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I Am 35 Yrs Old, One Kid, Pear Shaped Body, I Weight 213lb, and I Am 5'6" - Atlanta, GA

I am getting smartlipo to get rid of my two layer...

I am getting smartlipo to get rid of my two layer stomach fat. I went to get my consultation on Feb. 26, 2014 at American Lipo Center in Atlanta, Dr. Shotwell. My consultation was with his nurse Rosha(row-shay). They are having a special u/l abdomen and flank, so I decided I would like this for myself. Get three areas for half price! At the consultation they will tell you they don't have any specification for this procedure due to the sell. They will ask about your health history, weight check, and just any questions you will have. Today is the 10th so I actually met the doctor this morning. He is very cool and talks very gentle. He will explain to you not to have big expectation for the procedure because everyone's body react differently to Smartlipo. He tells you the difference between tackling hard fat and soft fat, which soft fat is easier to get out. He talks about the incisions and where he cuts you. I don't know what to feel right now as I am numb to the fact that this will hurt, but I want it so badly I just can't worry about pain at this point because my procedure is just the day after tomorrow...WOW!....Wednesday. I'll try to post pics, but it won't be too soon after my procedure, that's unless I get too excited and want to show off my results. Oh yeah I also ordered me a hand held massager to help the fluid and fat so it will not clump up and make lumps. I think this is the biggest mistake many make after Smartlipo not enough manipulation.

Today was the day!

I am so sore around my belly button area. It feels like stings of some sort, but this is where I had the most fat so Dr. Shotwell was awesome enough to work the heck out of it and my muffin. I was swollen so I didn't get a picture of my body yet, but i'll be posting it later when I stop stinging. But I do however have a picture of the jars of fat. I don't know how many mL they were, but will be finding out later.

Other than that the worse part was the stinking of the numbing, they burned. But the lidocaine was ok and the suction. One side of my flanks was sensitive, but it was ok. Overall it was a great experience.

Side note

I will be relating my experience after my follow up appointment.

Here is my fat take out. I am proud of it, it is about 9 or 10 lbs.

Yeah me! Even though this is day two I have to give credit to my husband who had my back, change my pads, and feed me. I love him so much!
They gave me a binder which is a long white thing with Velcro on it. It take you, your husband, and a next door neighbor to put it on. But I had a waist cinched in the closet from Sears that is much tighter and doesn't bunch on the side on my incision's. It much smoother and its pushing down at my belly button because it was swollen. The waist cinched is more comfortable while not taking anything from the binder if I was wearing it. Its allowing me to heal all the way around my abdomen evenly.
You go girl . . . On to healing.

Day 2 and last night i had my first shower after my surgery.

Here are two pictures of how I looked after I took my binder and stuff off. I am really pleased even though I still have lots of swelling. As you can see the muffin has really been deflated. Yeah! Me!
Gettingmeback you are sure right about that. He has become "MOM" around the house.
Looking good, get your rest girl! I'm day 7 and still milking the hubby care card....tonight I get a massage really just neck and shoulders but we deserve it!


I still have a top "hood" over my navel, but it's swollen very badly because I remember Dr. Shotwell working the heck out of it. Also it is the most sensitive right now to touch, especially when I slide my compression garment up "OUCH!" So far its good and the work pleases me.

Not Sure isn't true!

I just wanted everyone who see " not sure" to know that I will update this when my swelling goes down, even though I do see results. Dr. Shotwell is an awesome doctor.

Front view before and after.

Feel good today just stinging here and there no serious pain like I've read. I'm just taking infection pills right now. I was itching last night and I took some benadryl and it stopped or I feel asleep which ever came first I don't remember. Now I am about to dreadfully go to Walmart for a body pillow..girls make sure you have one its a must for bed. I can't get comfortable worth a dime in bed. I am up and down all night whinning like a baby stacking pillows. I have ordered me another compression garment because the one the doctor gave me almost makes me pee on myself trying to unhook it and it feels funny when it pops over what use to be my muffin top. Well just an update and now the dreadful car ride to Wally.
Good luck with your healing journey. Everything does take longer than you had hoped. But you r looking good.
Hey I had my procedure done on 17 January, 2014. Be mindful complete results are not seen until about 4-5 months. I still have the stinging and the soreness in areas. I had it done the same place you did but i ended up getting 2nd degree burns. Oh and the itching gets worse as you heal its like an inside itch you cant get to. I am working out 4 days a week aerobics class and gym. So you are not going to see the results you want right away. I also brought the handheld massager but when you are not as sore anymore you will need to do the deep massages to get rid of the lumps. My friend and i had it the same day and like they say progress is different per person. Goodluck and dont be discouraged if results are not seen right away, that why you do the surgery now, so that by summer you will have the beach body.
Tati3261 have you tried benadryl tablets for the itching? My doctor told me to use them because it will stop that under the skin reaction itch. But as far a healing and being encouraged I am because I can't wait til summer. Today I was well enough to put together one of them Lil tikes trucks for my one year old nephew for his birthday, so yes progress is coming, I'm not expecting anything fast. I'm staying realistic as in healing goals.

Burning and Stinging and pinching oh my!

I haven't updated in a while because I have been battling stinging. It's so weird how this pain feels. I start with arnica oil, then coconut oil, the preparation h, well nothing helps because this is what it feels like when numbness goes away and healing began. The numbing shot feels better than this at least it's burning doesn't last this long. I have does ice packs, peas, and heat. Heat is the best. I started sleeping on my stomach which is more comfortable. No more back pains I notice as I had with my big stomach, it was breaking me down. A heavy stomach is just like a pair of heavy breast, will hurt your back. I will be adding picture updates soon. I am still happy with my results.

Two Week of Progress!

