Nostril Reduction and Nasal Tip Enhancement - Atlanta, GA

I am scheduled to have surgery the first week of...

I am scheduled to have surgery the first week of May 2013. I am not getting a full rhinoplasty but more of a nostril reduction as well as enhancement to the tip of my nasal. I am hoping for natural-looking results. I decided to go with the surgeon due to his experience in ethnic rhinoplasty and his experience with Nene Leakes from the Housewives of Atlanta.

Surgery done today. Nostril reduction and the arch...

Surgery done today. Nostril reduction and the arch of my nose shaved down. Surgeon felt my tip was perfectly fine. My left nostril seems smaller than my right but surgeon said you have to wait two weeks. Swelling on one side could cause asymmetry for awhile.

Today, had complications from pain meds. Side...

Today, had complications from pain meds. Side effect wouldn't let me urinate, so I stopped and switched to Tylenol. Also, bleeding a little bit still. Congestion started this afternoon. I have been using a saline spray to keep the insides of my nose moist. This is definitely a journey.

My nose is 5 days post op and still swollen. My...

My nose is 5 days post op and still swollen. My surgeon said don't look in the mirror for two weeks. Does anyone know how long it takes for swelling to go down?

8 days post-op and I am starting to see good...

8 days post-op and I am starting to see good results. I figured out that ice really helps the swelling go down. I am actually pleased so far with what Dr. David Whiteman has done and how he has made my results look natural.

2 weeks Post-Op

I like the results. Still some swelling since my arch was shaved down. I noticed that my face is a lot more oiler and causing small pimple breakouts on my cheeks, forehead and nose. I wonder if this has to do with the oil gland or the tape I wore for 5 days over my nose?

5 months post-op

Love the shape of the nose. I think Dr. Whiteman did a great job! I would use him again.

Revision Rhinoplasty Done

3-7-2014 - To smooth out bump on slope of nose and to thin out nostrils.

Revision Rhinoplasty

All I had to pay was for hospital fees/anesthesia, etc.

10 days post-op revision

Still swollen. I always hate the several months of waiting until a majority of the swelling goes down. It's hard to see a result with rhinoplasty right away.

14 Days Post-Op Revision Rhinoplasty

Swelling has gone done dramatically from 5 days ago. I am hoping it goes down faster than my first rhinoplasty so I can see the results quicker. I always feel like (within the healing process) that my nose is crooked, but I don't want to just to conclusions only 14 days after surgery. I realize the swelling could be making that happen.

Original Nose

Here is my original nose before any rhinoplasty.

22 days post op revision rhinoplasty

My dorsal hump is still humped from the swelling. My right nasal tip is swollen and has a hard bump. I'm hoping this heals over time and subsides. My right nostril where an alar base reduction was done has a crack from where the sutures were but I'm hoping this heals itself over time and the skin doesn't have a small crack in it.

31 days post op revision rhinoplasty

A lot of swelling has dramatically gone down. It seems that my dorsal is still a little swollen from a side-view but from the front-view, you cannot tell. I also think my surgeon may have put dissolvable stitches in my alar base reduction due to a piece of "plastic" that felt like a stitch sticking out from my left nostril. Waiting for a reply back from him to ensure that is what it is. It's not noticeable and I can barely feel it at all. So far, I am happy with how my revised nose is shaping.

45 Days Post-Op Revision Rhinoplasty

Nose shapes more and more every week.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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Your revision looks good.
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Thank you! :-)
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Is alar base reduction to reduce the width of the nose? I had my revision last week and I think he reduced the base of my nose. I Hope all these issues resolve with time.
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From my understand, the alar base reduction is where they cut "pie-like" wedges from your nostril (in the crease of the nose) and that is how they reduce the nostril width. Was your revision to make your nose more narrower? I am sure it will heal well with time. Is that all you had done with your revision? I had my dorsal hump shaved down again.
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Hi. Thanks for the explanation. The surgeon straightened my bridge but I didn't ask him to shave it down, probably I should have. I had my nostrils reduced and they look nice and more symmetric now. I had my bulbous tip reduced as well. But there was also a big surprise during my surgery. My septum was very crooked and he fixed it. Now I can breathe much better through my nose. I have a review here. Your nose looks great! Thanks for the update.
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Your nose looks great. Congratulations! My revision is next Tuesday and I hope I get good results like you.
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Thank you. Yes. You will get great results. Just make sure you tell your surgeon your goal and tell them specifics about your specific and detailed concerns for a revision. :-)
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Some of your previously posted pictures have been removed.
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Yeah because I didn't want full pictures on a public site. However, I am updating it now to show people my original nose before any rhinoplasty was done. Thanks.
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Your nose suits you perfectly and you have such great skin and smile...just a well balanced face overall. I also think your current nose is so refined it looks like you may have had a rhinoplasty already that I dont think you need anything done but it is all about how you feel when you look in the mirror since your opinion matters the most. I wish you the best of luck!!!!
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Thank you! Appreciate your nice comments!
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Good luck with everything!! You look good already so you're going to look great!! :)
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Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
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umm your nose looks great AS IS...from the side, that last pic it looks perfect! You dont need any surgery.
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I appreciate your comments. Thank you. I just feel my bridge is wide and I would like it to be a little smaller. That is the most important thing I want out of this surgery.
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Wide from the front? I don't see that at all. I can understand the nostril reduction. Good luck with everything!
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Thank you. I am looking forward to the nostril reduction.
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Oh my gosh, your nose looks perfect to me! But like Rayah said, it's all about how you feel.

Here's a list of supplies you might need for recovery.

Please let us know how it goes!

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Thank you. I appreciate your comment. It's just a insecurity of mine and I am hoping this rhinoplasty will help my confidence a little.
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Thank you! This came in handy!
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I think you look great the way you are. But that's my opinion. You gotta do what feels right for you. I hope you get the results you want! Good luck. ;)
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Thank you. I appreciate your comment. It's just a insecurity of mine and I am hoping this rhinoplasty will help my confidence a little. I will keep you updated as I get very close to my surgery date. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Thank you.
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Finally I found someone who had the same concern about their nose as I have with mine. I, too have been conscious about the width of my nasal wings since I have an ethnic nose. I was wondering if recovery time is a lot faster in comparison to someone who undergoes a complete rhinoplasty where a graft is placed or the nasal bone was broken down. By the way, you look great in your pictures. I hope you'll feel better about your nose once the swelling of your nose subsides where you can see drastic result. Good luck to you.
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