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Best Way to Lighten or Bleach Skin - Atlanta, GA

Hey everybody i live in Georgia and all my life i...

hey everybody i live in Georgia and all my life i wanted to be light skin, like rihanna complexion..i am a lil lighter than Gabby union and my mom is real light skin and my dad is brown, when i was really young i had like a yellow skin tone, over the years of me playing outside in the sun my skin got darker, i want my yellow skin tone back, ik i have to wear sun screen and ive been wearing spf 70, ive been looking at doctors on the american acedemy dermatologist website and found a couple doctors i also would like to find a plastic surgeon who is good at this cosmetic, does anybody know the best way to skin lighten or skin bleach to get that flawless lightskin tone back!??



ik its possible.

its this lady on youtube her name on there is divinedivaskincare and she lighten her skin like a real dramatic like ...she went from real real dark skin to real real light and she claim she did it in 4 weeks, is that possible to do and will i get safe results off of that and how long will that last?


Does anybody know if meladerm work for skin lightening??

best safe bleaching/lighten cream and skin lightening cosmetic

ive been searching for the best skin lighten/bleachin cream, and ive been looking at over the counter creams..will they have any affect on my skin? or should i go to a dermatologist to get the cream? and what kind of peel would lighten my whole body and face?


vi peel

thinking about getting the vi peel for sking lightening...will that work 100%?

any more suggestions!??

How can I make my skin lighter and brighter what's the best way, but I don't want any way that will affect my health

Getting my skin back

& just to make it clear I love myself and the way god made me, like I said I was born with yellow tone skin, but when I was younger me playing outside in and out of swimming pools and back and fourth to beach all my life I got a serious tan, soo I know I wasn't born with this. because when I was younger I was real light skin, I just want my skin complexion back, they was if you look in your scalp that's your actual skin tone and my scalp is really yellow soo I know what I really look like, if I was born brown skin I wouldn't want to lighten my skin tone because that's the way god made me, or even if I wanted to I can do that cuz its MY SKIN.. I want to do this because I don't feel confident Im insecure about myself and I just want to feel pretty again.

i want

this is what I want, bright light smooth type skin



bleach/ lighten my whole body

I want to bleach/lighten my whole body is that possible?

skin bleach doctors??

Does anybody know any good skin bleaching doctors in Atlanta???!!??

skin lightening

Ive bee looking on amazon for some good skin lightening creams and soaps but there so much i don't want to waste my money on something that's not going to improve and give me the best results. does anybody know they best 100% skin lightening and soap and is really good and lightening and brightening the skin all over on amazon, everybody keep telling me to look go there but i don't know what to get, somebody please help!!

putting pics up soon so you can see my results

Ok so i have been tryin a couple things here and there, one thing i have been doing is bathing with baking soda that gave my skin a lil glow and brightness.. and soon i will be purchasing some stuff off of amazon and let yall see my results..i plan on getting the best skin lightening soaps and creams, anybody have any suggestions? i just know ima come out of pocket lol

Does anybody know any SAFE skin lightenig cream i can out on my face?

i need to get my face lightened but i want to do it safely lol im scarred to put the body lotions and soaps on my face, anybody have any suggestions?

My soap finally came!

My Diana Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap is finally here, i used it for the first time, and so far so good, i will keep using it and keep yall updated on it.

Dianna Stalder Papaya Kojic Acid soap

so its been a week since ive used the soap, and soo far I like the product, you can definitely see the brightness and glow and in my skin and it got slightly lighter im addicted to it, I have been using it everyday in the shower and I like it so far, im suppose to see results like 4-6 weeks but I can definitely see the results the 1st week ive used it, im definitely getting more, the only problem is the soap does not last very long it melts faster than regular soap, which means I will be getting more but I will probably have to double up.


Ok so I did my research and decided to get 3 of the Piona lightening products I've heard nothing but good reviews about them and hopefully they will work out for me, im only going to be using a little at a time since this will be my first time using the products. im using the soap, the cream, and the body lotion in that order,all together they cost $79 so this shit better work.

I will be using these products

i love rihanna skin

I love Rihanna skin it look so soft and she is glowing, her skin tone is what im aiming for

Hydroqunione 20%

I will be purchasing soon heard great things about this

more products


my hydroquninone 20% finally came & im on my 3rd day using they said it take about a week to see results..i just don't really no how often I should apply it
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I been using the hydroquinone 20% and Piona and g+g n i must say idk what it is but its working. Around my eyes were BLACK now it looks brown n i can see that the skin is actually peeling. I exfoliate with apricots scrub and Piona soap and then rub alcohol on my face then put the hydroquinone, then wait a few mins to absorb then put my g+g and Piona cream. I some times use my 10% glycolic acid cream as well. Its only been a week and a half n i have dramatic results under my eyes. I do my regimen twice a day.
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hey how has the piona been working?
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I don't have piona I have nadinola an neoprosone on the way i bought yesterday online
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i been using snail serum by alternative secrets..it lightens pretty good but its a small bottle n ur prolly wanting whole body
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Hey how have the Piona products been working for u??
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i Havent really been using the piona products yet.
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try snail serum by alternative secrets...it lightens skin pretty good
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I looked that up when I read it , sounds like a plan , thanks dear
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ok so it has been week 3 that I used the 20% hydroquinone and I cant say that it helps because I have been using it wrong all along...according to the instructions they sent be careful how you use it and get good results...I was suppose to exfoliate before using it, and on the 1st week mix it with mostly lotion and on the 2nd week, the 3rd week mix it with half and half 4th week mix it with more hydroquinone and lotion and everytime you use it, you put it on twice a day, 5th week use just a lil hydroquinone once a day until you get your desired color. I haven't seen much results im hoping because I have been using it all wrong, because I spent too much money on this for this shit not to work..so im starting over from week one, when I first started using it I paid no attention to the instructions and just started using it which was a big no no. but the instructors said if it don't work In the next 3 months then stop using it completely. sometimes I see reults sometimes I be wondering is it all in my head I don't know..but my mother did mention to me it looked like I got lighter..but I don't see much..i will follow the directions all the way over and post my results stay tuned........
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Will you show before and after picture.
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yes I will try to soon.
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So how was u using it if thats what it said? were u just putting it on without the lotion? Because I recently purchased it as well, it hasnt come yet but I wanna use it right the first time.
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I just applied it after I gotten out the tub , after using kojic soap
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i was just using it twice a day with large portions, you arent suppose to use that much because it will clog your pores and apparently make you darker, and take longer to lighten up be sure to not get that shit near your eyes, and make sure you wash your hands after applying it. dont do what id did, after i applied i accidentally rubbed some in my hair ... use lotion on the first 3 weeks they recommend eucerin lotion, i have tried it this morning and i can tell by the difference already. when you get it you will get a direction sheet, be sure to follow, good luck
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yea i was applying it after i get out the tub to because you are suppose to apply it after you exfoliate, and i was using rentin a soap
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oh wow , r a soap , those bastards , didn't tell me that at all I had good results , I am gonna use something else because I have light spots in the neck , face , but its cool , cause I have vitiligo what ever lightens me or turn white is fine with me
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Hey i really wanna know how the hydroquinone and Piona worked? Where did u buy them? I need something to lighten the scars on my face n legs n ass. Lol
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Ioffer.com or isis cosmeticutials
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Thanks so much I went on isis. How have their products been working for u?
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i cant really tell so far, ill let you know soon
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