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My first visit was a consultation at Vein...

My first visit was a consultation at Vein Innovations involved an ultrasound to determine if spider veins were my only problem. I conferred with Dr Frank Ferrier and we discussed possible treatment. He was most congenial and answered my questions patiently. We agreed on sclerotherapy and the use of compression stockings for a period of time. There was no charge for this consultation.
My second visit was a pleasant surprise. My treatment was performed by a delightful registered nurse named Jane. She called in Dr. Caudill to confirm her treatment. I expected the pain of the needle that I had experienced many years ago. But instead, Jane was very gentle and so professional that I barely felt a thing. She worked quickly and thoroughly for quite some time and while she was working we engaged in interesting and fun conversation. I do realize she was trying to distract me, and she succeeded.
I went back for my completion session today. Most of the spider veins she treated last time have disappeared and the tiny bruises of a few are rapidly disappearing.
I am so pleased with this professional "family" and their caring for the right treatment for each patient. The receptionist, both Dr. Ferrier and Dr. Caudill, the therapists and the office assistant are all a great and caring team and I will highly recommend them. Plus, I never waited more than 5 minutes.

Pat Jollay
Dr. Frank Ferrier, MD.FACS

My doctor was very informative and answered all of my questions. He explained the process to me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I have concerns about Vein Innovations based on other unflattering reviews, and have done some research. They are known in the area as the billboard clinic. The two doctors (Caudill and Ferrer) with whom you "conferred" are both 75+ years old and are retired from other vein clinics or spas. They came to Vein Innovations after they retired, have not been there more than two years, and neither list Vein Innovations as their medical practice address with the Composite Board of Medical Examiners. They are paid parttime staff. The other two parttime staff doctors at the Johns Creek location are not vascular surgeons and have also not been with Vein Innovations for two years and they also don't list Vein Innovations as their medical practice address (they actually have another general surgical practice in Johns Creek not affiliated with Vein Innovations). Your procedure was done by a nurse who was a former obgyn nurse--not a trained vascular professional. The owner is David Martin, another RN. He is not a doctor, a PA, or NP--no extensive training. They don't do research, they list no professional affilations or boards on their website, do not belong to the BBB, and for alll their lack of professional credentials THEY ARE NOT EVEN CHEAPER! In fact they have been accused at least 3 times for performing unnecessary and expensive procedures on several people--one of them in this forum paid 13k for a procedure she didn't even get. Vein Innovations is all image, smoke and mirrors. This forum is to help people make informed choices about their healthcare, and should not be used as just another cheap advertising venue.
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The comment from "Aimee Jo" underscores the problems with sites such as this allowing anonymous negative reviews without verifying them as factual. One such reviewer posted negative comments here after being sent to collections for failing to pay her bill. This latest one is not even a review; merely "research" done by an unhappy competitor and former employee of ours. It is an unfortunate fact of life now for all businesses that anyone with an ax to grind can do so with relative impunity, and in the shadow of a false identity. We at VeinInnovations have always prided ourselves on providing the best possible vein care to our patients and have been doing so for the past 11 years. we are Atlanta's oldest and most experienced full-service vein practice, and the first to focus on venous disease as a full-time clinical endeavor. We encourage anyone evaluating practices for vein care to go to our website, where there is accurate information about our practice and our staff, and real testimonials from actual patients.

