2 1/2 Years After Daughter,Finally Booked my FLAT STOMACH - Atlanta, GA yOu

WELL to begin, im going to be 21this april fools...

WELL to begin, im going to be 21this april fools.
Thanks to taxes i have booked my smart lipo, and it will also be the best birthday present ever.....

I actually had my first baby in september2010 &ive been going to the gym for 1 1/2 years witch has helped alot, but this stubborn fatty stomach will not go away no matter how much i diet and exercise, so this monday i went to SONO ELLO IN ATLANTA GA and booked my apoitment for smart lipo, im very exited and cant wait till i see my new flatter tummy just in time for summer :)

I must say, i am a bit scared though :'(

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Just post up my before pictures 2 1/2 mnts to my...

Just post up my before pictures 2 1/2 mnts to my nes stomach :D


Hello, and how are you? I just had my stomach done on 1/25/13 and all I can say is to be mentally prepared because the pain and the garment is no joke. The results are good, but only if we can skip the swollen and pain part. Best of luck in your journey......
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Thanks so much ,yes ive been reading many reviews, is their any advise you could give me on what to do a week before the procedure and after please :)
As for me, I drink lots of water, I take a vitamin A, Zinc, and a Vitamin C pill allm seperately it helps with the immune system, and other than rest I think that would be all you need to do.......

Does anyone know if i should loose weight before...

Does anyone know if i should loose weight before smart lipo...??what was your experience?


Babyfat I hope that you have realistic expectations. I say that because I went in and had smartlipo 4 months ago and even though overall I feel and look good, I was left with loose skin. My PS told me I didn't need a TT from the beginning and again at my three month mark. I am to the point were I don't swell much anymore and don't have tingling sensations, nor soreness nor numbness, all signs of healing. What I'm trying to say is not to discourage you but to prepare you for what's ahead. I went in thinking I was going to get rid of the kangaroo pouch and have a flat tummy and what I have now is skin fold over my lower abs. Hopefully you have good skin and once you heal it will be tight again. Mine is not.
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I haven't lost any weight, well I take that back I was on a weight loss program when I booked my procedure, but I had to stop because you can't have a dramatic weight gain or loss? So, I had to quit, but I think as long as you have a plan once you get where you need or want to be you will be ok. My motto is: " get the body first, then work to keep it!" I think that you will be more ap to complete something if you've invested a great deal verses these yo-yo diets we go on and quit. This is just my personal opinion.......
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But your results are great, i was showing my mom your arms pictures and now shes looking into getting hers done too :)
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Well me and hubby have been well financially, more...

Well me and hubby have been well financially, more than we thought, and i am changing my smart lipo day to the 2nd week of april, how exiting!!!!!....

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Okay so the day is finally getting closer!!!.......

Okay so the day is finally getting closer!!!.....
And im exited, anxious and a little bit of mixed emmotions, ...
Well here it goes, i work in a bar and consume ,alcohol every weekend but ive recently left the job and am now working somewhere else because its been really hard for me to loose that little extra stomach and back fatt since the drinking and sleepless nights started. Does anyone know of anythig i can do to better prepare myself for this? smart lipo procedure will be next week and im wondering if anyonecould give me any possible tips as to what i should do to better prepare my self....

About the drinking, i will be drinking dandylion tea which helps clean out your liver and blood that way i can get all thoose toxins and impurities....

Any advise would really help now!!!....thanks yall

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Finally, finally my smartlipo has a date, ohhhhh...

Finally, finally my smartlipo has a date, ohhhhh gosh i have mixed emotions!!!!.....i turned in my last payment and was telling hubby how scarec i felt and he asked why if this is something you have always wanted right......and than i felt soo selfish, maybe that money could have been used for something else,......or who knows...mann do i feel like a child who has done something bad or wrong.....
But i shouldn't feel like this right.....

Ok another thing is eversince i went in for my consultation for the smartlipo, i have not felt confortable being intimate with the hubby :0 :'( feels so weird, now i feel uncomfortable being naked around him, eventhough hes very supporti and loving, is this normal or am i the only one that had gone thru this?????

Anyways, april 11is my post-opp apoitment, can any1 give me advise on anything???....id appriciate it, thanks, will put before pictures tonight thanks :) ohh yea forgot to include, sm is on 4/26/2013 @10:30am
And i did change location/place to where i am doing my procedure, i was guna do sonobello,but now im with dr.windell :) &im glad i choose her

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My scheduled date for smartlipo is april 26 2013.....

My scheduled date for smartlipo is april 26 2013....omg!!!!!....cant belive the date is two weeks away already!!!....
Im so nervous, well dr restricted: sweat tea, anytypes of soft drinks, canned foods, hotdogs, ham....anything with sodium.....sounds like a diet to me lol!!!!!! ......but yes im ready for this ,will be picki.g up prescriptions later today .....on another note (tmi)..idk if its stress or what iy could be, but ive been spotting on and off this whole month!!!..well hax my PMI begining of April, but from then on ive been spotting light pink, must be hormones!!....i hope its that, worst thing that can happen is for the dr to call in saying im pregnant :0 since no birthcontroll is 100% effective......well other than that im exited :)


Any updated pics???
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Sooo.....its now 5days after smartlipo, and ive...

Sooo.....its now 5days after smartlipo, and ive lost 10 pds, started at 187, down to 177 &more to go :).....(i have also only been clean eating).......no exercises yet, waiting on dr to give it an ok!! :D have little swelling in belly button area, but its only been 5days, im not expecting a super flat stomach just yet.....will upload more pics later :)


How are you feeling now? Are you continuing to see results?
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Yes i continue to see results but i will need a revision bc i was left with a fat pocket.
I had revision for same reason. Doc did not charge me so that's when I decided to do bra bulge (back flanks) or I called them back boobs. Lol.

visalu....thank you!!!

Sooo after surger i lost some&gained some, so i started takeing protein shakes called visalus and its really really helping with getting my stomach and my whole body tight"" will deff. Post another pic later today of how much a difrence its made to my "hangigng" skin


I'm glad you're feeling good and looking good too!
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