I want rock hard abs!

8 months post op

8 months post op still numb in some places no pains etc. Loving the new me! Yes you will still bloat if eat the wrong thing. Yes you still have to workout to maintain.

Gallbladder surgery after tt

We'll my pretty tummy is going to be scarred with holes and a cut from gallbladder surgery. I have to have it done next week always something kind of pissed all this I've been through!!! Bye, Bye pretty tummy! I guess life goes on glad to be alive! Tattoos here I come!!!

gallbladder surgery after tt (recovery)

Hello Ladies,
I was all worried for no reason. I found another doctor that does a single incision through the belly button so I didn't get the Laparoscopic surgery which would've include 4 small incisions on my belly. I have 1 scar in belly button area and also one tiny small scar under right breast you can barely see it. I'm glad this issue is taken care of now I can get back to my normal diet. I was in so much pain. No pain since surgery. I will say the same exact pain I had after tummy tuck I experienced with gallbladder removal surgery. I couldn't stand for a few days and the pain was unbearable without round the clock pain meds. I still can't lift my 1 year old just taking it easy. Who'd ever knew I'd be recovering from another surgery! If any of you have to have your gallbladder removed after a tummy tuck please inquire about the da Vinci Surgery with Single-Site Instruments. The da Vinci System is used for specific minimally invasive, robotic-assisted procedures. Will post pics later.

Belly update after gallbladder surgery

3 weeks later back to normal self eating as usual bloating/pain all gone even running and exercising again. Small tiny scar/dot right under right breast and incision in belly button area healing fine. Tummy tuck not affected at all thanks to my surgeon!

Almost 11 months po

Still numb in some areas otherwise feel great no additional changes this is it no regrets!

11 months po

I can't believe it's been almost 1 year. I can't say enough how thrilled I am with my results I would do it again in a heartbeat. The only thing I don't like is if I eat too much I look 2 months preggo no where for the food to hide. Other than this I love it!

11 months po

1 year po

I made it one year later still loving my results no regrets all numbness gone best decision made for me!

Tattoo a year later

1 year 4 months later belly tattoo still pleased with my results and my PS. Looking to get another tattoo around scar very soon. No issues feeling back to normal. I will say if I eat too much salt my belly still swells one year later so stay away form buffets ladies! :)

Scar Tattoo

Added another tattoo to cover the scar think i'll go back to add color. I like it though.

Boobs Next?

So I've been thinking of getting boobs for a while now. My only concern is will if affect my running. I scheduled the surgery and then canceled it once I read negative reviews of women getting their boobs explanted. My doctor is awesome but I'm really not convinced I should do this one just yet. I was back and forth with the tt decsion as well. It's nerve wrecking stay tuned....

Final TT Tattoo Cover

Ain't gone lie that thing hurt for a few days but worth it!
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Yesssssss I love it !!!
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Thx 2blessed!
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First..it just keeps getting better, each time I follow your blog. I hope to schedule a consult with your doc sometime next this month; for Dec TT SX. Second; go for it! Get the whole package. I'm a very active person myself; and at first (month or two) it took some getting used to; and I believe it was more from the fear of me hurting something. But, with the proper sports bra you will be just fine. In fact; my doctor cleared me after 4 weeks to resume all activities. It's been a year since my boob job; and I've been working out very frequent every since with no dilemmas. If you go for it..The best sports bra is the Under Amour brand (zip front) in my opinion. Secure and comfortable.
  • Reply
Thx 40Lovin40! I'm still undecided huby not happy about it. I went against his wishes for TT so I'm trying to take his feelings into consideration this time :(
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don't hurt'em out here!!! your looking like a swimsuit model!! love your results. I've started to look at tattoos to get to cover any left-over stretch marks and scar. Keep us updated
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Thx 2blessed2beStressed I love my new tattoos :)
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Look at you…hard work pays off doesn't it? :)
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Yes it does Sheeney I'm still getting it in. :)
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lol just noticed you commented on your CG thanks :-)
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you look amazing! and your tats are so cute! what kind of compression garments/binder did you wear? did you like the FX silicone strips?
  • Reply
Melsworld the silicone strips helps if you where them early on. I did see a difference within a few days.
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Your results are amazing and you look phenomenal in that white dress!!
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Thanks RJennB! :)
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I look forward to your updates, your results give me a glimpse of what to expect! Keep up the great work you are looking great. Thanks for your advice on the silicone strips they worked out well for me, I posted a collage pic of the results.
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Thx Ceddy youre welcome!
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I mean hope
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You look great! Lucky you I had my gallbladder removed as well but it was prior to my TT. So I have those 3 lil hole marks. I have start using scar away strips on them. I how that works!
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Pinklady I should've had it done that way but opted for belly button incision bad decision but it's now covered by tattoo so i'm happy again. :) Only time will cause it to gradually fade.
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Yeah I have a TT but still those 3 marks! Ugh
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Looking good
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Thx Shygirl!
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Hi georgiaexcited you look fabulous! May I ask what type of cg did you use and what size please?
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I used the size small cg he provided after surgery. I also purchased boy shorts from Walmart size small (High Waist Girdle)
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