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Tomorrow is the big day. I have my procedure...

Tomorrow is the big day. I have my procedure scheduled for 8:30 at Sonobello. I have mixed feelings, I'm excited because I've always wanted to get rid of this belly and I'm finally doing something that can possibly help me, but than im nervous that I won't have the hourglass shape I want and even more nervous about the pain and swelling after. I'm trying to think realistically but for the money i spent I wanna see some really good results.

I'm 5'4 153lbs my measurements are 36-37-41. I'm getting my upper/lower abs and flanks done. I work out 3 times a week and plan on trying to loose atleast 10 -13 more pounds after my procedure. I want to get down to between 137-142 and also do some muscle toning. When I excercise and eat right I can loose weight but I loose it all over and have absolutely no curves. Then when i gain weight it all goes to my stomach and love handles. So I guess I'm more looking to get a sculpted look after this is all over. I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my journey.


Were you pleased with him? He told me it would take about 12 weeks to recover. I'm anxious to see results. but I know my body needs time to heal.
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I'm having mixed emotion. One day I am pleased, and the next day I'm not. I guess I'm looking for immediate results. It's been two weeks and two days post op. I'm still a little sore and very much swollen. I had 950cc taken just from my upper and lower abs. The customer specialist said because I had so much taken from abs that I would be sore for some time.
I know what you mean, I am anxious for immediate results also. But I'm glad that I atleast got the procedure done and have something to look forward to. Im already seeing positive results, even with the swelling. I wish you the best.

Im 3 days post-op. I did my procedure this past...

Im 3 days post-op. I did my procedure this past Friday, it went very well. I was given (3) 1mg xanax, 2 vicodin, a pill for nausea and antibiotics, so my memory is very foggy after taking these meds.I slept most of the day after the procedure. I woke up very swollen and leaking alot from my flanks. My pain level the day after the procedure and after taking a vicodin was about a 7 on a scale from 1-10, I took the kids school shopping the day after my procedure, so I was feeling rather well. Ive lost about 4 pounds and gone down 1inch in my waist. I still have alot of swelling but I can already see progress. I went back to work today and I feel great, im taking my arnica pills, antibiotics and advil for pain.My post op appt is Saturday.Im happy with my docotr and his staff he called me from his home to check on me as well as his staff did also. I will keep everyone posted on my progress.


hey...I would love to see your results, pls post some pics...:)
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I will do a 6week review
I will be updating my profile today.

This is my 6 week review. I'm still on the fence...

This is my 6 week review. I'm still on the fence on how I feel about the procedure. I thought my stomach would be a lot flatter and m waist a lot smaller. I do still to swell a little in the evening especially around my bellybutton. I am working on loosing 10-15pounds by dieting and excercising. I've been using the my fitness pal app and it is great. I recommend it to everyone. Hopefully by the end of October I will be more pleased with my outcome


Thanks, he's pleased so far. But he expects better, especially with the amount of money we invested. He's awaiting the 3month mark.
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You look pretty good. Is your significant other happy w/ your results? At about 3 months you should see the true pictures of what u should look like. BTW, I luv my fitness pal....works wonders
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I will have my 3month post op appt on Nov 2. I am...

I will have my 3month post op appt on Nov 2. I am happy with my results. I have lost about 8 pounds with diet and excercise and 3 inches from my waist. I have been shopping like crazy, buying fitted dresses that look absolutely amazing with my new body. I have a flat stomach and the hour glass shape Ive been dying for. I do plan on loosing about 5-7 more pounds.I also bought a butt lifter from lovemybubbles.com and OMG, I cant believe its my body Im looking at in the mirror.I recommend this procedure to everyone who has problem areas that they would like to improve.


You look great! and you give me hope. Im 6 wk post op right now and was getting very disappointed about my results. So now I look forward to my 3 month mark early December which is when I go back for my next check up too. I can see a difference but it's not where I want it to be as yet. I lost an inch and a half already but I definitely want to loose more. Congrats on your success!
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Thank you I was also not completely satisfied with my results at 6 weeks also. I think doing the surgery motivated me to diet and excercise because I saw good results with the surgery and knew if I lost weight it would be great. I'm not sure if I would be as pleased as I am now if I didn't shed a few pounds on my own.Doing the surgery definelty gave me the boost I needed to get where I've been wanting to be. I wish you the best.
Hi too cute, you do look great. When did you start exercising post procedure and what did you start doing? I'm 9 days post -op and havnt done anything yet, but want to.
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