Im healing fast but still burning, itching, and stinging. But it cheers me up to know that my short size has gotten smaller and they look smoother on me. I can even wear tights like ever one else. I even walk the same two miles that we use to walk and we did it in no time. Im very proud of myself and more confident.

my mistake keyboard is crazy

I meant "shirt size" above here?

my stomach levels

Look at the four levels of healing!
Your pictures are AMAZING and now i have a couple questions. I too have the lower hanging apron from having a C-section with my son. Regardless of how much weight I loose it just droops more. Once the lipo was done it looks as if that lower area just defaulted then disappeared???? Was there any looseness in the skin in that area?? Sorry for all the questions. Im doing a breast reduction in June and I might talk to my PS about the apron area and what can be done....it HATE that area of my body with a passion!!!
I think you would need a tummy tuck after a c section because the muscles were cut. But yes the laser helped draw the skin so it doesn't sag. I love my results and I'm not sluggish anymore, I have more energy.
You are right about binder it gathers glad you dont have to wear it to long. My compression garment tore after a week. Im recovering pretty good

Giving you better examples.

When I first started researching SMARTLIPO I found hardly no one my height, my weight, or my body type. That's why I tried to give more details and show more pics of the results side by side to give you the best results or to help you make the best decision for yourself. Nobody was my weight and body portion and I am hoping you can relate to my experience. Good luck on the new you and stay healthy.
Hi there, congrats on your results. You look great :-)

I haven't forgot about cha!

Hi everyone! Just still stopped by to say I'm still loosing weight. I weigh 203lbs now, I was 211 after the surgery and that was coming from 216. I walk 7-8 miles a day and the one a day women vitamins are curving my appetite for some reason and I'm not complaining...LOL! Still w little itchy on my sides and under my navel but it all good. I still wear my garment at night and sometime through the day cause my stomach feels like pins and needles if I don't. But this is just the high lights NO COMPLAINT! I love the new me cause I don't get car sick, period are lighter with no cramps, pre diabetes are gone, and my sex drive is crazy good just because I made the right choice for me......I LOVE ME!
Wow, I love your results... looking good! Did the doc say that the itching and burning are normal? Even 2 months after? What antibiotics did they prescribe to you? You look awesome, keep it up!
Yes it is normal because it's nerves growing back. Yes this will go on even up to 6 to 7 mos because we have so many small nerves and veins that have to repair themselves that were pulled loose. The antibiotic was prescribed before the surgery to take 7 day 3 times a day to keep down infection after surgery. And Thanks I am still working out trying to do better, one a day vitamins help a lot, they are great.
Good to know all's going well with you and your recovery. Keep up the the awesome work your doing towards loosing weight. Keep looking and feeling beautiful!!! Happy healing :-)

Getting a touch-up

Went to a follow up on September 11 and found out I'll need a retouch around my navel. So I decided to get a retouch in that whole area again. My result look good, but when I started exercising it looked as if my stomach became flabby. I do free weight squats and cardio on the cybex 760a for months. I really hate to do this again, but I want to look good. I wish I would have chosen Dr. b.Boutte for my surgeon because even though I'm mostly hips and breast, my waist should have gotten better results than what I have, and I have seen Dr. Boutte make women with bigger stomachs than mine look awesome. I think Dr. Shotwell's problem is he doesn't tell you to stand up so he can see where the fat is hanging or where he missed. My retouch surgery is next week October 8. Wish me luck.
I weigh 203.8lbs and sometimes 198lbs. I have to say with SL and excerise my AC1 is lower. Before SL I was excersing and not getting anywhere.

Retouch photos

These are the areas. It's been six months.


I was a little nervous, but it all passed after I took the medication. I had read that a touch up in the same area hurts, but it didn't the only part that hurt was the numbing shots. As he was putting the fluid it you could feel popping and cracking like he was breaking vines. The Dr said that scar tissue that had healed from the first time I had SL in that area. He also used this vibrating tool that sucked and cut the scar. After it was all said and done he got out 2 lbs of fat. I will be showing new pic soon because I'm sore, but it wasn't as bad as the first time. I talked through the whole procedure. Dr. Shotwell kept asking are you alright and I was like Yeah.
Congratulations and happy healing to you!  Excited to see the results of the revision :D.
Thanks friend.

Here are two pic front and side

You can do the comparison I really want my lower stomach even with my Mons pubic because I had a crease from the last SL session. So it looks a little swollen on the pictures, but I feel great. Dr. Shotwell didn't have to use any more laser for retouching so I guess that's what makes me have less pain than the first time I had SL. They say the second time hurt more in the same place, but I was good, I guess it was because of great drugs and excellent numbing.
Looking good so far!  Do you think the swelling will last as long this time?  Did they give you any indication at the office of what to expect in that regard?
My swelling lasted about 3 wks, but other swell will come off and on as your result become more permanent. At my 6 month mark on my first one, I had no kind of swelling, but I did have the spot over my navel where if you pushed it hard it was sore. Arnica Gel kinda help with that. But they didn't give me any indication, I guess they figured I had it done before and they didn't have to tell me anything this time
Thank you :)

Another note about Dr. Shotwell's office

This makes the second treatment he has done for me. Last time no one called and checked on me no one called to schedule an appointment. They make you feel once you get it the Doctor/patient relationship is over. You really have to call and ask for a follow up. Yes he is very busy, but you have to have time for your patients. This is his office only down side. They also try to get you off the phone quickly when you call and have any questions. The relationship is very one sided, it make you think it's all about the money and not your well being, as long as you make it off their operating table, the figure you should be good. Good Dr, just bad check up and recovery concerns.
Good information.
Dr. Micheal Shotwell

Awesome doctor. He will explain everything you wanna know, just ask. He will ask if your okay many times, which means he's concerned about you while the procedure is going on.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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