Had TT Breast Lift Dec 13 2010 - Atlanta, GA

I had a TT and breast lift Dec 13, 2010. So I am...

I had a TT and breast lift Dec 13, 2010. So I am now a week out and feeling pretty good. I am up moving around. The mornings are the worst time because everything has settled overnight and takes a while to stretch and get moving. Besides the drains I have been pretty comfortable (sleeping in a recliner).

wow! you look great! who was your Dr.
I had my 3 weeks post appt today. This is really the best I have ever felt. Replaced all the tape and gave me bioCorneum to put on the Scar when the tapes comes off. I will still be in the binder for another 4 weeks. He suggested exercising by pulling the arms back holding a towel. Another great tip I got from another board was to wear one of those weight loss belts in the shower for support! That was like heaven. No more light-headed feeling in the shower. I still get sharp pains every now and then but aside from Motrin or Tylenol I haven't taken anything else.

Hope everyone else is healing well!
Hi TT...I live in the Atlanta area and have been considering a TT and lipo of hips and thighs (not to keen on having the boobs done, but maybe I'll change my mind). My husband and I have 4 daughters, so we ARE DONE with kids! How did you go about finding a good surgeon and who performed yours (if you don't mind me asking).
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