Colorful Chest Plate Tattoo That Needs to Go - Atlanta, GA

Hello all, I am here to inquire information about...

Hello all, I am here to inquire information about the tattoo removal process. I have a fairly large colorful tattoo that covers about 75% of my chest(one side) and goes down the shoulders a little bit... to sum things up I was dumb and didn't think twice about it...I was 16 when I got it and I am 18 now. I hate myself for getting this blob of trash every time I look in the mirror. I am aiming for partial removal for a coverup. Thank God that the Picosure laser is here in Atlanta, but I am worried about all the red ink. I hear its very difficult to remove red ink.
I look forward to posting updates of my removal process whenever I've saved enough.
Reading other people's experiences have given me hope and motivation on getting this partially removed.

Thank you very much.

How much have they quoted you for the removal?

I haven't gone or set up for a consultation yet, but I was able to get a guesstimated quote through facebook messages with one of the dermatologist that works there...she said it could range from 550-750 and between 3-5 treatments just off photos I sent . You can see from the pictures that the tattoo has alot of black lining and shading...the picosure laser can remove those quickly but the problem is the red.they will have to use another laser for it
That is 3-5 treatments for partial removal (getting coverup)

What it looks like now

Those first two photos were about 3 months after I got it done.

I got the tattoo in March 2012.
Heres what it looks like now...I got a quote added underneath The Phoenix in September 2012.
Hey there, just checking in to see how you are making out with removal - you are looking to do a cover up ..right?
Thank you so much hearing that red ink faded fast gives me more motivation to save.for removal
I think the newer the tattoo, the easier to remove. That's what I was told anyway.
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