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Medial and Vertical Thigh Lift with Liposuction Must Haves - Atlanta, GA

Back wedge and leg wedge (width of sofa cushion )...

Back wedge and leg wedge (width of sofa cushion ) ( better than pillows because you won't slide off of them or need a lot of rearranging )

Two pieces of nonskid rug pad ( it kinda looks like a waffle, use under wedges to keep them from sliding around on the sofa or bed )

Narrow female urinal ( I was happy with the freshette from amazon because it directs the urine away from you and you can stand at the toilet like men do and use it. Practice with it a week or so before your surgery to get the hang of it.

Baby wipes ( I got the adult ones at walgreens because the were larger than baby wipes ) ( I used them with every bathroom use...even after the female urinal, then blow dried everything ).
Raised toilet seat with arms( optional, I couldn't sit on the toilet for six weeks, but the raised arms came in handy - practice hovering for number two, use female urinal for number one. Sorry so graphic, but I wish someone had told me this beforehand.

Foam for sofa to heighten it ( running the length of the sofa ) ( the divided sofa cushions get uncomfortable on your butt and back after awhile ) ( I bought a four inch thick piece that was already cut for sofa upholstering - if you need to cut it, use an electric knife ) ( low sofas and chairs are not your friend because of having to bend your incisions so much )
Wide slick piece of polyester fabric ( looks like satin or silk - but cheaper and easier to wash and dry ) to put on top of foam or your bed mattress ( helps with sliding your butt, turning to lay down and getting up ,other wise it's hard to move around and you might rip open your incisions ). Your arms will be used the most to maneuver yourself when you are sitting, laying or getting up and down.

A used cheap walker ( was a Godsend when I was going back and forth to the bathroom - helps take some pressure off the legs and for when I was light headed--I got it for $5.00 at a second hand store )
Hospital table with wheels ( amazon has one for around $60 - height adjustable, angle adjustable - great for ipad, laptop, meals, medication, can be moved around easily.

Benedryl medication ( topical and oral ) ( ask doctor before using )

Cup with a top ( insulated ) ( helps save on messes and steps to freezer to get ice )

Long Baggy shirt or gown ( could not stand anything touching my legs, they were so sensitive - take it completely off to go potty - it's easier )

Extra bed pillows

Weekly or monthly pill box ( so you don't have to wonder if you've taken your usual meds- pain medication makes me foggy and I have trouble remembering, this way I don't wonder if I've taken my meds)
Pain meds ( don't try to be brave... It hurts ... Take your meds )

Large ice packs and use pillow case for covers ( I got mine at fosters and smith online - yes it's a pet store online, but they are cheaper, larger and good quality- ice packs help with pain and swelling ) ( have at least two on hand ) ( they help the itching, swelling, pain and sensitivity- I went to sleep every night with one between my legs..lol

Razor on a stick- lol ( take something like a long kitchen spoon and tape your razor to it to shave your legs - go slow and carefully when using it ) ( bending is painful so this works great )

Shower chair ( for fatigue or feel faint )

Soft baby wash cloths ( for your incisions ONLY- keep the incisions and skin near them clean, clean, clean )
( after every bathroom break - pee and poop " sorry" - clean with baby wipes or hand held shower sprayer and soap, depending on the level of soiling - can not stress this enough, clean, clean, clean - you don't want an infection.

Blow dryer with cool setting ( dry things off down there after each shower or toilet run ) ( the dryer you can keep it, the better and faster the incisions will heal )

Plan surgery in fall or winter ( heat is not your friend with this surgery )

Vomit bucket for nausea ( like the gallon ice cream containers works great ) ( I kept one in the den and one in the bathroom ) ( line it with two wal-mart plastic bags then lay two folded paper towels in the bottom, folded into a small square, on top of the plastic bags. If you have to use it then u can just tie up the top of the bags and throw it away.... No clean up..yea!

