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Hey everybody i live in Georgia and all my life i...

hey everybody i live in Georgia and all my life i wanted to be light skin, like rihanna complexion..i am a lil lighter than Gabby union and my mom is real light skin and my dad is brown, when i was really young i had like a yellow skin tone, over the years of me playing outside in the sun my skin got darker, i want my yellow skin tone back, ik i have to wear sun screen and ive been wearing spf 70, ive been looking at doctors on the american acedemy dermatologist website and found a couple doctors i also would like to find a plastic surgeon who is good at this cosmetic, does anybody know the best way to skin lighten or skin bleach to get that flawless lightskin tone back!??



ik its possible.

its this lady on youtube her name on there is divinedivaskincare and she lighten her skin like a real dramatic like ...she went from real real dark skin to real real light and she claim she did it in 4 weeks, is that possible to do and will i get safe results off of that and how long will that last?


Does anybody know if meladerm work for skin lightening??

best safe bleaching/lighten cream and skin lightening cosmetic

ive been searching for the best skin lighten/bleachin cream, and ive been looking at over the counter creams..will they have any affect on my skin? or should i go to a dermatologist to get the cream? and what kind of peel would lighten my whole body and face?


vi peel

thinking about getting the vi peel for sking lightening...will that work 100%?

any more suggestions!??

How can I make my skin lighter and brighter what's the best way, but I don't want any way that will affect my health

Getting my skin back

& just to make it clear I love myself and the way god made me, like I said I was born with yellow tone skin, but when I was younger me playing outside in and out of swimming pools and back and fourth to beach all my life I got a serious tan, soo I know I wasn't born with this. because when I was younger I was real light skin, I just want my skin complexion back, they was if you look in your scalp that's your actual skin tone and my scalp is really yellow soo I know what I really look like, if I was born brown skin I wouldn't want to lighten my skin tone because that's the way god made me, or even if I wanted to I can do that cuz its MY SKIN.. I want to do this because I don't feel confident Im insecure about myself and I just want to feel pretty again.

i want

this is what I want, bright light smooth type skin



bleach/ lighten my whole body

I want to bleach/lighten my whole body is that possible?

skin bleach doctors??

Does anybody know any good skin bleaching doctors in Atlanta???!!??

skin lightening

Ive bee looking on amazon for some good skin lightening creams and soaps but there so much i don't want to waste my money on something that's not going to improve and give me the best results. does anybody know they best 100% skin lightening and soap and is really good and lightening and brightening the skin all over on amazon, everybody keep telling me to look go there but i don't know what to get, somebody please help!!

putting pics up soon so you can see my results

Ok so i have been tryin a couple things here and there, one thing i have been doing is bathing with baking soda that gave my skin a lil glow and brightness.. and soon i will be purchasing some stuff off of amazon and let yall see my results..i plan on getting the best skin lightening soaps and creams, anybody have any suggestions? i just know ima come out of pocket lol

Does anybody know any SAFE skin lightenig cream i can out on my face?

i need to get my face lightened but i want to do it safely lol im scarred to put the body lotions and soaps on my face, anybody have any suggestions?

My soap finally came!

My Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap is finally here, i used it for the first time, and so far so good, i will keep using it and keep yall updated on it.

Dianna Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap

so its been a week since ive used the soap, and soo far I like the product, you can definitely see the brightness and glow and in my skin and it got slightly lighter im addicted to it, I have been using it everyday in the shower and I like it so far, im suppose to see results like 4-6 weeks but I can definitely see the results the 1st week ive used it, im definitely getting more, the only problem is the soap does not last very long it melts faster than regular soap, which means I will be getting more but I will probably have to double up.


Ok so I did my research and decided to get 3 of the Piona lightening products I've heard nothing but good reviews about them and hopefully they will work out for me, im only going to be using a little at a time since this will be my first time using the products. im using the soap, the cream, and the body lotion in that order,all together they cost $79 so this shit better work.

