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Not As Bad As I Expected - Atlanta, GA

I am 39, 5'4" and weigh 135-140. I have 2...

I am 39, 5'4" and weigh 135-140. I have 2 children which I did loose the baby weight from both but never could get rid of the belly so that's why I had the smart lipo done on upper and lower abs and flanks.

I did not want to risk going under general for a tummy tuck, nor did I have time for the recovery. So I had the procedure done yesterday. Staff and doctor were very nice and helpful. Gave me quite a cocktail of meds about 20 minutes before the procedure and honestly I don't remember much of it! I remember slight pinches for the injections of lidocaine and I remember them telling me to turn on my sides during the procedure.

I don't recall pain during the procedure but I think it was a little uncomfortable near my ribs. The worst part was the nausea/hang over from the meds. The procedure was at 7am and by 7pm that wore off and I took regular Tylenol for some soreness.

Today I got up with the kids for school, made breakfast, picked up and washed sheets. It is sore but only took Advil for pain and am fine. The drainage was worse yesterday and only spotty so far today.

I have no idea what results I have because I have not taken off the compression garment and I don't remeber even putting it on after the procedure! I was a little bummed about not seeing the initial results but I was too drugged! Looking forward to taking this thing off for the first time today and shower! It is a bit uncomfortabe but only temporary. I slept fine last night, slept on my back with no problem. I am very happy at how well I feel today, hope it continues!

Okay, took off the compression garment and loving...

Okay, took off the compression garment and loving the results! I don't have any bruising so far and I can see a big difference in what used to be my belly! Can also see more of a waist too. Just putting on large bandaides over the incisions and Advil working well for the pain. Only pain I have is with bending over and if it's touched. Drinking lots of water and also did this starting a week before the procedure. Also taking arnica exactly as prescribed. I don't have any pics but will see if I can get them at my follow up next week.
Very glad I did it!

Day 3, I think I'm a little more sore today but...

Day 3, I think I'm a little more sore today but still getting around, feels better to stand up and be walking than sitting. Compression garment starting to get a bit uncomfortable. I don't see any more swelling than yesterday but am still drinking a lot of water. Drainage has stopped. Still glad I did it, can't wait for the soreness to be over. Areas are still slightly numb but yet tender to touch, a weird feeling.

Day-4 Feeling much better today, can get up and...

Day-4 Feeling much better today, can get up and down quicker. Still have some soreness but much improved. No drainage today and can see some slight bruising in my flank areas but it is minimal. Could finally sleep on my side last night so I slept much better. Swelling is minimal as well, kinda hard to tell since I don't know what the final result will look like but I'm pleased as is! Drinking lots of water!

Day 5 -Feel about the same today, no great...

Day 5 -Feel about the same today, no great improvement on the pain but totally able to do normal activities like buying groceries ect. Walked on treadmill yesterday and today for 30 minutes. Can go to wearing compression garment 12 hr a day now, yeah! Will sleep without it tonight, not sure if that's the best time to not wear it, we'll see.

Day 6 - Posting some after pictures today, will...

Day 6 - Posting some after pictures today, will try to get the pre op pictures at my 1 week follow up appointment. I am still very pleased with results, my stomach would hang over snug pants before the procedure. Did not sleep with garment last night and didn't sleep well. Skin is very tingly and sensitive and garment makes that less annoying so I woke up a lot without it on. Will try high control briefs tonight to see if that helps. Nothing for pain in last 24 hrs and is only uncomfortable to bend over and to press on, barely any pain getting up and down.

Day 10 - Soreness slowly getting better, now just...

Day 10 - Soreness slowly getting better, now just sore on flank areas and near ribs and only to touch. There are some areas of hardness too, these seem to be around the incision sites. Nothing that you can see but definately can feel them, which is normal. Went for my one week follow up 2 days ago and I had lost 2 pounds which they said normally you gain so I think drinking lots of water has prevented that, as well as watching sodium intake. I found out they took off 1300 ml of pure fat during the procedure! Yeah! Still very very glad I did it, no surprises in my recovery so far.

2 weeks - Back to normal exercising, can run on...

2 weeks - Back to normal exercising, can run on treadmill now and do sit up/crunches with no pain. Skin is still slightly numb and tingly in the treated areas. All incisions are healed and some I can't see, I had nine total and 3 of them I can still see. I have some lumpy areas around the belly button but nothing you would notice. My waist is still tender to touch but only a little, I don't jump when touched there now! Still taking arnica and bromelain, drinking tons of water and back to a regular diet with normal sodium intake. Looking forward to the next few months of changes, my husband said he can already see a huge difference. Well worth the money and recovery process!

Week 3-Doing well, seems to be more tender to...

Week 3-Doing well, seems to be more tender to touch this week, what's up with that? Swelling seems to come and go. Still drinking lots of water. I've lost 4 pounds total and down one size although I'm still wearing loose clothing so still sticking to my preop clothes for now.

Week 4 - About the same, my waist is still...

Week 4 - About the same, my waist is still slightly tender to touch. Weight loss the same at 4 pounds. Still waiting on the skin tightening! Not sure when that kicks in but looking forward to that. Clothes that I wore preop are now very loose, yeah! Having this procedure has definately motivated me to eat healthier and exercise regularly. Would consider having this procedure for my hips/thighs if I can't slim them down myself in the next several months. I would definately recommend having smart lipo in the winter. It is just easier wearing the compression garment under warm ups or jeans so it's not noticeable.

