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Since puberty I have had a widows apron (the...

Since puberty I have had a widows apron (the lovely flap of skin a lot of us get only after prenancy/ c-section). I have lost a lot of weight and the flap just hangs down lower. Since having my two kids - and gaining and losing 60lbs both times, I now have a bigger, flabbier, flap that hangs down and covers most of my pubic area. I had my tubes tied with my last child and I am comfortable that I can maintain my weight. I exercise 4-5 times a week and try to eat the best I can!

I went for a consult after my daughter was a year old, but I was SO scared...I had to think on it a long time. I finally went back about a month ago and scheduled this time. I'm having a full mommy makeover, tummy tuck, breast lift, lipo, the works.

I'm very nervous about being put to sleep and especially pain meds afterward. I have a sensitivity to both and vomit after general and with pain meds. My PS assure me that they'll do what they before surgery so that I'm not sick when I wake up, but I'm still really nervous that zofran with diuladid won't work and I'll be puking non-stop post op. Then, I'm scared of how I'll control the pain if I can't take meds. I only used ibuprofen post both c-sections, but I know that this pain is much different. I can take the muscle relaxers, so at least I know that won't make me sick.

My pre-op is scheduled for 2/16.

Had to have my blood work redone. It had been too long since the last time (6/10). Did that yesterday. Pre-op is tomorrow. As long as bloodwork is good, we should still be on track! Going to Kohl's tomorrow to get myself some comfortable button up top jammies to lay around in. Considering moving our big chair and ottoman into the bedroom so that I can hang in it, rather than trying to get into/out of my's super comfy.
Good luck

Have you asked your surgeon about a pain pump? That might be a good option for you!


Had my preop today. I got a list of a bazillion...

Had my preop today. I got a list of a bazillion medications to go get filled. I was a little overwhelmed at all of the info. Glad to know I can shower 48 hours after my surgery. I ran into another mom that was 9 days post op in the waiting room and she was absolutely GLOWING in her review of the whole experience. Still pretty nervous about nausea/vomiting and pain control - but we'll see. I am getting percocet, robaxin, keflex, some anti-clot drug and something's all in my car, can't remember - oh the PHENERGAN!! lol. Yay! 12 days is so short of a time, but I keep thinking - 12 days will come and go and I'll have done it. I'll really have done it.

I think I forgot to mention that I was asked to do...

I think I forgot to mention that I was asked to do tissue donation for tissue/skin grafts and I said ABSOLUTELY! It's like being an organ donor but LIVING! Yes, that's how much skin I have. Blech.
Yay!! you only have a few more days! I hope all is going well for you, don't forget to relax! You don't want to be stressed out before your surgery! Can't wait to see the results!
Thanks!! I am working (my husband and I own a business) up until Friday and then my sister and her husband are coming in to help with the kids a few days. We are having some amazing weather here so we are planning a day in the park on Sunday, with dinner at our favorite restaurant. I'm super nervous, but getting more and more excited as it gets closer too...time is FLYING!!

I added some before pics. I'm very close to...

I added some before pics. I'm very close to pre-pregnancy weight with #1, but unfortunately gained/lost 60 lbs with each child. Also, the flap of skin has been there since puberty. Ugh. Can't believe time is just FLYING!!

thinking about you for your upcoming surgery. You'll do great and it is so worth it. Good luck and update with pics when you feel better!
Thanks! Staying busy and trying to have fun. Spent the day getting our old boat ready and went to the lake yesterday. Planning a fun day outdoors with my sister and husband today...hoping it will wear me out enough to actually get some sleep tonight!
Good luck on Monday! I hope all goes great for you and I wish you a smooth surgery and easy recovery!! Can't wait to see the new you :)

Finishing up the last bit of laundry that gathered...

Finishing up the last bit of laundry that gathered over the last couple of days. I had a whole thing typed for my sister that I didn't save - so I have to re-type, telling her what goes on with the kids for while she's here. I have to take her grocery shopping for easy food for the kids and food for her (she's a vegetarian). I don't think I'm majorly nesting, just prepping. Praying for the best tomorrow, that everything goes as smoothly as possible and that a little more than 24 hours from now, I'll be in recovery - should be by noonish.

Good luck tommorow, we will all be thinking of you!
Wishing you the best with your surgery. Hope your recovery goes quickly and can't wait to see the results! Keep us up to date!

Ladies - be prepared to not even recognize the...

ladies - be prepared to not even recognize the person in the mirror, every time you walk by it!!

