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So this has been a journey for me. As a male, I...

So this has been a journey for me. As a male, I grew up dealing with an extreme case of gynocomastia. I made the decision in 2013 to change my lifestyle for the better, I lost 52 lbs over the course of the year and had the surgery in May of 2013. Now, I do have some fat that will be extremely hard to remove by working out, so I sought out lipo as an option. After visiting Sono Bello here in Atlanta, I explained my realistic results of reducing the level of fat in my upper/lower abs, back, and waist so I could trim up continuing to work out 4 days a week. The price was a little shocking at first, but I couldn't put a price on me getting closer to my goal.

I will post updates as I go through various stages. I meet on monday at 0815hrs for my Pre-Op visit and the surgery is on Friday 3/7/14 at 1500hrs. I have also added a before picture and will post an after as well when it is all said and done.

If anyone has any advice, recommendations, comments, complaints, suggestions I welcome them regarding the procedure, Sono Bello, or Dr. Kline.


Just to give an update, I have decided to postpone the procedure for the time being.
Hi there. It seems that your procedure is tomorrow? Well, the only encouragement I can give you is to follow your doctors orders and use whatever garments/braces as instructed. You are going to feel sore for a few days, but that's expected. Take your meds and don't try to be a super hero when it comes to pain :-) Rest well too. My prayer for you is that your surgery will give you the results that you seek. Take care and keep us posted! :-)))
You put that your surgery is Dec 31 up in the top section, but it sounds like it is really this Friday, do you want me to fix that for you?

Glad you started a review, looking forward to following your journey!
It is postponed for the time being, that's why I changed the date.
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