6 weeks - No more compression garment!! I had...

6 weeks - No more compression garment!! I had really not been wearing it as much this past 1-2 weeks. The numbness is almost completely gone with barely any tenderness in the flank area. Incisions are well healed and only 3 are still noticeable. Going to the pool has helped with the swelling. I have lost 6 pounds total, but I have really stuck to a healthy 1200-1400 cal diet and exercised regularly. Would like to lose 5 more pounds by end of summer. Starting to see some tightening but only slightly. Overall, very pleased at this point, I feel so much better without the gut and muffin top!!!

9 weeks - Have lost 8 pounds total, still sticking...

9 weeks - Have lost 8 pounds total, still sticking to a 1200-1400 cal diet (most days!) and working out 3 days a week minimum. Tightening is still only slightly improved but not too worried about that, just happy with how things are so far. Numbness is about 95% gone as well as any tenderness to touch.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Was very courteous and professional, answered all my questions and made procedure basically pain-free.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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Hi Delta 13
thanks for posting . I wanted to know was the proocedure painful for you? if so what and if not what happened the day of the procedure. I have my procedure next month and want to know what to expect fromm a patients point of view. The good, bad and the ugly.

Georgia P
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I had my procedure on may, 23rd! I feel great! My husband says I look great! Still wearing my garment at nite! Can't sleep without it! You are looking great!
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Hi LeighB

I am having my procedure with Dr Boutte next month. please let me know about your experience with the procedure as far a what happened and what you saw and felt.


Georgia P
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Hi Georgia P! As far as the procedure itself, there was little to no pain. I was given a nice cocktail of meds which made me sleep through most of it. I can barely remember the initial injections of the numbing meds, which was similar to the pain you would feel at the dentist for numbing. After that the only other thing I remember is being told to turn on my side, and some bumping near my ribs which kinda hurt but was very brief. The worst part of the whole thing was when I got home and threw up from the meds. Once the meds wore off I felt much better. The soreness was bareable and the drainage was over by the third day. You definately need someone to help you the day and night after the procedure. Drink LOTS of water. I think that was a major help to my recovery and less swelling. I was out of work for one week, no one knew I had it done, not even friends or family, only hubby. I had no problem when I went back to work. I don't have a sit down job so that was a plus, sitting caused me to hurt and swell. It has been very worth it to me. I went in to it knowing there would be soreness and drainage so everything I experienced was expected, no pain no gain is what I told myself. I never took any prescription pain meds once I got home, Tylenol or Ibuprofen worked well if that kinda tells you the severity of the pain. The only thing I would have done differently is have a second compression garment for convenience. Make sure you have dark loose clothes, hides the compression garment in public, mine was black. Hope this was helpful! Good luck next month!

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thank you so much. your comments are a tremenous help with preparation.
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Looking good - big difference in the abs, huh? :)
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Hey LeighB - Lucky you - no compression garment! :) I am excited for your weight loss, too. I seem to be starving this week. I haven't gained, but I haven't lost. I ran into Dr. Okoro on the elevator yesterday - he said not to really expect a lot of tightening until around the 3-4 month mark...

Have you got any new, updated photos?
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That's encouraging to know. I am going to try to take some pics soon.
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LeighB - Good for you that you have lost a size! I am at about 2.5 weeks post op today and still am wearing the same clothes I did before the procedure. Strangely, my stomach looks flatter when sitting than when standing. I can see that my tummy has lost the muffin top, but I have no other changes in pant sizes...
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Leigh, day seven for me. You should ask about massages for the hard spots around incisions.
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You rock! I'm hoping for similar results in two more weeks(except for the more painful tummy part) :)

Have you stopped taking the arnica?
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Yes (I ran out) but still taking bromelain.
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Leigh, you look great! Did you take any pre-op pictures for comparison?
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Thanks! No, I wish I would have took before pics but I didn't. My stomach looked very much like the pic at top of this page where it says view photo gallery.
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Thanks so much for the updates, Leigh. It sounds like your recovery is going well so far. Did you end up sleeping without the garment last night?

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I did not sleep with garment and surprised that I didn't sleep very well! The areas have a tingly numbness that are not as sensitive with the garment on, so I was more aware of that feeling every time I moved. I will probably try wearing high waisted support underwear tonight to see if that helps til the numbness is gone.
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I am SO GLAD you wrote your review - I am scheduled to see Dr. Okoro two weeks from today for my Smartlipo! I am really excited but nervous about the procedure. Did you take the arnica before the procedure? How long before did you start? What else did you do to minimize pain/bruising?

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I started taking arnica 2 days before the procedure and will take it until I'm no longer sore. I still don't have any bruising and have only took Advil for pain. I ran errands and picked up kids from school and pain is only with bending or touching it. Pain is very similar to a bad sunburn. I am drinking A LOT of water and hoping that will help with any swelling. Also making sure I don't eat high sodium foods. I also started taking bromelain today, saw it posted in a few other comments, not sure if that's doing anything but thought it wouldn't hurt. I'm glad I posted my story, I was just like you and couldn't find many stories in the Atlanta area. Good Luck!
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Hi LeighB - I'm glad you are feeling much better today! It's great that your swelling and bruising is minimal! I'm crossing my fingers that mine will be the same....I'm counting down :) (12 days to go)...
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Remember to drink lots of water, eat low sodium foods, take the arnica! Hope it goes well!
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