I weighed myself just to see and I'm 8lbs down even with the swelling. I'm super excited about that! She said that the flap was probably 8-9 lbs by itself, so I'll be interested to see what I weigh in a couple of months!!

It's totally unreal looking at myself in the...

It's totally unreal looking at myself in the mirror. My husband keeps bringing a mirror to me because he wants me to see what he sees!
Yay! Can't wait to see your post op pics!
I get to shower tomorrow - maybe I'll takea couple or have my husband take them. I'm more coherent today.

Took a shower last night. Apparently I went...

Took a shower last night. Apparently I went between green and white. Had to stop andsit down for 10-15 mins and then tried again. Couldn't do it long enough to get my hair washed, but at least the rest of me is clean! Super duper tired from the pain meds.

Oh and I was so scared about taking meds and so...

oh and I was so scared about taking meds and so MANY meds and the anti-clot shot - but phergan is my friend and I've been doing great!

Not as much pain, but sore today. Really wiped...

not as much pain, but sore today. Really wiped out and the lower back has kicked in. The muscle relaxer is my friend!
My doc said he is going to put me on the anti-clot shot. What is it? I have been nervous about since he told me. Glad I found someone who is also taking it. Any info you have about would be greatly appreciated.
You are more prone to clot when you're laying down a lot, so it will help prevent any clots from forming. It's super easy, little tiny needle. You just pinch a bit of skin and push it until it's empty - super fast. Don't worry!!
Lovenox.... Was the shot I took, I took for 7 days post-op... Didn't hurt at all! My PS uses it with all his patients now ,he said just for precautions! It really made me feel at ease because clots was one of my biggest worriesWill you have a pain pump?

Had my post op today. good bit of bruising. Left...

Had my post op today. good bit of bruising. Left nipple is purpleish because of bruising, but she is not worried about it. Took all of the tape off everywhere - Just have to wait until my drains fill less than 25CC in 24 hours for 3 days in a row until I can get the tubes out. Oxycodone is my friend...couldn't do this without pain meds.
I have my pre-op on the 17th. From what I remember he said I will have a pain pump also. I am really thankful he does the blood clot shots, it is one of my biggest fears also.
My stomach skin was so numb from the pain pump that I didn't even feel the shots.

Should have known better. Got a pressure sore. I...

should have known better. Got a pressure sore. I had one after my daughter (c/section) It happens from laying in the same position. I was afraid to lay on my side, but now know that I can. Luckily, I think I caught it before it go too bad. My butt bone sticks out just enough that that area is really sensitive. PS was not concerned, just told me to stay OFF of my butt bone and use pillows to make myself comfortable. Ugh.

Ups and downs. I am only taking tylenol and...

Ups and downs. I am only taking tylenol and ibuprofen as needed now. The muscle relaxers help more than anything because my back/hip area is so tight. Up and around more, but tired easily. Everyone is back to work - just me and my princess home today - so far so good! Tired.

Holy muscle spasms batman! Yesterday, even though...

Holy muscle spasms batman! Yesterday, even though I'm taking muscle relaxers - starting having muscle spasms. My WHOLE midsection squeezes all at once - makes me feel like I can't move or breath. Dr. says that with the muscle repair that they do, this is totaly normal. Upped the muscle relaxer to every 6 hours, but it's not helping - trying to figure out ways to relieve the spasms
glad to hear it went well. I hope your recovery goes well!

Going to wait a little bit to do my afters. ...

Going to wait a little bit to do my afters. Having some wound healing issues. Just my luck, we have some infection setting in. Luckily, we caught it early. Hoping to go in mid to late next week to get my drains out. PS said that I look great and that the infection is nothing to worry about. I had some bruising/blood pooling under my left nipple that is scabbing/peeling and looking kind of sad...

Keeping in touch with your ps is super important and if you have ANY questions/doubts/concerns - go in! We had all kinds of situations built up in our heads and she was like, aside from some swelling, you're looking SUPER!! I went away feeling much more at ease. It's a process, for sure - for me anyway - the healing and feeling more human is coming in little next one - getting these drains out next week hopefully - and then getting this infection/wound healing going on!!

2 weeks today! I have to say, I'm finally really...

2 weeks today! I have to say, I'm finally really starting to feel more like myself. Everything seems to be healing nicely. I still have the infection on my left hip, but I also still have 6 days of antibiotics left. It does seem to be getting better. Starting to have some indigestion, but the SQUEEZING feeling that I was getting in my midsection is not nearly as bad as it was.

