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Well I have been reading stories on this site for...

Well I have been reading stories on this site for over 2 months now and figured it was time to add my own. I am a 33 year old, happily married mother of two beautiful children. Like most moms on this site these kiddos stretched my body to the limits and my body never recovered. (My oldest was 8 lbs 7oz and birthed vaginally while my youngest was 10 lbs 12oz and was born by C-section) I gained approximately 65 lbs with each baby. I am 5'7" and I was always a healthy 120-130lbs before kids and post kids hover more around the 150 mark. With that extra weight came the mom pooch which dictates every clothing choice I make. I am tired of wearing spanx under every dress and maxi skirt I own...so with my hubby's full support I have chosen to have the mommy makeover done in August.

After spending hours and hours researching the procedure as well as surgeons in the area I made my appointments for consultations. I went to 3 different doctors and after careful consideration I decided to go with Dr. Davoudi. He was the only doc to perform a breast exam and was the only one to spend more than an hour with me during the consultation. He described every procedure in detail and made me feel very comfortable. He also operates in a hospital which puts my mind at ease if anything were to go wrong.

I've paid my deposit and selected my surgery date for 8/22/2014. So as of today I have 39 days till my procedure. I'm having a full abdominoplasty, liposuction of epigastric, anterior and posterior flanks, as well as a breast lift and breast augmentation.

I cannot wait to have this done. As of now I am SUPER excited and not really scared at all...I'm sure that will change as surgery gets closer. As of today I am 153 lbs but would like to be closer to 140 when I have the surgery so I can have the best results possible. I will post pics when I get closer to the surgery so I have accurate pre and post op photos.

Wish pics

I've spent hours online and on this site looking for the perfect "wish pics". These are the best ones I can find that I will be sharing with my PS two weeks from today. I cannot believe that I am only 2 weeks from my pre op appointment and only 23 days until my actual surgery. I've been so busy at work lately that I haven't even had time to be nervous or anxious about the procedure. Right now I'm just excited! I'm sure it will become much more real after my pre op appointment when I pay the $15,000 balance and choose my implants. Hope these pics come in handy for others and save y'all some time lol! Happy healing to those who've had their surgeries this week.

Had my pre op yesterday

Well it definitely feels more real now! I had my pre op appt with Dr. Davoudi yesterday and am getting really excited! My surgery is a week from tomorrow...I keep waiting to feel nervous or scared but so far it's still all excitement. Overall I think I am going to be really happy with the results. I showed the doc my wish pics from above and told him I would like to be between a full D and a DD cup after surgery. He seemed very confident that he would be able to get me the flat tummy and breasts that I want. Ahhhh I just cannot wait to get in and out of surgery.

Mentally I feel like I'm ready but I still have a lot of things to buy for my recovery. My hubby and I bought a recliner and I've got most of what I need for the 7 day liquid diet that I start on Friday. I have a giant list of things to buy for post op and this Saturday is my only day to get it all done. Nothing like procrastinating right?
Once I get all of those things purchased I will be in good shape.

The one concern I do have is the amount of time that I am taking off of work. Including my day of surgery I'll only be off work for 10 days with the option to take an additional day or two to work from home. I know I won't be able to shower or drive until my drains are out so I am praying they are out by day 10. From most of my research on here it looks like most women lose their drains within the first 10 days so I guess I will deal with it as it comes. I am definitely open to any tips on how to not swell or what to do to maximize recovery time so drains can be removed and I can return to work by day 12 at the latest.

I will post my before pics the night before surgery. The hubs has been chomping at the bit to take naked pics of me for the first time in our nearly 15 year relationship lol! I told him I'm waiting till after the 7 day liquid diet....he can take the pics then! Good luck to all those with surgery this week and happy healing ;)

Tomorrow is the BIG day

Well at 8am tomorrow I will be in the operating room getting my mommy makeover! I can't believe that surgery day is already here. I've got everything set up for tomorrow and I think I am as mentally prepared as I can be. It will be hard to kiss my kiddos tomorrow when we drop them at school and probably equally as hard when I kiss my hubby before they wheel me in. I just have to keep thinking that it will all be worth it in the end. I am FINALLY posting my before pics. I was hoping that a 7 day liquid diet would slim me down a bit more but honestly I only lost 1 lb....SUPER frustrating. 7 days with no real food (only muscle milk light, activia yogurt, bananas and sugar free jello or pudding and I have no real loss to show for it. Guess that is why the surgeon makes the big bucks so he can get me the flat tummy I've wanted for the last 6 years.

It's time for my Smooth move tea and Xanax combo lol! Happy healing to those post op and I will see you on the flat side ;)

4 days post op

Can't believe it took me four days to get on here post op! I'll go back to surgery day which went well. Checked in for surgery at 7am and Dr. Davoudi came in and marked me up and wheeled me back. The anesthesiologist came in and proclaimed herself "the bartender" which made me chuckle....and that's the last thing I remember before I woke up in recovery. Was in a crazy amount of pain and in and out of consciousness due to Morphine. The hubs brought the kiddos to see me and I was so nervous they'd be freaked out but they couldn't care less lol! I stayed the first night in the hospital...anyone who goes home right away must be a super hero cuz I couldn't imagine going home. Even my husband who was adamant that we save the $800 hospital fee didn't even blink when I said I was staying. I don't think he wanted to have to take out the catheter ha!

