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I have wanted to get a TT for about 10 years after...

I have wanted to get a TT for about 10 years after having 4 kids but then I had my son 7 years ago and that just did me in. I am scheduled for June 20th and am nervous as heck but excited which seems to be the feeling everyone has. I chose Dr. Fara Movagharnia in Atlanta, Ga and feel very comfortable that I made the right choice. He has great bedside manners, he doesn't rush you, he saw me twice just to answer my questions. He gives you his cell phone number to call him after the surgery and he said just do as I tell you and you will be fine.
I love the fact that your surgeon said do what I tell you to do and you will be fine. :) Those words could put anyone at ease. :) You will do great! I am having my surgery on the 19th. Good luck mama you deserve it!
I'm glad to see more of his patients are posting on this site. Good luck with your TT. I'll be getting work done by Dr. Fara next week. And you are absolutely right about being both excited and nervous. I feel the same way. Please post pics of your before/after.
Good luck....my date is June 13th!!!

dt. fara movagharnia

This doctor is excellent. He is cautious, patient, skilled, experienced and trustworthy. I could not have picked a better doctor.

dr. movagharnia is the best

My tt results are amazing. I have the hour glass shape I never had, I lost 6.5 inches off my waste, no more back rolls and my belly button is cute. Dt. Movagharnia is caring, answered all my questions, addressed all my concerns and was only a text message or phone call away. This is a serious decision to have this procedure and even though I am only 3 weeks PO I can honestly say I am glad I picked the best doctor in Atlanta.

Before and After

You look great!
Wow! Looking fabulous
What an amazing difference! You look great.

4.5 weeks post op

Cant wait to get rid of the binder so I can enjoy my new shape.
Dr Movagharnia also did my Lipo and TT on June 30. You are correct. He is the best.
U look great.... I hate I'm not flat and I have fluid and still swollen
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

So far he is great. He is caring, patient and skilled. What more can I ask for.

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