It is *so* crazy to put on a pair of paints (yoga pants or whatever for now) and not see a big old bump, but just flat front and my BUTT! Yay! Exactly what I did it for!! My husband keeps saying how he wants to buy me a sundress for my new boobs (reduction and lift) to hold up! lol.

I'm ready to get back to keeping up with my house, but that is going to be slow for sure. I have a trashed kitchen and tons of laundry to fold...*if* I can do any of it, will take me a while, but I'll be happy!

We went to Lowe's and I ended up having to sit down (tired) after walking around a while. Then we went to Publix, where I went in by myself and just grabbed a few supplies - little oozy spots I wanted to have nontick gauze for.

Hope all of my fellow recent tummy tuckers are doing well!!

Getting SO close to getting the drains out - I was...

Getting SO close to getting the drains out - I was 25 and 23 cc's yesterday. I need to be below 25cc's for three days. Don't know if it'll be Friday or next week, and although I *want* to - I'm not trying to rush it. I have to do some wet to dry dressings twice a day for two spots that opened up, but everything else is looking really good. Can't wait for the swelling to go down!!
I hear ya;)haha.. Not for long! I know it will be a distant memory before too long:) and we will be enjoying the summer:). Happy healing to you!
Yaah! I just read your update on your drains! So excited for you! I hear once they are removed healing speeds up?? I hope so? I am praying praying that I am able to get mine removed tomorrow? Ahhh won't that be nice! So glad you are happy with your results! And yes it is tough keeping up with the little ones, isn't it?! My 13 month old girls know they have to cuddle on the side of me, so sweet! My three year old keeps asking me to watch him outside on his bike;). How wonderful we will feel in a couple of months!
I'm right on the cusp of being ready. I'm hoping Monday or Tuesday for sure - they want me to be under 25 cc's for 3 days in a row and one was 27 yesterday, ugh. I cannot wait!! my 11 year old has been great of course, but the 3 year old has a hard time understanding. The best thing is she'll tell me she has "owies and has to rest." Thanks!!

Still have my drains, BUT the measurement on the...

Still have my drains, BUT the measurement on the measurement on the left one was only 10cc yesterday!! Yay! I'm PRAYING she'll at least take the one out tomorrow, even if I have to wait for the other for next week, but they're both really low so far and it's be 13 hours since I emptied them.

The bad thing - having a cold (thank you to my kids) and sneezing (trying really hard NOT to sneeze hard) and then having a braxton hicks as I like to call them because I sneezed. Oh jeez.

Drains out today!!! Now, to heal up those little...

Drains out today!!! Now, to heal up those little holes!! On my way!!
Got my drains tubes out last week - almost 4 weeks! I'm 4 weeks today. What a RELIEF!! They put me into the super spanx and I bought myself a pair of flexees also. Someone (can't remember who) posted on here about taking a a multivitamin and if you aren't, you should! I know that I haven't been able to eat NEARLY as much, so I'm missing out on some things - I've been taking them for 3 days now and feel SO much better, more energy, not needing my daily nap!!

I can finally start to see things coming together. A lot of the scabbing has come off, my right nipple almost totally looks flat (no ripples) and normal, and my side profile is pretty nice! Still some swelling, and my openings are still working on closing (left hip and left nipple), but I can see the light!!

Revision time! I have dog ears almost on my back,...

Revision time! I have dog ears almost on my back, from how far around the incision went so those will be revised. I am having another mini tuck, as the ski. Has loosened up since I've healed and I'm a little pouchy. Also, upper abs need lipo.

I don't see if I mentioned I had fat necrosis in my left breast and it is still quite big, so she will be removing that and refilling little by little with fat grafts.

Btw, meant to mention, I've maintained my weight....

Btw, meant to mention, I've maintained my weight. The surgeon said is such a large removal of skin often requires a little revision.

I just posted a new review for Tummy Tuck Revision...

I just posted a new review for Tummy Tuck Revision. I'm having it done tomorrow.

Home from my revision. Waiting for the other...

Home from my revision. Waiting for the other review to become active so I can post there. Super tired and a little sire, but feeling good!
Hi! I was reading your review and trying to put together your time line. I have a consult with Dr. Kavali and was wondering if you are still satisfied with all she did? A little nervous since she would actually be taking out my implants (put in by another Dr. in VA). Just doing my research on a couple of Dr.s and want to be sure I make the right decision. Any feedback you can give would be greatly appreciated
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