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I am african american and decided to use a 30% TCA...

I am african american and decided to use a 30% TCA on my hyperpigmentation marks only. I have used 15-25% before and it had not burned my skin! However I used the 30 % last night and it frosted QUICKLY. it turned extremely white, about 15 minutes later it turned extremely dark and has been the same since! should I expect scarring?? help! how can I reverse the burn?


Please try to pre-treat your skin next time before applying any peels I know we want so badly to be rid of those terrible marks on our faces .But remember its the only one we have...Please do your homework and go on u-tube to watch videos....Plautium Skin Care is the one I have chosen and so far it's good....They even have someone to help you with any questions..Hope this helps!
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if it is still the same. see yr dermatologist who understand yr needs. he may give you some top. steroid. mnine did yesterday. i am applying it twicw/dy
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I did.. it is helping but TCA has done some permanent damage. I don't recommend this stuff at all
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