I will be using these products

i love rihanna skin

I love Rihanna skin it look so soft and she is glowing, her skin tone is what im aiming for

Hydroqunione 20%

I will be purchasing soon heard great things about this

more products


my hydroquninone 20% finally came & im on my 3rd day using they said it take about a week to see results..i just don't really no how often I should apply it
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I have piona, hate the smell. I didn't see much of a difference over time but everyone is different. I use the Jamaican Nadinola product it works faster and smells better. I am worried though because of the mercury. I also combine it with fair and white.
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Stay Far Away From Mercury.......... Super Far.
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I’m white, I don’t like my skin tone, I love to tan and make it darker. If I like to make my skin darker I have no problem with black people trying to make their skin lighter. To me its’ just personal preference. Its’ just like some of the thousands and thousands of people who do plastic sugery to have breast implants or facial restructures they want to look the way they want to and if its’ what makes them happy I am happy for them as well.
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If you are white... you are can tan and eat lot of food that can make you darker like beans---- google... Also tan.... If you stay under the sun long enough you will be dark... The whites who lives in the hotter atmosphere of African are brown skin tone.... Also consider if you stay under the sun too long, You are at the very high risk of getting skin cancer... Because your skin kinda lack melanin. Whites are unique- They are almost like Albinos--- They lack Melanin. Not a joke, But its reality.
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Hydroquinone 20% is very much for anyone.... 4%(Usually maximum Rx prescribed, 5% or 10% to start is wise enough..... The maximum time advice for use of Hydroquinone is 6month.... and also 20% could actually damage your skin> Be Careful!!!! An average Nigeria bleach out with just 5% to 10%..... I mean it when I say bleach out LOL..... Also, You have to 100% stay away from the sun.... May be after 6month of your result, Start maintain with Arbutin, Deoxy arbutin or more natural lightening agent!!!! At make sure after 6month you stop..... You can start again, if an area gets dark..... Nigerian came top for bleaching..... Unfortunately I think bleaching in Bad, and I also understand a lot of other stuffs are bad and people do them. Its a matter of choice for all::: Do what makes you happy, even if cost..... If you can change it: change it. If you cant: Leave It. :::::: Please stay away from any product with corticosteroid, Neosprene, Clobaterm, Hydrocortisone, and all those Gel like or serum which contain this.....very harmful chemicals.=They are all some form of steroid::::THEY THIN OUT THE SKIN. Although they might work quick: They thin out your skin and you get super dark faster.......... BAD! For my friend who bleach and I who lighten: We are clean fresh::: I take L- Glutathione drops liquid daily and other natural multivitamins to take care of the inside: Don't smoke! Don't eat sugar or oily food! Enjoy natural food a lot::; They actually also help your skin tremendously... Be Vigilant! Do Your Research! Take Time! Don't Rush! If a product is not working or given you wrong reaction: STOP USING IT. Hope my information help you out a bit..... All the information I give here is my personal experience:::; Always consult with a doctor before starting any form of Bleaching Regime......
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thank you
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Thanks for the idea
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Hello cxbabe, I like your advice a lot , seems helpful to me because am confused as to what lightening products to use. I don't want to bleach, just lighten up. Any recommendations? Thanks
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I would like to follow you. You sound super knowledgeable. I was a lot lighter too. The Miami sun and age has taken its toll on my skin. I want to lighten myself four shades lighter. Rihanna is a nice complexion for me.
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Based on my research for 2years plus.... Anyone can become light. I also believe - you gotta take it step at a time.... lightening is not temporal... its a lifetime journey. (If you are super dark--- its worse---- Because it will take a bit longer---->>> and you might have to use chronic methods..... for me with Focal vitiligo I can tell you... It can very be costly/expensive for anyone. If you just wanna lighten up a bit--- Nadinola can do a good job. But the truth of the matter is: it contain hydroquinone: Hydroquinone can only used for maximum of 3-6month depending on skin type. Some might how about people that has been bleaching with it in Africa>>>>>>>>>>. Bullcrap, trust me I studied them too. I am popular, I have many of the as friends... They might look good in pictures---->>> there skin are flushed not healthy looking....... They bleach with all sought if things from high hydroquinone, steroids, mono, mequinol and all sought of other thing--- They might work but not for long. Very harsh. My experience n journey was not easy; but it works. You will be surprise Hydroquinone 4% based on the fda can lighten you, based on how many times you apply it daily... even 2%. the only problem... you cannot use it for life::: its temporary----> It also kill skin cells... That is why you people with certain are of their skin flushed. For me: I started with: Lot of water/Vitamin-Fruit n Vegan base/Natural diet/Special Lotion(if u wish to know I will share-You might get frustrated) But it will work! /No Sun(believe It- when I do step under the sun maximum of 4min--- I am like a vampire with hats or umbrella-MK style. Believe It.... I don't fake it;;; When People ask: I told them straight up-- Don't do sun, I only do morning rise light lol-- If you can't make this transition forget about --->> Lightening or bleaching... You will damage your skin. and become worst than before.