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My review is factual. In fact, for more verifiable information, check out the State Court of DeKalb County where Vein Innovations and Dr. Caudill are being sued for malpractice by Larry and Debra Sheridan. Civil Action File No. 13A47353. After that check out Fulton Superior Court docket where on June 27, 2013, a jury of 12 found against Vein Innovations in favor of a vascular surgeon to the tune of 545k. Then go back to the Superior Court of DeKalb County where Veininnovations and David Martin have been sued several times by doctors and other medical personnel. This information is not included on their website. By the way, Veininnovations IS NOT the largest vein clinic in Georgia, and it IS NOT the preferred vein clinic for doctors and nurses. The purpose of this blog is to help consumers make INFORMED choices about medical providers and medical procedures based on real information--not advertising propaganda and paid for testimonials.
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Wow...I've been reading reviews about sclerotherapy a bit and just came accross this Review/reply. In fact, I just posted my own personal review of recent treatment - (I Didn't use VeinInnovations.) However, I'm really shocked and concerned about this particular type of reply...a scalthing one at that... towards a positive review (Pat Jolly's) which seems pretty genuine and who's quite happy with her treatment. Now you do have that right to reply to her, of course. But what concerns me is how you not only turned it around and made it completely negative, but you fail to explain how this practice PERSONALLY treated you or its impact on you. I become very skeptical when reading these types of posts and what their TRUE intentions are... Are you a competitor or disgruntled employee? I am skeptical of your motives, as you don't state you're an actual patient your what you had done there. But you do give way too much negative information about not only this practice...its advertising targets, negative reviews, and the physicians' & nurses' backgrounds. What is your goal here? Im a professional in advertising and although not medical, you clearly have other intentions just by the nature of your reply. Online reviews should be a form of free expression by the consumer from REAL interactive encounters... those who actually have a valid reason or concern, weather good or bad, by sharing their own personal experience with the business/practice...not just what they've heard or even 'researched' facts... this is how online posts can be damaging. So Please don't make a great online reference site like this one become soured by 'reputation smearing'...at least when someone is happy with a service by sharing their own PERSONAL experience!
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Where is your review that you stated you posted? I can't locate it....Thanks!
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I'm not sure if it even went through, as I never received any confirmation from Real Self as of yet. My experience wasn't a positive one, but I hope someone benefits from it. Again, that is what this site is actually intended to do...Actual CONSUMERS allowed the freedom to share their own experiences with others, weather good or bad. I'm assuming since you've messaged me and know my name that you'll recognize it...if and when it may appear. Thanks for your feedback!
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I am curious why you sent your response regarding Pat Jollay's post directly to me as a private message. I never heard of this Ms. Jollay until you contacted me privately today. I never responded to Ms. Jollay's post from the first day she posted her review as you can see. So why did you send your unrelated post directly to me??? How did you get my name to send your response to me in a private post?? It's very interesting how you say your responding to a post which I'm not involved with. Why are you sending me private responses? Very interesting for sure.
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Why do you keep contacting me? I answered your questions yesterday. You are just short of harassing me since I've placed my comments. And I never got your email address until you messaged ME. I made a comment on a public post....thats all. How that got to you and your email, I don't know. Why don't you contact the people at Real Self about this problem instead of being aggressive towards me? READ the actual post. You messaged me twice 3 times in the last 24 hours, I've answered your questions and apologized to you. You seem to have nothing better to do with your time. Now unless you have something to contribute to the actual posts I've made, please stop obsessing and direct this problem elsewhere. Thank you.
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And for the record, "liond2", I've privately messaged and/or posted back to you ONLY as an auto response to ALL 3 of your inquires TO ME 3 of your inquires sent to my account FROM YOU within thr last 24 hrs. You made initial contact, not I. I have copies of EACH & EVERY activity on my account w/ this site, weather public posting or personal message. I've resorted to placing a formal complaint of harrassment with the advisors of Real Self for a complete investigation of this matter, including my own account. You've made it a point to harass me even when I've tried to solve this matter between the 2 of us. Thank you.
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You have contacted me twice this AM and I'm harassing you?!?!? Stop now, PLEASE!
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Hi Ladies, this is getting a bit off topic.  Let's be respectful of Pat Jollay's review and keep the comments related to Sclerotherapy and her story.  RealSelf is a place where people come for support and to share their experience. If you can't find it in you to support them, then please interact with someone else who you do support.

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Thank you for choosing VeinInnovations. We strive for 100% patient satisfaction. We appreciate your writing about your visit to our Sandy Springs office, and assure you that you would have received the same high level of care at our new Johns Creek location. We are grateful to have such dedicated and skilled professionals, as you mentioned in your review, working with us, and to have earned the reputation as "doctors' and nurses' doctors." In addition to referring their patients to us, many medical professionals rely on us to help them keep their own legs healthy, and have for our 12 years of continuous service in the metro Atlanta area. Thanks again,
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Sounds like you had a good experience!  Are you planning on going back for more treatments or are you done?

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If or when I need more treatments, I will DEFINITELY return to them.
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