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I wanted to get a photofacial because I heard that...

I wanted to get a photofacial because I heard that it can help get rid of broken capillaries. After the 1st session, I did notice alot of dark brown specks on the surface of my skin immediately after. After a week, they all flaked off. My bigger spots faded.

My second session, my skin did the same thing, only I had less brown spots. However my capillaries are still there. I did ask my technician about that on the 2nd visit. She mentioned that IPL produces a scattered laser and so there is a 50/50 chance it may help with reducing the capillaries. If I wanted to make sure they are gone, I would have to pay for a direct laser. I have 2 more IPL sessions so we will have to wait and see.

My first visit, I took 2 advils and it was fine. 2nd visit, didn't get a chance. Doesn't hurt too bad. Felt the same both times. It is bearable. No need to pay for numbing cream. And it's quick! Also, I am asian and tan very easy. I was told to use 4% hydroquinone for ~2wks before my treatment so that I don't tan with the laser. I think it helped because I see other horror stories where people have these tan lines. If only their techs told them about hydroquinone. I did stop retin A for week prior as well.

First time I got an ice pack to relieve the mild redness and cool down my face. Only lasted a short time. 2nd trip, there was very minimal redness. I was not given a cold compress this time, so I could feel the heat on my face for a couple hours. Still, it was bearable. Overall, skin looks very clear and even toned. Dark spots do fade/flake. Would definitely recommend. Though I have yet to see any effect on broken capillaries.


No aftercare needed. Procedure does work on sunspots. I will have to update on capillaries after my 4th procedure and if people are interested in hearing more about my review.

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Hi Denise, I got my treatments at Blue Med Spa in Midtown. Tish/Trish was my technician and she was great and very gentle with my skin.
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Hi jentrstno 1, thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me much more confidence to ahead and do this, could you please tell us what medspa you went to (specifically) I tried to google medspa atlanta but there several locations in town. Thank you so much.
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HI there! I know I'm super late but I'm thinking about getting the FotoFacial treatment with Aya Medical Spa and they're having a seasonal special. Where did you go to get your treatments (I like in Buckhead of Atlanta)? Also, I am Chinese and I tan easily and rarely burn as well. If you look at my profile picture, I'm pretty much olive but I still wonder if I can get the IPL treatment for my broken capillaries and dark spots. Oh yes, how did the broken capillaries go after your last two treatments, see any results? Thanks much!
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Hi! I am glad that you were able to slowly recover. In order to speed my recovery, I slather on aquafor nightly for up to 5 days after treatment. It's vaseline-like and feels greasy, but it helps with cell turnover.

The other thing I completely forgot to mention, which has no use now, but in case you help someone else, is to ice your face after the treatment. My technician gave me an icepack after. I told her I didn't need it, but she recommend it since lasers were hot. I guess now I see why they would recommend it. Especially in your case. It would have helped speed the recovery.

Thanks for the update. It will get better. Let the lines and spots flake off on their own. Don't try to exfoliate so soon. You want your skin to do the work. I know I had to hold back from doing that.

Good luck!
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I've been using the Aquafor and healing up quickly now.

Thanks Again and Good Luck To You Too!
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For sure. I'm feeling more hopeful. I will definitely keep in touch. Thanks again for your feedback. My boyfriend is being so sweet about it but its hard for him to understand.

hoping to be back to you in 2 weeks with happy news (power of positive thinking!)
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Your welcome. The blackish spots are a sign that the freckles are working, although my guess is that they used a very intense beam. It will dissipate over time, eventually. Will you keep me updated on whether the lines fade in 2 weeks? I am interested in hearing about it.
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Improving! I called the spa that did the service. The Nurse insisted that she did not think that I would have such an extreme reaction. She told me to keep the areas very moist.

They are starting to flake off and the skin looks pretty good. It's not over yet but it looks as if it will be OK. I don't think that I would get IPL again. This experience freaked me out too much.

Thanks for your advice. It really helped.
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I would suggest trying hydroquinone. It suppresses the melanocytes from producing more pigment. It is also a main ingredient in alot of bleaching creams/cosmetics. It does seem to do a great job on me because my face is lighter.

One word of caution, it has been associated with cancer in mice but there has been no association in humans. But, all the bleaching creams have 2% as their active ingredient and it is sold and used widely by women all over the world, and yet I haven't seen a link to cancer in humans. Maybe, it could be a long term effect.

I only use it before my treatments. I don't intend to use it long term. If after 3 months, you don't see improvements in the color of your face, I would suggest you to stop using it.

I have also tried clinique's even better serum - does not work for me.

These are my thoughts. Please read the research and get more advice from others to help you make a more informative decision. For beauty advice, I can recommend a great book - Don't go to the cosmetics counter without me, by Barbara Begoun. It's my beauty bible!

Hope it helps.
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Thank you so much. The information you gave me is very helpful. There are blackish spots and line on my face. It has not been 24 hours yet. I'll give it about 10 days and then contact a good dermatologist that I went to in the past.

I really appreciate your taking the time to offer me such great information.

Thanks and all the best to you!
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So far, I have had 3 treatments up to now,
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Thanks for posting. I'm not going to have any more treatments. Do you know if there is anything that I can do to get rid of the lines now?
Thanks Again!
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I just had IPL done yesterday. I'm glad that I used numbing cream because it burned so much. I have brown stripes on my face now. Do you know if these will fade or rise up and fall off? They look awful. Thank so much for your sharing your experience. I'm glad that you got good results.
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Hi! The IPL shouldn't hurt so much. It could be the intensity of the voltage. That's probably why you also have the brown stripes. You shouldn't have them.

I tan very easily. The technician looked at me on my first visit and recommend that I use 4% hydroquinone for at least once a week daily before my treatment. Needless to say, I was bummed and had to reschedule. Well, it was for the best. I don't have the brown lines. The results were great.

After the IPL session, I went on the internet and saw some of the horrible stories about tan lines. I am pretty sure that the hydroquinone did its trick because I didn't have it at all. It is expensive, $45, but worth it if you are going to have more treatments.
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This is a really helpful review! Thank you for sharing so much pertinent information.

I'm glad to hear you are seeing good results for your dark spots - fingers crossed it will help the broken capillaries too!!

Please keep us posted on what you are seeing.

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