When I did get home late Saturday afternoon I was really uncomfortable but was able to keep most of the pain at the bay with the Percocet. Eating has been quite difficult especially with the Percocet already making me nauseous. Until this afternoon my largest meal was a whole wheat English muffin. I think I have finally timed my meals with my meds and gotten a whole day without nausea or being exhausted. I will say that the Percocet has made me itchy all over so I've been taking Benedryl (per docs orders) to help with that.

I am really pleased with my results so far. My breasts are exactly what I wanted and my hubs seems pretty pleased as well. My tummy is super flat but there is a ton of rippling at the bottom? That's normal right? My surgeon says it will flatten out with time. My drain spots hurt more than anything, like a weird stinging sensation. I'm not draining a ton of fluid and the doc thought I'd be able to have at least 1 removed on Thursday.

The surprising part is my ass hurts a TON! To say its swollen would be the understatement of the century. You would think that with this much swelling and bruising I have that I had BBL. IT'S HUGE!!! I can't get over the sheer mass of my backside...hoping all of the swelling goes down soon. I'll post pics tomorrow. The hubs has all the pics on his phone and by the time I was ready to write this his phone had died :(

I will say the best purchases I made for this surgery were my female urinal (an absolute lifesaver) and all the cheap tube dresses I bought to wear and it's been nice to not have to worry about zippers or buttons and no pants to worry about rubbing against my TT scar.
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Things will improve a little each day for you! Keep us posted...
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Hey I have rippling also! I went to the same ps he is awesome and I was told that the rippling will go away in time!! What size and type of implants did you get? Good luck and happy healing:)
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Oh that puts my mind at ease! Glad we are in the same boat! I think he went with 375cc on the left and 425cc on the right. I'll have to get specifics during my post op tomorrow. Do you have an insane amount of bruising on your butt as well? I just had lypo back there but looking at my bum you would think I had a full on Brazilian butt lift. Woke up today in an awful amount of pain (I had gone too long between pain killers) and I am still in pain and I just took my 10am dose. Hoping it kicks in soon, yesterday was such a good day with no nausea and little pain I was thinking I had turned some sort of corner. How are you feeling today? How long ago was your surgery?
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I go to him tomorrow also! I have 360cc in both..my butt looks super flat because my tummy so flat. I'm finally starting to see the shape of my tummy and liposuction. I do have huge bruising and lumps on my butt and sides. Today and yesterday was bad as far as the swelling goes it feels like It does when u breast feed and your breast are too full lol. Other than that I'm ok. The compression garment they give you helps with your posture. I am 11 post my surgery was at 8 on aug15
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How are you doing? I had my MM on the same.day. Experiencing back pain and stinging at the drain sites if they get moved slightly. Ouch.
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Today is the first day where I've had an entire day with no nausea or dizziness. Pain sounds similar to yours with the drain sights. How are you feeling?
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Im feeling alright. Most of the pain is from very sore shoulders and back. Bad posture when sleeping I think. My hips start off really sore when I first wake up though. I get al scared to sit up in the morning! Drains have been better, or maybe I'm getting more use to them. Hope to get one or both out tomorrow!
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Hoping you are doing well! Keep us posted when you are up to it!
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Congrats and Good luck on your recovery!!!! Dr. Davoudi the best 29 weeks post my results are amazing. Be prepared for the swelling and buying multiple compression garments that's comfortable for you (really tight). Happy Healing : )
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OMG the swelling on my backside and hips is RIDICULOUS!!!! And the bruising is scary....it's crazy. Scared the crap out of my mom when I showed her last night. No pain no gain though right?! Lol Did you have the rippling by your scar if you had a TT? That's the only thing I'm a bit freaked out about.
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Good luck! Can't wait to hear from you post op
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Good Luck! You'll do great!
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Good luck. :) Can't wait to see pictures :)
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I can only hope my results are as good as yours! I hope you don't mind but I totally used your pics for my wish pics that I showed my PS...your results are amazing! I am waiting until after my hellish 7 day liquid diet to take before pics lol Any advice you can give to make recovery easier?
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Good luck with your procedure! Keep us all posted. I'm booked next month September 26th. Mine is breast implant replacement & lift, liposuction of back, armpits and abdomen along with a revision of a tummy tuck. Post op appointment is September 11th. My procedure is a whopping $19,000. Yours is not to far off from mine.
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Thanks freedomh20! Good luck to you as well ;)
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In my opinion Dr. Davoudi is not simply a doctor..HE'S A FREAKING ARTIST! I had a tummy tuck 3 months ago and he was awesome! My results are phenomenal. Good Luck I'm confident you will be pleased.
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I'm so glad to hear that! I had my pre op yesterday and it just confirmed that I had chosen the right doctor. He spends so much time explaining his thought process and his procedures. He really makes me feel very comfortable and has never made me feel like my questions are silly or unimportant. May I ask how long it took for you to get your drains removed after your tummy tuck? That's my biggest concern about my recovery.
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Davoudi is a really good doctor and I feel he goes above and beyond to get the absolute maximum results . He is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to his work and I am living proof that he is truly amazing. Those days when you are in serious pain (which you will be) please keep in mind that in the end it will all be worth it. My pain was so bad I had to go back to ER one night. I will say that Davoudi was available in the middle of the night when my hubby contacted him. I believe I had to keep my drains in for about 3 weeks. I was dying to take a shower during that time and it was a bit of a pain but it's better to be safe and not sorry. Myself and one of my really good friends both just had the same procedure with Davoudi so feel free to email me at any time if you have any questions. Good luck!
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Woo-hoo! So exciting! Here's a list of post op supplies. Please keep us posted!
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