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I lost 82 lbs on Weight Watchers in 2001.Finally,...

I lost 82 lbs on Weight Watchers in 2001.Finally, I'll be able to fully enjoy the fruits of my labor


Hi there, thanks for sharing your experience with us and congratulations on losing so much weight!

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In 2001, I lost 82 pounds using Weight Watchers...

In 2001, I lost 82 pounds using Weight Watchers Points Plus Program combined with hardcore personal training and lots of cardio. I’m certain I've done 1 squat and 2 lounges for every French fry McDonald’s has sold!!! Despite my efforts, my thighs remained flabby from what I thought was fat until last year. After visiting several plastic surgeons I learned that I was a good candidate for a inner thigh lift. I obtained 3 consultations and each doctor recommended some variation of the thigh lift (Limited inner thigh lift w/ lipo, full thigh lift no lipo, etc). I ended up selecting the doctor that recommended the Limited inner thigh lift w/ lipo. As of today, Post opp Day 6 I am pleased with the results but very apprehensive about the way my labia (vaginal lips are). I go back to see him on Thursday. I am hoping that all the swelling and tightness has them looking distorted but if not, they revisions will have to be made. As for the recovery itself, it has not been the living hell I imagined given what I have read on many blogs.

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Post opp day 2- I went in today and had the drains...

Post opp day 2- I went in today and had the drains removed. It was painless (My pain meds are wonderful lol). The nurse cleaned my wounds and applied sulfur cream along with the dressings. So I plan to go home and nurture myself twice daily as she did. I also met with the doctor to discuss the details of my procedure. Yikes. My surgery took twice as long as he had estimated (more money out of my pocket) and he was not able to suck as much fat as he would have liked out of my inner thighs. RATS. Well I guess that means all of the lunges and squats paid off. Aside from the extra surgery fees and low fats suction, I am most concerned with my labia. When my doctor came to see me during my surgery recovery, I asked him why my va-jada lips (libia) looked funny and he really didn’t respond. I was too drugged up to press the issue, but when I return to get the sutures removed I plan to get more details. I am extremely concerned and we discussed this at length on several occasions.

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Hi Kristy, Thanks for checking on me. I had a...

Hi Kristy,
Thanks for checking on me. I had a pesky little seroma that did not get better after three weeks of aspirating and later a drain reinserted. Three days ago, Dr. Davoudi took me back into the operating room to remove it. So, I'm back nursing a wound and dealing with the swelling (rats). Aside from that, I am happy with my new thighs, but there is still the issue of the labia distortion. It looks pretty bad and has created a host of issues (vaginal dryness, yeast infections, vaginal wedges, and painful sex). I’ve consulted with several other doctors and no one really wants to mess with it. One doctor told me that too much skin was removed and another thigh lift will not fix the problem as Dr. Davoudi stated. I found a great urogynecology practice here in Atlanta that specializes in labia repair and vaginal rejuvenation. The consult alone is $250. So once I get past the seroma healing process, I plan to check on getting a labia majora augmentation. The process involves transferring fat from another location to the labia. I think that might give my vajada a more natural look and prevent it from hanging open and stop all of the other pesky problems. I have never thought the vagina to be very attractive, but after
having mine disfigured, I'd give anything to have it look the way it use too. I posted a question about my labia (with pictures). Only one doctor responded, and his response was soooo Politically Correct. That silence was frightful. I am trying to stay positive and optimistic and I know that there is a surgeon who can fix my disfigured labia. I will keep you posted.


thanks for the information, Im in the same postion that you were in, we are built in the same way,and we have the same problem with these thighs my just will not go anywhere....with my inner thighs but i think I havea little more skin and fat than you do. but the information and the pics that you have given has helped me a lot, the only thing is that I live in Philadelphia and he is in Atlanta ::(((.... maybe i can figure something out, I like his work that he performed on youhow long did you have to stay out of work.......
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Hi Praisel!! I love the results of my thighs from Dr. Daviudos work However, he removed too much skin and left my vaginal lips aka labia majora distorted. So now I really have nocrouch and every type of underware (thongs, boy shorts, granny panties, etc) end up in a front wedgie. Ive had several yeast infections and my inner labia are exposured which leads to vaginal most of the time I comando, underware are too uncomfortable and ky jelly is required for sex. Weigh your options. I really think I should have used another doctor or prehaps gotten the thigh lift with the incision that goes down to the knee. I cant find ann attorney to take my case. Amd the only way to fix my vaja is fat transfer and vaginal rrejuvenation ($$$$$).
Hi Head5047,again thanks for the information again, I wanted to know about your incision how did it heal is your scar very visible.also did you just get a thigh lift or did you get lipo also.. How long was the process before you had the surgery done, how long did you have to stay in the hospital.

Scars fully healed. 18 months post pop

These are the pictures of my scars.


Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have, it sounds very uncomfortable for you, I wish your Doctor would take this seriously. How would he like yeast infections and potential UIs? You mentioned the surgery taking longer than planned and this resulting in a higher bill. Was this something you were aware could happen? It seems odd to me, I thought the price was the price and the surgery took as long as it needed to. Your thighs look good btw and congrats on the weight loss, that's some achievement!
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I had a look at your pics which accompanied your question. I'm no expert but it looks as though your mons got pulled down and removed somehow. It doesn't look horrible but you can tell something has been done to it. Poor you! Good luck xxx
I had a upper thigh lift a week ago here I retired in Mexico (fabulous health care ad plastic surgeons incidentally as well ad great dentistry). All is well except for drainage. Some blood but mostly light-ish liquid. Dr. said when you have this operation you cut the lymph glands and thus the glands leak. It has been a problem as proper attire doesn't exist for this area. Finally (after trying every tape and every size Kotex pad and gauze, I was able to control it with the addition of a heavy duty stocking from when I had a knee replacement which keeps everything n place. Anyone else have drainage problems (I did have a drain for a couple of days). Bit better today but what an inconvenience.
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Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Davoudi provided excellent service. He gave me his cell number an I text or called him after my procedure whenever I had questions. He kind of talks fast and has an heavy accent so I always found myself listening intently. On several occasions, he told me to what he wanted to occur (ex. See you on Thursday to remove stitches, but then his team would make the appointment for a different day). I think their communication needs work.

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