I received a Thermage treatment over a year ago - Waste of Money - Atlanta, GA

I received a Thermage treatment over a year ago,...

I received a Thermage treatment over a year ago, to help tighten the loose skin under my chin neck, and jowls area. I did my research, found an experienced nurse practicioner that has been doing thermage at a well known medspa here in Atlanta, and was told that I was a perfect candidate for this procedure - good weight, minimal sagging in the ealry stages, etc. I had it done, and was told that results would show for up to 6 months....A year later, and NO improvement or change whatsover. I went back to the nurse practitioner that did the Thermage treatment so she could see for herself that there was absolutely no improvement or change...she basically just said that unfortunately Thermage doesn't have a 100% guarantee, and some people don't respond to the treatment... Funny that I was a perfect candidate before they had my money. Lesson learned, I won't be spending any more money on "quick fixes", because they probably will not work. I hate that I wasted all that money - don't make the same mistake as I did.


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Welcome to the community. I'm sorry you were not happy with the procedure. You should check out the answers to the question, how come people don't see results, maybe it will help. Please keep us updated. 

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