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Smart Lipo Lower and Upper Abs

I have been going to this location for the past 2...

I have been going to this location for the past 2 years for a consult on Smart Lipo, but never could decide on what to do. I finally made my choice this year to have my upper and lower Abs done since I have been having issues trying to loose the fat from my pregnancy in 2007. I just had the procedure done on 04/12/13 and I am really excited to see the finally results. I know it takes sometime and I am excited each day I wake up and see a difference in my stomach area. Nurse Lee was friendly and kind to me, she also helped me relax a lot because I was nervous at first. I will post pics soon. I have to go back for my garment fitting in a week and I can't wait to get into something that fits nice.

Okay so today I went back for my 1st week checkup...

Okay so today I went back for my 1st week checkup since the procedure. I got fit for my body garment and I am now wearing it. I was told to leave the body magic garment on for 4 days before taking it off. I'm not looking forward to this, but I have to follow the instructions to receive great results. I will be taking wash offs for these long 4 days. The swelling has gone down a lot and I notice a little towards my pelvic area after a long day. I am hoping my skin tightens really well with this "super tight" garment. I'm wearing a size 26. I go back in a month for a follow up and must continue to wear the garment until that time. Not seeing my stomach for 4 days is going to be hard not knowing what it looks like. I'm still trying to get use to wearing this body garment especially with my clothing. I think this is the part I don't like at this point.

I am hoping my skin will continue to tighten as I...

I am hoping my skin will continue to tighten as I continue to heal..

Today was the first day I didn't wear my garment...

Today was the first day I didn't wear my garment to work and I am swollen in certain areas of my stomach.. I had the procedure a month ago. I thought that would stop after the 2nd week. Not too happy about with this smartlipo.

Lymphatic Massage

So I have received a suggestion to have the lymphatic massage done to help with the additional swelling I have after a long day of working. I hope this helps and improves the tenderness I still have in my abdomen area. They are also going to do the ultrasound and red light to check for any fluid built up. Haven't been able to go to my scheduled second follow up at the doctor because they have had to reschedule my appointment multiple times. I don't go back until June and at that time I will be seeing the doctor.

Lymphatic Massage Review

The lymphatic massage with the ultrasound and hand massage eased a lot of discomfort I have been experiencing. My right side of my abdomen is retaining more fluids than the left side. I go back in 2 weeks for another one. I hope this completes the final drainage.

Week 7 Progress

This is what my lower and upper abdomen looks like after 7 weeks. I original didn't have any loose skin, but now it seems as if I do. I did have stretch marks from my pregnancy on my abdomen. I hope the skin continues to improve with my healing process since its only been 7 weeks. Fingers crossed!!

Two Month Follow-Up

15 hours ago
I was scheduled for my two moth follow up with Dr. Figueroa who completed my procedure instead of Dr. Boutte. When I went on Friday I was told she no longer works there and was seen by nurse Lee. I have now been placed on Dr. Boutte's schedule for next month to see my results. I have a pocket of inflammation on my top right side of my abdomen that nurse Lee stated should go down by the time I come back next month. If not they will have to look into fixing the problem. She stated that is from me not wearing my garment, but I wear it all the time. I was told to start wearing a corset now instead of the body magic. It's just frustrating because if you have an issue you can't get in touch with anyone in a timely manner. I am now second guessing this procedure and wish I wouldn't have had it done. I will update my pictures on Friday which will be my 10 week post op.

11 week updated pic

This is an updated picture of my upper and lower abs at 11 weeks. The swelling is going down daily and the unevenness as well. Just hoping the skin tightens up more. I have stretch marks from my pregnancy but I'm not worried about that.

Post 3 month checkup

I went for my 3 month checkup and I was able to see the doctor, but not the doctor that did my procedure. Well after they took pictures and compared them to the before pictures she wasn't happy with my results thus far. She suggested that I let her do a revision and correct some of the unevenness. She mentioned that she wouldn't charge me for the surgery, but I would have to pay a $650 disposal fee for the materials she use. I have 90 days to decide if I am going to do it. I'm so nervous and do not feel like I should have to pay anything for something of this natural. I am also wondering if the second time around will really make a difference. Help!!

3 month Pic

Almost 4 months Post Op

Here is an updated pic at almost 4 months post op. Hoping for more improvements over the next upcoming months fingers crossed.
Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon

Previous patient.

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Where did you go to get your lymphatic massage?
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TrueFish Med Therapeutic Skin Care Day Spa 5344 Jimmy Carter Blvd., Suite 1C, Norcross, GA 30093 770-849-0206
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Mscokebottle Wow.. Did you talk with her about it to see if she would do a revision? I go to see Dr. Fig for the first time since the procedure in 2 weeks, so I will see what she says about my healing process.
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No I just took the lost. I live in Nc so it was too much of a hassle to keep taking off work and driving back and forth. Especially since we signed a waiver saying she doesn't guarantee results.
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You're suppose to wear a garment for compression to prevent loose skin even if the swellig goes down the garment helps with skin tightening... youtube and google help meto understand that lol
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Nic28 I still have swelling from time to time. I wear the girdle garment when I'm at work during the day and the full body magic at night when I'm at home. At first I didn't understand why they say wear it, but I do now. ;) I'm going to YouTube what you listed too. Thanks!
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I want lipo54 thank you so much I really needed that because I was starting to feel like I wasted my money. I guess when I see other people's pics and they look great and the skin looks very firm after a few weeks.. I'm going to keep looking forward to better results. I go back for another lymphatic massage next Saturday so that should help some more with the lumps. I called around and look at other docs and she had the best reviews. Her pricing was lower because she felt I didn't have much fat to take out. She does a lot of smart lipo procedures like almost on a daily. Looking at this site helps out a lot with trying to decide because you can see the work and reviews people post.
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Just give ur body time to hill, you should see better results within a few weeks. Thanks for ur help I'll definitely add her to the top of my list for doctors
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kaja2013 your tummy look good girl, I want to get smart lipo to my arms and lower/upper abs. all my friends have gotten it done out of the country but I am scard. I am looking for some one in the US to do it. you paid a good price compared to some other Doctors in ATL, Tx, La etc.. Did you look aroud other places b4 you went with Dr Windell?
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Hi i tried to send you a private message but couldn't my weight was 186. Kaja2013 looks great tho.
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I can't stay away from the gym so my biggest question is, were you able to work out after let's say a week or 2? And how long did it take for the small scar to go away.
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Jenjen03, I didn't start working out for 3 weeks. My little scars healed in a week and they are disappearing daily. I tried to workout the 2 week post op but felt a lot of soreness while working out. I was able to walk though.
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I'm almost 5 weeks out and I'm still having swelling also it comes with territory. You have to be patient this is normal.
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Thanks Katrina9283 because I was really getting frustrated. How does your skin look right now as far as tightening?
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I am still swollen a little with a hard spot in the middle. I go for massage on Friday hoping this will help. My skin is great right now im just waiting for the upcoming weeks and months to see the real results. :)
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Week 3 Update: Now my stomach is starting to look weird and uneven. I wear my garment daily. I have also started to workout more. I hope this improves over time.
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Welcome to smart lipo lol. Cant wait to see pics! This helps with knowing real results.
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Thank you katrina9283.
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Yes I went to her and got no results. I want lipo504 asked my weight before I did smart lipo because she saw my review of Dr.Boutte.
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Mscokebottle I went to her location but when I got ready to have the procedure done she didn't do it the new doctor at her practice did it. Her name is Dr. Karem Figueroa.
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Lucky you....I wasted over 4000$. I don't know if it was my body or her not doing enough.
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