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I had a abdominal pouch like most women. The day...

I had a abdominal pouch like most women. The day after surgery my stomach look fantastic, but after the third week my stomach as a huge noticeable lump below my navel off to the right.

I am hoping my doctor is going to fix this. The overall goal of SmartLipo is to expect realistic results and this lump is not realistic at all. Yes my stomach is smaller overall, but the lump makes it look like it did before.

Dr. Cole

Overall he was a good doctor. Like I said I am hoping he will go in and correct the lump I currently have. If not, then he will not be recommended.

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Thermage just hurts period it doesnt matter if you have had smart lipo or not I read a few horror story's and thought it would be ok but they were all right, it only hurts while theyre doing it afterwards there's nothing and it did look a little tighter this morning yay! Ive heard of some people wearing spanx for up to a year and I really thought that would be me but it does get better my flanks are still a little sensitive though :-/ good luck to you i hope everything turns out just they you hoped!
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Yikes, Thermage hurt six months out? .... Oh boy. I know exactly the feeling of sensitivity you are talking about. Feels like an "indian burn". I know that phrase isn't PC anymore but I don't know any other term for it... you know when someone twists the skin on your arm in two different directions?.... That's the feeling I have all over my stomach, hips and flanks. My circumference is SO much smaller on my lower belly around my hips and back. I think I lost about 7 inches around there. I had a big pannus. I expected soreness and swelling but this burning feeling really is hard to live with day and night and day and night. Spanx have been my best friends ever since I discovered them. I don't think I will ever stop wearing them under dresses and skirts as they really make a difference in the bumps and rolls (that I still have) ... Thanks for the feedback. I hope your Thermage gives you the results you desire. I wonder how SouthernDiva's final results tuned out? ...
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Yeah it can worry you to death I wore my spanx until about 4 months out because of the lump and because I could not stand the feeling of even a t shirt! It's all worth it in the end though I don't know if the dermosonic helped or not but I know I was so sensitive at 4 weeks it still hurt really bad. I'm the most impatient person too so that doesn't help now I'm waiting to see if the thermage worked and I have to wait again! ;-)
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Thanks. I'm 4 weeks out and have that swelling in the same exact spot you did!
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It's case 44 now I'm sorry I wish they would update with my 6 month follow up pics though the difference is amazing :-)
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My lump is gone now with no further treatment but I did have thermage on august 1st I hope it tightens up a little more thermage hurt so bad so I hope it was worth it :-/ I can't remember my patient number but looking at my after pictures now is nothing in comparison I've lost about 7 inches total but the weight difference looks like about 20 or 30 lbs!
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I was wondering if SouthernDiva and Glam2381 have had their lumps resolved? I see ba282 asked for an update in January... Can you update us?
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Also glam... can you update patient number for us... are your pictures still on his website?
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check mine out, not sure if its the same but my doctor is touching up for free
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No I was not made aware that such lumps might possibly occur. I wasn't high risk, it was supposed to be an easy process.
I went to the doctor yesterday. He said he will do everything he can to make sure I get the final results we had hoped for. Right now, we just have to wait until I hit my 3 month mark. From there he will asses the situation and take the next step. If the lumps are still areas of fat he's going to inject them with some solution that is supposed to dissolve fat. If that doesn't work another surgery will be scheduled. I am just grateful he will fix the problem.
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Hi southerndiva,

im thinking about a smartlipo with dr cole.
Did he take care of your problem ? how was the final result?
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Hi ba282
I just had this done with dr Cole on febuary 16th and I too have a lump on the right side beside my belly button when I went in for my one week post op he said we would just have to watch it and see so far tomorrow will be three weeks it is still there but a little smaller he also includes dermosonic in his price which I'm still too sore to do it yet but I'm hopping it will help overall though I'm extremely happy I hope this helps if you would like to see my before and 1 week after ( I look a lot better now) you can see it on his website patient 40 :-)
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southerndiva ... any update you can give us? ...
I could use some more reasurance that the bump/swelling you had (which I also have in the exact same spot) will resolve over time. Thanks.
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That doesn't sound good at all. Is that typical, I mean do they tell you that this is a possibility?

I hope it all get taken care of and most of all your health is not affected as a result of this.

Please keep us posted.

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I will go back Monday 4/18. I am hoping he can do something to fix it. The whole idea of SmartLipo is to keep realistic expectations, but a speed bump in the middle of my stomach is not realistic. I am just hoping it does in fact disappear within the next 2 months, but I have a feeling it won't. We will see.
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Hi SouthernDiva -- I'm sorry to hear about your results so far. :( When are you going back to talk to your doc?

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