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What do you look like and what are you trying to achieve, Also skin type matter!!!! If I tell you anything, You will be responsible... I am not liable for any action: Any decision will be personally base on you. I am not a dermatologists or physician.... My Answer to you will strictly be based on my personal experience.
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Cabral's Goddess.... I live in Texas.... trust me.... Its Fucking Hot Here.... I am 95% a Night crawler.
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Lol. Where should I start. I have a goal of four shades lighter by may. Can you give me a regime that I maintain and products. Right now I am using Nadinola and it is takes months to see the benefits. I have combination skin. My skin is changing because I am 37 so I have gone from perfectly clear skin to fine lines and little blemishes here in there. My legs and boobs are lighter than my arms and face.
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Please share. I am not super dark. I just want to know what to do, cost, and time frame.
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I am the color of Whitney houston
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I understand... I will not hold you liable. I am grown. Acting on my own.
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Megan Good, Halle Berry or Rihanna color is what I am trying to achieve.
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No Health Problems? It is important. also are you acne prone skin?
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I haven't posted any new results but google ambi pretty bizness and the cream she has call prettiness will get you where you wanna be
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If a product don't list the ingredients and percentage.... Stay away from it.
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I keep reading all this rubbish online about bleaching product that is safer.... No Chemical Is Safe. Nothing Is Safe.... Especially if it has to do with altering your image or skin.....Anything applied, layed, distort or remove the original is not safe. You are removing/suppressing/distorting!!!!!!!!!!! "The Ocean water looks beautiful.... But I bet you can't jump in middle of the ocean and say you wanna start living in middle of the ocean, because the water looks pure does not mean its safe!!.... You will either die from ocean wave, from suffocating, drowning or high level sodium, get eating up by shark and many more other reasons(there is also 1% chance you might survive it...... When it comes to Lighting or Bleaching----->> You are altering the dermis layer of the (skin) the largest organ of the body.... No solution(meaning Chemical is safe)! When I say chemical: what is chemical: a compound or substance that has been purified or prepared, especially artificially. example: Pure water mix with salt is a solution. during its process-it is chemical! Its is no longer pure when diluted or mix.... (salt and water can be separated in chemistry). So when a bunch of chemical are mixed up together to form lotion, soap or more even some processed food::: None are safe... Also some natural product are not safe.... Because is natural does not also mean its safe:::: Lime is natural:::: Drinking too much lime can be very harmful to the health.... You can even get blisters from it........ To make this headache easier::: "No Substance/Chemical is safe.... All can be toxic, Some are more toxic than the other..... and it also depend on the body experimenting/experiencing it. For anyone who wishes to lighten up their skin::: It is better you go to school of lighten/bleaching before you start.....___(Do not listen to a bunch of this company making billions of the innocent by producing a jar of cream or bottle of lotion......) STUDY Each product and their ingredients........... Although, I have Focal Vitiligo--- I did not just start putting rubbish or anything on my skin.... I wanted to know more about it..... it took me over two years of studying/research and also ignoring my doctor for years, before I tried any product. I advise all to start from here: learn all about the skin Whitening sciences/process! Also know this:===== Black skin is different from White or Light Skin(Learn about skin). What works with one will not work with other. Do research/studies on each Agent in the product/what type of animal/human did the scientist used for their research---also company doing the research matter(Licensed A Plus).........(Learn The Good And Bad). After which you can easily proceed... Here is a site to start your journey: Click or Copy and Paste: From here you can pick and agent you wish to use to lighten up with and do research on that particular product: example::: Let say I want to bleach with hydroquinone::: I will research HYDROQUINONE STUDIES ON SKIN OR HYDROQUINONE EFFECT ON SKIN: This is an example of a result of research::::: Click or Copy and Paste: Goodluck.... Luv You All.
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There use to be this guy in Beverly Hills, California that could lighten you from head to toe. I think his name was Edgar Morris he works with a doctor, try and google him maybe he's still in business.
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I suggest you seek out a dermatologist who can supervise your bleaching, and stay out of the sun, use sunscreen.
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