Low sodium is a must to keep swelling down ( remember sodium is a preservative- it's in most things you eat - so remember this when preparing meals )

If you have groin incision - NO underwear - if I had to use underwear - then I used the ones that looked like bike shorts. Skirts and sundresses are great for post op appointments.

Stool softener ( start at least a week before surgery - meds are constipating)
Fruit and lots of fiber

Bikini wax ( not mandatory, but helps with cleaning and keeping area dry and if you have tape or gauze- the less hair the better ) ( by the time it begins to grow back, it won't be much of an issue ) ( I didn't have any tape, gauze or compression garment but was glad I had gotten a wax because it was easier to keep it all clean down there) (make sure the wax place doesn't double dip )

Clear shoe box ( helps keep small items so you can reach them and you can also see where they are thru the box)

One of those long grabber things that extends your reach. Takes work off of your hubby, sweetie, mom or nurse.

Lots of water to help with swelling and to flush system

Massage, massage, massage ( can't stress this enough - professional LYMPHATIC massage - it will hurt if it's done right but will feel better later - helps clear toxins and swelling and scar tissue release, I did about 15 visits - your doctor can probably recommend a good one.

Cell phone by your side just in case your nurse, hubby, mom ect is napping or not within ear shot
Walk as much as you can as soon as you can but don't over do it... Helps with swelling and DVT
Padded soft bathroom chair for sitting in case of feeling faint or fatigue

A sweet caring helper with lots of patience ( mine was wonderful )

Riding to and from post op appoints is easier in a truck or SUV - take something to step up on to get into your seat from the ground ( practice a day or so before your appointment to see what works best for you ) compact car seats are low to the ground and are difficult on incisions when getting in and out of the seat that's why trucks or SUVs work better.

Yeast infection pills if you are prone to yeast infections after taking antibiotics ( ask your doctor for a prescription before surgery... Over the counter creams are messy

Please feel free to email me if I can answer any concerns. Every patient heals at their own pace and level. It is well worth it in the end :)

