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Bottom line: i should have considered braces first...

Bottom line: i should have considered braces first to correct my tooth spacing, and probably followed up with a no/low prep veneer to fix shape of teeth (if needed).

I have a slight overbite, somewhat small teeth, and some of my teeth were a little spacey. You couldn't really notice the spaciness because when I bit down, my bottom teeth would "fill in" the gaps from behind my top teeth. I wanted veneers to close the gaps and reshape my teeth.

The dental assistant had braces and she mentioned that I should give it a try to correct the spacing, but I was thinking that it obviously that wouldn't help the shape of my teeth... so let's go for the quick fix on my 4 front teeth. I didn't do much research about veneers, I just knew celebrities had nice teeth!

Pros -the experience wasn't that bad -I loved my smile afterwards, and always received compliments

Cons -when the veneers came back from the lab, they looked a little off. Overall they were fine, but up close the cut/shape of the two front teeth was odd (not perfectly straight) -the veneers on my two lateral incisors have popped off every year. 2x for my right and 3x for my left It costs ~$100 to get them re-cemented, I will probably go get fitted for a new veneer for the one that is currently off.

Then purchase a mouth guard since I clench sometimes. I feel like I have bitten my veneers right off a few times.


Veneers are never the answer. I'm on my second set of veneers and although they look great -- it was not worth the pain, expense, and irreversible damage. There is nothing prettier than natural healthy teeth. There are so many other non-invasive procedures that can correct teeth such as (1) braces to close gaps and corrected crooked teeth, (2) gum surgery / reshaping to get rid of a gummy smile and lengthen natural teeth, and (3) whitening for discolored teeth. I sure wish someone would've given me these options when I was younger. My natural teeth were gorgeous. Cosmetic dentistry should only be used when medically necessary (broken teeth). I hate the dentists who try to convince their patients that cosmetic dentistry will give them a "beautiful smile." Not at all the case, there are other options to create a pleasing beautiful smile without harming your teeth.
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Sheri, I am sorry you haven't had a pleasant experience with your veneers. Like you stated there are a few critical things to consider when choosing how to move forward with enhancing your smile. We have seen cases just like yours where patients have invested a lot of time and resources into a nicer smile and within a short time frame are re-addressing the issues. What set's our office apart from so many is the precise detail that is taken into every single patient. We want to offer you treatment that will not only enhance your smile, make you look & feel 10-15 years younger but also dentistry that is going to last you longer. We have successfully treated cases just like yours and the difference is we start at your bite, we use this term a lot in our office "form follows function". When you have something that is functioning properly everything else will fall into place. Here's an example; if you were to wear high heels everyday and one day the heel breaks off on your right shoe and you don't replace it but continue to wear your shoes that are not balanced, you will start to feel and see the damage of those actions (sore hip, sore knee, pain & discomfort). Same thing is happening in your mouth when your teeth don't properly align(malocclusion), eventually something is going to breakdown and in your case the veneers continued to come off. We have seen cases where patients would come in within a year or two of having veneers done somewhere else and they have recurrent decay around the margins of their new dentistry, also due to malocclusion. This is the first step in our office to setting your entire case up for success. We know this is an investment of your time and money and may not be the quickest fix but it is the most important part of a successful case. As you previously stated the process of having the veneers prepped and placing temporaries and delivering the veneers is very simple. We have found that scheduling you on an exclusive day where you have the undivided attention of the doctor is key in making the appointment and yourself as comfortable as possible. Pairing this with our Comfort Menu and a smoothie for you to enjoy for lunch during the process makes the time fly by! My hope is that when you are ready to re-address your veneers that you seek a dentist that is highly skilled and trained in Cosmetic Dentistry that will take into account the factors that were listed above. Also one that you can trust will work with any concerns you have before or after treatment! Good Luck & Keep Smiling!
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Girl I'm looking to get veneers on my first 4 teeth. Tell me more about your experience. Would you not do them if you had to do it over? Makes me nervous
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My doctor was fine up until my veneers starting falling off. Sometimes staff was unresponsive as far as returning phone calls to schedule appointments. She never gave me the time to explain why this might be happening and what we could do to fix it.

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