Lipo of Abs, Waist, Bra Roll at Sono Bello Atlanta

On 3/28/2013 I had lipo of upper/lower abs, waist...

On 3/28/2013 I had lipo of upper/lower abs, waist and bra roll. Dr. Welsh (a board certified PS) performed my procedure. I originally went in asking for abs, waist and hips but he advised against the hips so I would keep a curvy figure. Since I was saving money by not doing hips I decided to do bra roll since that needed it too (not his suggestion, he did not try to sell me extra areas...but I wanted to get rid of this area to avoid more surgery down the road).

I went in for my procedure and the nurse gave me a cocktail of Xanax, phenergan and Vicodin. It was VERY effective and I have very few memories of the procedure. I don't remember any pain at all besides the lidocaine they injected into my skin to make the holes for the canula. The whole procedure went smoothly and I slept the whole way home (a 1.5 hour drive). I woke up at 3 am in pain And my hubby got mea Vicodin and 4 ibuprofen and that did the trick to get me back to sleep.

I slept until 9 am the next day and got up and took a shower. I was in significant discomfort but with max ibuprofen and occasional Vicodin I was able to go to the grocery store and pick my kids up from school.

I am 9 days post op now and haven't had any complications. I have been struggling with itching, but this is normal during wound recovery. I have been taking Claritin 10 mg every morning and I started taking Zyrtec every night two days ago as well. I am also taking Benadryl 50 mg at bedtime for itching and it helps with sleep too. Usually I am taking 1-2 extra Benadryl doses per day but I am an "itcher." most people probably wouldn't itch as much as me but I tend to itch easily.

My stomach is definitely smaller, but still greatly swollen. I can't wait to see my results in 1-3 months.

I have been at the beach this week for spring break but I could have gone back to work on post op day 5 if I had to. This is the only surgery I've ever had.

Dr. Welsh and the whole staff at sono bello have been great. It felt more like a day at the spa than a surgery.

I am starting back a low carb diet today (post op day 9). I still have a signicant amout of weight to lose tO hit my goal. I was 174 lbs 5'8" on surgery date and I haven't weighed since then bc Ive been on vacation. I am going to low carb and walk daily until I hit my goal of 160 lbs and then reassess everything then.

I weighed 145 when I got married and I'd love to make it closer to that number but it may be unrealistic 3 kids and 11 years later.

Getting this procedure is going to motivate me to stick to my lower carb diet and exercise. I was not exercising at all before my procedure other than walking once a week.

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The venus freeze was a total waste of money. I spent $2000 and saw no results. Also I wish I had the tummy tuck and lipo instead of just lipo. I've gained 10 pounds since my lipo but I never had great results even after the "6 months" of swelling went away. I wish I had saved my money and went to regular plastic surgeons office
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I think you look great and from what I recall you were talking about if it was realistic to lose another 20 pounds which I think absolutely it should be if you just develop healthy lifestyle habits which I think is more important than any "diet." I had old fashion lipo when I was 132 and even though I gained 20 since then, the benefit has lasted and before I do anything else I want to get back to at least 145 which is totally doable if I get motivated to do it. I had stomach and hips that were ridiculous out of proportion no matter what I weighed .
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Hello ladies I go to sonobello in Orlando Monday how do you both like your results now since it's been a year?
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OMG, you look great!! Congrats!!! How's it coming along now?!? I already do venus freeze on my thighs but I'm considering doing smartlipo on my abs. Please keep us posted of your results! :)
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thanks! I go for my first venus freeze treatment tomorrow. They say you can see an improvement almost instantly so I'm hoping it works. I will take pics after my venus freeze tomorrow...I think it's 4 weeks after my lipo tomorrow, but I'll have to check the calender. Things are still going good. I'm still having swelling but it definitely is an improvement from preop!
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beautyskeptic, have you been going to sono bello for your venus freeze? what kind of results have you seen and how many treatments have you had?
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I has 6 Venus on my abs and lost additional inch because it shrinks fat cells and breaks up the lumps. I needed 6. On my thighs I only needed 3 and lumps were gone. Sarah is Allison doing your Venus? She's awesome!!!
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You look great. Huge difference. Keep in mind you're at the height of swelling and in 2 weeks will be much smaller!!
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Thanks for the kind words Spyce! You are right I'm still swollen. I'm hoping to be smaller in 2-4 weeks :) ill take more pics at the 1 month mark
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I am at day 9 and still swollen and sore. Scared a bit but I can see a major difference. I like what I see so far. I just have to be patient about the swelling.
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Hi Suga, Did you go to Dr. Welsh too? I am 4 weeks post op today and still have major swelling. Hang in there. The people at Sono bello tell me that it only continues to get better until the 6 month mark. Did you do the sames areas as me (lower/upper abs, waist, bra roll)? I know of a great compression garmet if you did. Feel free to send me a PM :)
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Dr. Talaie. I am 13 days post and swillen but it has gone down some. I can see the difference. My purchase came with a garment. I wear it everyday all day. It hurts to take on and off but a good pain because I see my new me everytime. I did upper/lower and waist.
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How are you doing? I had a Sonobello consult a few months ago and curious why it takes 6 months to get full benefit as I remember, when I had lipo, the results were pretty immediate but I went and gained weight. I want to lose weight before making any decision about any of these types of tx and wonder how the venus freeze worked after you already had the lipo?
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