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I am a single women, who isn't married and I don't...

I am a single women, who isn't married and I don't have children, but I did lose a small person over the past 2.5years - 80 pounds!!! I have loose skin on my tummy and flat breast. I was large most of my 20's. Now that I am in my 30's, I would like to have my 20 something body back. LOL. I am working to prep my body for the surgery, which is schedule for April 18th - 53 days away. I would like to be less than 140 before I go into surgery. So i have some work to do.
Congrats on that weight loss! I'm excited for you to see this transformation through. Please keep us posted as you get closer! What are your emotions right now? Nervous, excited...?
Hello Angie - Thanks its was two years of hard work. I am nervous and excited. I can't wait for my pre-op that how I know everything is really real! LOL I been on real self researching for awhile. I am ready to get to the post -op healing part. Which seems to be the toughest part of it all.
Congrats and good blessings to you. Keep up and stay motivated. Fitness is everything.

Before Pics

48 days left
You've done a great job with your weight loss!! I've lost 90 and I know first hand how hard that is! Congrats on your upcoming surgery. Keep us posted.
Thanks Soon2be and congrats to you as well
Congrats on your weight loss. You are going to love the new and improved you. Keep us updated.

T-MINUS 30 days

I am 30 days out to having my "makeover". LOL so many thoughts are running through my mind. Just trying to stay positive and upbeat. My final payment is due on 3/21 and my pre-op is on 3/24. Right now i am just patiently waiting. So ready for the post -op healing and then the post op body!!! LOL :)

23 days out...

I had my pre-op yesterday and everything went well. Just ask the doctor a few questions about the procedures and what happens during recovery. Filled out all my RXs and it was $38 bucks for everything!!! I was worried it would be way more $$$. About to place my deposit to rent a recliner and my compression garments are in. I have to wear two at once (due to drain less tummy tuck)! That should be comfortable!! LOL Also surgery is paid in full!!!

But the one thing I am noticing is that my mood has been very blah. Like I was super excited about the surgery, but now I am kinda like whatever. As anyone else experience this?
Congratulations on your weight loss!! I've lost almost 100 pounds in a little over 2 years, thanks to the LapBand. You will be so happy and excited again after surgery! And every day of healing it gets better….it is ALL worth it! I have had a TT & breast reduction (14 months ago) then implants and medial thigh lift (11 days ago). I was obsessed and excited about the surgeries until the moment they knocked me out, but the whole experience really is an emotionally roller coaster. Hand in there, you will have your ups & downs but will be thrilled when all is done!
Thanks! I am just kinda of all over the place. Everyday is different. :)

15 days to go

Not much to report. Feeling better about the surgery. Just need to get a few things from Walmart , rent my recliner, and go shopping. Kinda of calm about going under. I trust my doctor and the lord - so not really worried about anything morbid. Just want to come out of recovery without nausea. Also putting my dog up for a couple of days. Still working out and eating as best as i can. I could do a lot better tho. Any tips or suggestion for me while I wait for my sugery date?
Congratulations on a new you
You have very nice figure. I think you're going to look amazing

Today is the day!

Surgery is at 7-8am. Should be out around 2 pmFeeling good and in great spirits! Everything is ready for my recovery at home. Will let you know how it goes.

Post day 1

In slight pain, but not too bad. Lost of discomfort. But I have a good help.just make thru these first couple of days! Will post later
Congrats on your weight loss and thanks for sharing your story. Happy healing!!
Looking forward to an update and pics. Hope you are coping/healing well!
I u feeling a little better. ......keep us posted praying for a speedy recovery

Post Day 5

Everything is healing and good. Lots of tightness and soreness. Saw my doctor on Monday and he said everything is healing nicely, Just have to wear my compression garments for 6 weeks. Drinking as much liquids as I can. I have been very very sleepy. i stop talking my heavy pain meds and switch to the light stuff, plus i am taking the muscle relaxant. i do get up every 3 hours and walk round the house as well. I have had a BM since post op day 3 as well. I will post pics a little later.
Good News. Take good care or yourself! Can't wait to see pics :)

Pre-op vs Post -op day 3

Scar is low. Not sure about the boobies yet.
Thanks can't wait for the final results

15 days post

I am feeling good for the most part. I have a couple minor issues, but the are healing well. Just ready to be 3 months post op worried about scar treatments and full standing.. Lol over all I am still happy with my results. I will post pics later.

3 weeks post op

Today has been rough. Just more mental then physical pain. I am ready for swelling to do down and get back to normal life. I guess i just have to wait on the my body and the recovery process.
I hope you're doing well. Do you have any updates? I'm about to have liposuction. Thanks!
Would you mind showing us some current photos? I'm very interested in your story. Thanks!

Photo updates

If you would be willing to email me, I would really appreciate it. I have some questions that I'd love to ask you. My email is Thanks!
I hope you'll give us an update!
You look great! How do you feel? Are you happy with everything?
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