Vertical medial thigh lift 3 months post op

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

I've had three surgeries with her and I would recommend her to anyone! She has a great staff that makes you feel as though you are part of their family before, during and after your procedures. I would never even consider using anyone but her for my surgeries. She is great at sculpturing the most unique body issues you might have.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing and for your amazing details to help us get through these procedures. It's one thing to read a doctor's recommendations for recovery, but it's much more helpful and applicable to hear what worked and what didn't work from someone's actual experience. Do you have any photos of before and do you have any photos of you standing up front and back? I'm having a medial thigh lift and all the way around the entire buttock (so basically 3/4 around my entire leg) on September 29th and I'm so incredibly nervous. At what point do you think I might be able to walk around as if everything is normal? I have to travel on November 19th and speak at a conference (on my feet a lot) on November 20 and 21st (7.5 weeks post surgery). Do you think I'll be okay then (since my surgery is only medial in the groin and around my butt)? I'll be having lip on knees and calves as well.
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Hi! Congrats on your upcoming surgery. My incisions were medial and vertical to my knee. I won't lie. The butt incisions will be extreamly sore. Sitting will be painful for awhile. However, by seven weeks, if everything heals somewhat normally, you should be back to your old self. Try not to side around on your butt, you don't want to cause your incisions to open. Use your arms and lift your butt up to move. The back and leg wedges were a life saver for me. Your incisions probably won't be as painful as mine because you are not having the verticle kind. From what you stated, it seems your incisions are going farther around the butt crease than mine did. That's probably where most of your pain will come from. Just go slow, slow, slow. Baby your incisions for the first four weeks ( treat them like wet sheets of paper that will tear easily ) and then your will be close to getting back to normal. Your incisions won't really tear that easily but I didn't want to have any setbacks. About 6 weeks to the day was my back to normal turning point. By then I was able to sit on the toilet, shave my legs, sit on the sofa normally without being uncomfortable and feeling a lot of pressure. Are you having any liposuction? If so, watch your sodium intake. How is your doctor closing your incision on the outside ( stitches or dermabond ) ? Mine used dermabond ( love this stuff ). Be sure to make sure your doctor uses anchoring sutures to your pubic bone so you won't have issues with labial spreading. Ask him how he deals with labial spreading when doing this procedure ( this is extreamly important ). Be sure to keep your incisions clean, clean, clean and dry ( hair dryer ) . If you suspect an infection, don't panic. Just call your doctor ASAP and deal with it early. It's not uncommon for this type of surgery. A female urinal will be a blessing ( the freshette, from amazon, because it's narrow at the top ). I also had one like they use in the hospital, but because I had some swelling in the groin area, it was too large at the top to use. You probably won't be able to sit on the potty for awhile., so practice hovering over the potty for number two ( sorry ). Use a hand mirror and look at your incisions everyday. Look to make sure you are clean, not getting an infection and nothing is opening or looking odd. I was very glad that I had gotten a wax before surgery. Let me know if I can answer anymore questions. You haven't had an extended arm lift have you? Would love some first hand info on it. Having my extended arm lift, breast reduction and mini tummy tuck around the first of November. Good luck... Keep me posted!
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Did your Dr. treat infection with antibiotics or antibiotics cream?
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She started me with antibiotics. She doesn't was anything put on the incisions until the scabs come off. Especially any steroid products. She does allow antihistamine cream on the skin close to the incisions. I wasn't in any compression garments or bandages or gauze. I was amazed.
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Thank you for sharing all this information. I'm a RN and couldn't have written this any better. I'm impressed how prepared you were. Keep posting I loved your post. I'm also having this surgery this winter.
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Winter is an excellent time for this surgery. Hot humid weather is definitely not a friend with this surgery. Are you having a vertical or medial thigh lift or both? Are you going to have any liposuction with yours. I had a vertical and medial with lipo. The vertical being the most painful and most challenging. My surgeon, Dr. Kavali closed my incisions with surgical glue ( amazing stuff, beats stitches and staples anytime ). My medial incisions look like a piece of dental floss now, and I'm only four months post op. Amazing surgeon! I would recommend her to anyone. Good luck with your procedure!
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I'm impressed than your scar healed so well. I'm having a medial thigh lift. I hope not vertical. But will if I need to. With lipo either way. How long is your vertical incision. How did it heal? I'm also wanting a arm lift, but after reading your comments I won't do them together. I'm in az where is your surgeon at? I'm eventually going to get a tt but don't have a lot of skin but enough to hate it. Thank you for posting. I hope mine looks as good as yours. I would love to see a current picture of you results and scares now. You look wonderful.
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My vertical incision runs from groin to knee. My surgeon used surgical glue. Love it! I will say that I really babied my legs for six weeks. I was really careful when moving and keeping them clean and dry. As careful as I was, I still ended up having two small infections in my vertical incision. However, Dr. Kavali was on top of it immediately and cleared it up right away. She great! I'm in Georgia ( so hot and humid here ). There's no way that I could have handled an arm lift with the thigh lift surgery ( you need your arms so much ). I took pain meds for four weeks ( I'm kinda a wimp where pain is concerned ). Tummy tucks hurt because they lace up your abdominal muscles. Pain meds and muscle relaxers help but it's still a sore recovery. Had one of those ten years ago. Posted some 3 month thigh lift post op pics. Be sure to ask your surgeon about labial spreading. He should know the correct answer to this, if not, RUN. Do your research on the issues others have had with this procedure. My thighs don't rub together anymore...YEAh. Good luck! Keep us posted :)
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I will ask about labial spreading. As I'm not going there. I will baby mine to. I will do this surgery alone then arms latter. Thanks for your help.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a detailed review with so many helpful tips, you covered everything! Razor on a stick - awesome idea!  I am glad you had a caring helpful to support you through this. When did you have your surgery?
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I had my thigh lift almost four months ago. My macgyver instincts takes over when I have surgery...lol
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